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Anika Nelson Feb 13
Just like that,
you were gone
And I was left to hold on to the thin air you left behind...
Anika Nelson Jan 30
You’re still a mystery to me
Should I waste my energy to solve you?
Anika Nelson Jan 28
don't change your dreams for monetary gain...
chase after your goals for true happiness,
not superficial satisfaction
when deciding your future...
Anika Nelson Jan 28
I never though I deserved to find someone with such a bright light,
thank God for shooting stars
Anika Nelson Jan 25
Today I looked you in the eyes for the first time in five months
Except I don’t think it was your eyes I was looking into...
There was a new found joy in each pupil, as if our past was never there to begin with

Right there and then I knew,
We were both finally free
Going through heartbreak seems like a dark and long tunnel, but when you finally see each other happy again, it brings you to a state of peace. This is what I’m trying to represent here.
Anika Nelson Dec 2018
Truth is like a fence of barb wire.
Behind it lays a peony pasture.
Full of life,
And sanity.
In front, there lies nothingness.
An internal grief that will continually grow
Allowing one to become so numb to the truth,
They end up forgetting what it was to even begin.
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