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natalie Mar 2015
she's a good girl
in a pair of docs
still she doesn't know
what it means
to be a paradox
short and sweet
natalie Feb 2015
your voice is the wind
whispering stories
that cause a storm
in my head

we pass the time
i stare at the clock
i'd hate that you'd think
i stayed too long

i can't bring myself to leave this place
you are my home
is it alright if i
natalie Feb 2015
everyone has a fear of falling
from buildings
and your lips
when they call me;
but we should be more like the winter snow
falling with the sole purpose
to create beauty
and to know
that my fear will keep you warm
in the coldest
natalie Jan 2015
my head is in the sky
and i,
and the stars,
are not alone
this almost feels like home.
natalie Jan 2015
you took your paintbrush
and said
it was all too dark

a little love is all it needs
a little light is all it needs
natalie Jan 2015
come back and take what's yours.
you left your fingerprints on my skin.
i am you and nothing more.
but a restless night and a body thin.

i'm sure this wasn't in your plans.
i'd still need you when we're apart.
i am a sculpture created by your hands.
you were never good at art.

— The End —