I've been in a rut.
Autumn Ann
Autumn Ann
Apr 28, 2014

I've been in a rut.

                                                                               I don't like this.

I've lost self respect.

                                                                               I can't recover.

I've broken my own heart.

                                                                              Will it ever end?

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Coco Li
Coco Li
May 8, 2014

A sketchpad on your lap
then lines became alive
There are smudges on the edges
and coals on eraser.

It's very important
to keep eyes into the wild
to smell that juicy lemon
and to taste in everyone's mouth.

But the time came..

When it's hard to persist
that seeing everyone's mouth
asking what's beyond
You try to give colors
but nothing seems profound
You try to give emotions
but everyone looks numb.

You keep asking
if the contrast are right
or the colors are just dumb
are my feet left untracked?

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The same old ruts are filled with the same old.

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em up and break free of your depressive rut and **see**!
Jan 8

Caged inside
Seeking beauty on the outside
Lost time
Wasted on the color blind

Inspiration is hard to find
Open them up and break free of your depressive rut and see!
                                              Truly see...

#beauty   #mind   #blind   #free   #see   #caged   #awaken   #rut   #unleashed  

lay back and relax
go along with what the stream
will give me
sometimes fast
sometimes slow
a snag or two
to keep me grounded
watch the dappled shadows
the canopy of leaves
through closed eyes
perfect state of being
water drips with weird sound
wakes me from my splendor
turn my head
come face to face
with rutting buck
that snorts across my mug
the startled deer
has startled me
just glad to keep it upright
stag turns and runs
quiet restored
left with vision of his eyes
and the quickly narrowed pupils

#relaxing   #deer   #canoe   #rut   #buck   #lifelesson   #startle   #downriver  
r it seems like I can never escape this rut I fall into, always digging a little de
Joshua Haines
Joshua Haines
Jun 17      Jun 17

I swear it seems like I can never escape this rut I fall into, always digging a little deeper, slowly losing sight of the light, no ladder to pull myself out, so I sit in this rut, cheeing my nails until they've bled, racing my thoughts until I am dead. I am so sick of feeling high and then low, high then low. I think if death a bit too much, as if today will be my last day, one swift move of the wheel and BAM! I am free, but really I wouldnt be free. I'd be stuck once again in a rut, called my grave.

Depression is a dirty ditch, filled with rot and chaos. To escape it woild be freedom, but we are no longer free. So sick of feeling alone.
I've been stuck in a rut

I've been stuck in a rut
And sweet Jesus it sucks
Like getting a ladybug shoved up your butt

I keep pulling rhymes out of my ass
Simply because my brain is made of glass
I usually write with more bite and sass

I'll be out of this rut one day soon
Maybe my poems will hit a huge boom
Or maybe I should leave my room?


the glowing iron wheel
had made its way
across the sky
in its

i sit doubled over
my forehead
in rivulets
from the
its passage
had stoked

clouds like
dusty dirt ruts
curving into
saguaro spiked
to the west

crescent moon
a faint slice
like a

the cicadas
still whirr

7 PM
and it is
98 degrees

and the
ghosts of
died the trails
still ride
their bony ponies
on their endless


(C) 8/17/2015

but it's a dry heat
#sun   #desert   #heat   #rut  
While I'm stuck in this rut
Nyx Ashling
Jul 23, 2013

Sometimes it feels like you were never here
Sometimes it feels like just yesterday that I told you it was over
That today I could just march over to yours and inform you of your abuse like a well practised debater

I know that you've moved on
While I'm stuck in this rut
The wheels spinning and spitting the same dirt from the same spot in this goddamn rut
The engines riddling the air with the same plaintive and helpless whine 
I don't know how to move on
I just keep hating you

I wrote this back in June when I was still struggling very hard to deal with my anger over my ex.
d be sure to find a brief but well-worn rut.
Jacob Christopher
Jacob Christopher
Mar 30      Mar 30

If you took a razor and with it tore this carpet up.
I'm certain you'd be sure to find a brief but well-worn rut.
For now it's rather shallow, a furrow most discreet.
Time flows only forward though, as do my weary feet.
The days slip through my fingers, like so many grains of sand.
The hourglass is broken, life just wasn't what I planned.
I waste my nights just pacing, my steps fall heavy on the floor.
This rut will be the solemn tale, of the weight my shoulders bore.

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