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Kelsey Ann May 23
when music was
pure & uncut,
when we were all users
trying to survive?

addicted to
the crack-le of
the needle
as it hit the 45?

back when the
natural high of
rock n’ roll
was enough to suffice?

we’re just
some junkies
looking to score

excuse me mister,
could you spare a dime?
Johnny walker May 23
I grow up in time when there were less pressures In life than there is now kids allowed to
I didn't have to put all the pressure from school  as they do now for I  had childhood but now they
seem have any all pushed Into schooling
stress of exams at to early
age no time for play
of a childhood of just being young I believe society that pushes them far to young they don't have time to develope naturally  
of there own If given a chance  to stay here or return to you 7my past I'd be more than happy to return to 50s and
everything's tarting to becoming exciting and new I loved
the cars the fashions mini skirts and the ladies with the hour class
that were a pleasure to see  yes If my time I'd go back to the 50s 60s days with less pressures than
Arden Apr 22
you sit in your pulpit all holier than thou  
claiming if it was the 50's
you would fight in the civil rights movement  
but now you are sitting back doing nothing


shut the **** up  
you don't get to watch kids being  
pulled from their parents and do nothing  
while saying you would have fought for
people of color  

you are lying there is no other way to put it  
you ******* coward  
and by the way the fight for  
people of color isn't over so
get off your *** or shut up
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Such an ever-changing world we live somehow
I feel it's no longer changing for the better
more a case for
So much more different
to the world I grew up In
as a kid, we didn't have terrorist opening up
with machine guns on
helpless people In the street
It breaks my heart how these so-called people
can justify doing this how
they live with
Use religion as an excuse for they are nothing but cowardly acts, from what
can't even say are humans being, wish I could go back
to the
I grew up In but sadly we can't turn back time, my clock started the ticking the day I was born a clock that won't ticking till the day I
Sadly we can't turn back for Of we could I'd go to 50s 60s to where life was so much simpler than today crazy world we now live
Heartbreak Motel Apr 2016
I want to live inside a black and white TV.
Magazine and Studebaker Commander.
Country houses and housewifes.
Jewels and red wine.

Roses shall fade, as well as my beauty, but my anger is eternal.

You knows what we say about past? That it's better where it is.
I beg you, take me there. But if you can't...
As Judy Garland said,
"This is the end of romance, I'll go my way by myself, love is only a dance"
Brittle Bird Apr 2015
that night, I saw bodies in the motel bathtub
beckoning like a 50's Cadillac
back seat beats and Father's  
bottle of snatched brandy up
to bring back our youth

and stay
for one last whisper in a last-innocent ear
the diner lights buzzing like
a lifetime of loss to mistakes
that can be little more or
less than broken glass lies
Day 23 of NaPoWriMo.
Sarah Michelle Apr 2014
I know of a girl who dreads the New Year
Because it steals her away
from poodle-skirts and telephones
And all that is long gone
Drags her across the floor by her ankles
while she sobs
as though she'd known the era's

— The End —