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Dear god,

Please give me a best friend like no other,
A loyal, selfless, beautiful creature,

So that I won't be alone anymore.
Give me man's best friend.
I want a dog more than anything...
And they danced and they sang until their legs gave out and their voices croaked,

And they talked with words of love and hatred as their days turned monotone and their eyes grew heavy with sleep,

No one was alone anymore, but everyone felt so alone.

They made wherever they were their home.

And when the sky opened to welcome us again,

We stepped outside, and found our many friends,

Who shared our struggles, and will be with us, until the end.
Healthy souls are dead, we are all just copies now
Tell me the sun is shining
When my eyes won't open and I can't see
Let the beautiful words cascade
Then put them in my mouth with a kiss
Let me live the lies you tell me
Don't disappear again until the sun is shining
Feel the warmth of it rush over me
And the beams hit me in a gust of words
The light burning through my eyelids
Until I can't see
And when the sun is shining
I will ask you to never leave
And I will pull at the strands of radiation
Until my entire body is burned
Until you cool your skin into bones
And pull me into your moonlight
So I will forgive it all over again
Because the sun is shining
And I feel the shadows pull behind me
They whisper at my ears
Because the sun makes no sound
I can't believe it is there
They tempt me to pull away
For my skin bubbles
My eyes sting
My body shrivels
But I love you anyways
Again and again
Because I know the sun won't always be shining
And one day,
I will have my moon again.

— The End —