Sean Scribbles
Sean Scribbles
5 hours ago

Rolling hills
Golden fields
Left to right
Feet to feet
With every step
Through the wood
They stride away
Towards eternity
Into the deep
The unknown scene
Away from home
From everything
They’ve ever known
Or hoped to be
And with this step
One more has been
Further away from home before
Than he’d ever thought he’d been
God bless your feet Samwise Gamgee
Step onto the road and you will see
The greatest adventure you’ll ever keep
Burning alive within your mind alive
Until the in Havens you reside
And therein find the eternity you seek
For alive and well
You’ll ever be
And beside the bearer
You were meant to be
As a friend against all enemies
And the second set of sturdy feet

Inspired by three words... "Come on Sam"
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Saint Titus
Saint Titus
2 days ago

In my game everything goes a little better
In my life victory taste a little bitter
Im far too cold to care about the weather
I guess god is right and i am just a sinner

I hope you leave so I can start to miss you
Fearing the world is a step too far
I like to live in a special place of solitude
I guess it helps to wonder where you are

When will the rain come and segrigate
The orgin and the man so intertwined
When did the hateful consumate
I guess i'll leave my identity in mind

And when the times comes
Dont get me wrong, i hope it does too
And when the last chime rings
Dont get me wrong, i hear them too
And when the lights start flickering
Dont misunderstand my state of mind
And when someone comes looking

I'll drag my nails acrost the chalkboard
So i can stay here forever, and create clever pictures

Even in a crowd I feel alone
Too bad I can't keep it that way
Lawrence Hall
2 days ago

Lady Day

And now comes Lady Day, a new year’s day
When happier hours to summering begin
And farmers follow their ploughs among new fields
While in the hedgerows early snowdrops bloom

Old debts are settled, new agreements made
And the oldest promise of all proves True
On this the day of the Annunciation
As spring comes early in Galilee, and here

And all because our Lady said yes to Life
On this our Lady’s day, a new year’s day

Feast of the Annunciation
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Sean Scribbles
Sean Scribbles
2 days ago

From the gentle curve of her subtle wrist
To the slenderness of her hand
Placed within
My own already hers in mind
It is there within the frozen moment
Which I am reminded of the absence
The lack of time
To communicate this distant feeling
And the stillness within this state of mind
For a centimeter is not even a half of an inch
But an eternity
Which is no small distance
To be separated from such a mind

From 1:11;;=1m11s

Till 1:58
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2 days ago

Self-expression's not me.

I have sunk
under the snow-drift of this chaste.

#self   #of   #wonder   #snow   #expression   #sunk   #chaste  
Martin Bailes
Martin Bailes
4 days ago

and the rain pours down
and the people are wretched,
the odds,
oh, the odds!

and a far trumpet announces
and they come
in their elegant cloaks,
their helmets,
their sandals,

each with a bow,
a quiver
of arrows,
and their leader
is regal,
blonde hair
combed tumbling

& We have come
to help the
world of Men
he says
with a smile,

this Elric-like
this so, so
who later
will fall
all staggering
from blows,

& with a stamp
of their feet
they all about turn,

& they line
the walls
in the pouring rain,
& the hell beasts
& their arrows
fly & fly

but eventually
all will die
they have chosen
their side,

did what they
could ...

Take a side now
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4 days ago

i have been blessed,
and oh baby
you’re my kind of man.
you drive me crazy,
and you’re driving me mad.
i’m fine with it, it’s no hassle at all.
as long i can be with you,
when it’s just the two of us.
i want you
and i need you to show me your world;
show me your paradise,
take me there, baby.

inspired by "my kind of woman" by mac demarco
#of   #perfect   #my   #kind   #youre  
Arlene Corwin
4 days ago

Taking Care of Body Parts

Take care of the body parts.
All the same, remember that
Most of what is going on,
Is going on inside you.

Organs, blood, I don’t-know-what,
Brain, realms therein.
All in-, invisible.
Cause encased:
To be addressed.

Take care of the body parts.
They show.
It’s nice and comfortable to know
                                   they work,
And more than that:
A pointer signal to research
The itch that doesn’t cease,
The lump or bump, the crease
Here, there or anywhere.  

Of course take care,
But find what’s there -
And not.
Fix the flub on neck and throat.
Booboo unattractive,
But beware, take care and ‘suss it out’.

No appendage or a member
Is the issue.
It’s what’s going on inside
That describes the living you.

Taking Care Of Body Parts 3.22.2017
Circling Round Yoga; Nature of & in Reality;
Arlene Corwin

Of course!

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Julie Grenness
5 days ago

Once upon a childhood ago,
I wanted an elephant, you know,
Only a toy friend,
Did my family laugh no end!
Yes, I wanted a heydo-ho,
Once upon a childhood ago.......

Feedback welcome.
#of   #out   #reach  
Julie Grenness
5 days ago

I touch your skin,
It keeps your insides in,
I touch your face,
Your smile of grace,
A touch of love,
Your blessing as a dove,
I touch your hand,
You're a pearl of a man,
You touch my heart,
I hope we never part,
The power of touch,
Can we ever love enough?

Feedback welcome.
#of   #the   #power   #touch  
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