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PS Apr 2020
There's this heavy thing on my chest
It makes me want to cry sometimes
It makes me want to die too

There's this unknown energy around me
It makes me want to feel so low
Lower than I have before

There's this thing that
Makes me choke for air
It pulls me far away from here

In the land unknown
Where souls only roam
They pass through the stars
And walk in the bars

They say they don't feel things
And past does not bother them
They convince me its better there
It's so much better than here
PS Apr 2020
It's crazy how someone can go from the person who taught me how to love myself
To the reason I wanted to die.
PS Apr 2020
I watched you sleep
As my soul stared deep
Into your own.

Sleeping soundly
Breathing profoundly
You swore.

To be an angel
A beautiful stranger

Someone I owned last night
Someone I swore at last night
A sin we commited, just the two of us, alone.
I wish the night had lasted longer.
PS Apr 2020
I still think about the things you used to find insignificant in our relationship.
And they make me smile more than your words ever will.
PS Apr 2020
The world kept moving,
And cows continued mooing.

The sky changed colours,
But the moon remained discoloured.

It had been months,
And all I had heard were my own grunts.

I hadn't stopped complaining,
About my life's failings.

Like one where my romance wasn't returned,
The foolishness that I yearned.

But one night when I layed in bed,
With a quarantined head.

I realised all I needed was love.

To be my own dove.
It's 4 in the morning and my eyes are all red.
  Apr 2020 PS
Mohan Sardarshahari
She loved like dreams
Left like autumn scenes
PS Apr 2020
You blamed me for keeping you like an animal caged
But honey didn't you see the stars that traced every bar in beige?
I'd really recommend you to take in consideration different symbolisms of the words in order to get a wider view of what I am trying to portray in this poem. Further discussion is encouraged.
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