Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
12 hours ago

Scalene Triangle: Here no sides or angles are the same.
Isosceles Triangle: Here two sides and angles are same.
Acute Triangle: Here all three angles are less than 90º.
Obtuse Triangle: Here one angle is greater than 90º.
Equilateral Triangle: Here all sides & angles are the same.
Right Triangle: Here one angle is equal to 90º.
And the most common triangle is...
Love Triangle: Here a lover usually cheats on the other.

I unluckily have gotten stuck in all these 7 triangles.
Never deserved to be cheated but still got cheated.
I can not hate them but still, I so often get hated.
And the mathematical triangles only bothered.

I never cheated anybody.

My HP Poem #1387
©Atul Kaushal
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To live in peace, my dears,
Calm and smiling, no tears,
You bait my response, I fear,
All I say is, "Yes, dear!"
I think what  I choose, my dears,
The sounds of silence, cheers........

Feedback welcome.
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Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
1 day ago

I'm fabled not to be a virgin,
Accused of being a playboy.
But I don't have any memory,
Neither of getting under nor of getting on top.

I'm fabled not to be a virgin,
Flouted of losing it in Agra.
But I don't have any memory,
Neither of getting inside a hotel nor to the bed.

I'm fabled not to be a virgin,
Sentenced not being chaste.
But I don't have any memory,
Neither of getting loved in bed nor of making it.

So I guess that I am as good as a virgin.
At least mentally.

I had met with an accident after which I lost selectively few parts of my memory and the girl who accuses me of having bedded her, she has already gotten married and is now busy in casting a blame upon me.

But yes, I agree that there couldn't be a place more romantic than Agra, the city of the Taj Mahal, to lose one's virginity.

In India, the chastity of both boys and girls matters equally for marriage.

My HP Poem #1384
©Atul Kaushal
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Vinnie Brown
Vinnie Brown
2 days ago

She had high voltage in her lips
Shot me in my chest
lost my breath
Going into cardiac arrest

My thoughts are a hurricane
At the maelstrom lies my heart
Although I know no one is listening
I nervously rehearse for when you're around

On the way down screaming
If I could just get more time we'll be alright
There's tonight, and I know it's not much
But it's better than nothing

We're running on fumes and we'll make it through the night
It's not a perfect love, but it's better than dreaming
As Shakespeare said "Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs."

Sometimes love is stronger than a man's convictions.
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Weather of heart has different facets and shades
When it is good entire world seems to be colorful
But when it is taken over by sharp , blunt blades
Beauty makes love beautiful like a beautiful angel

Beauty makes world like a heaven and paradise
Without beauty world is the ugliest ,dirtiest place
Life is nothing but continuous set of a surprise
Let me take you hand in hand and just face to face

My beloved your beauty is my asset, my treasure
You are my soul's solace and my heart's satisfaction
You are really my constant and continuous pleasure
Without you I am in pieces you bring me perfection

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow

#heart   #of   #weather  
Thomas Hatchett
Thomas Hatchett
4 days ago

"Stars are trying to tell me
this is something like it"

The stars are trying to tell me something, but it's something I can't hear. Or perhaps it's showing me the light but it's shining on
something I can't see. The universe is singing somewhere vast and shimmering; expanding in upon itself, growing closer, still near exploding.
Reveal my soul to me

I stare into the heavens hopeful that she'll open her inky vale, shine her countenance upon me, and bless the growing glowing trail
of star dust and darkness and love and gravity, which spins beyond the precipice.
Ever in front of me.

Celestial Symphony of Fate and wonder guide me qith yoir melody

An Azimuth circle and chart are all that I need to guide my soul to heaven in the heart of the black nights sea
#of   #me   #melody   #wonder   #fate   #symphony   #with   #celestial   #your   #guide  

When the sun burns out,
and the stars slowly fade,

the skies will shatter.
The earth will quake.

Our past forever gone,
our future never found.

We'll run 'til the ground gives
and we turn to ash.

The end will come,
and time will be put to rest.

All will fall
when the sun burns out.

#death   #end   #sun   #world   #of   #the   #burns   #when   #out   #apocalypse  

The scents, the sounds, the moves, the looks of love,
Cannot be described in the books of love.

#love   #of   #the   #couplet   #looks  

Es donde todos los barcos vienen a fallecer!

Esta costa inspirado a Piratas del Caribe.

Y el Capitán Jack Sparrow!

Y este es mi primer poema Español.

Coast of Death
That is where all the ships come to perish!

This coast inspired Pirates of the Carribean.

And Captain Jack Sparrow!

And this is my first Spanish poem.

This is my first Spanish poem.
The Death Coast is in the West of Galicia, Spain.
Inspired by the legend about the Death Coast.

My HP Poem #1375
©Atul Kaushal
#death   #of   #the   #pirates   #spanish   #coast   #captain   #jack   #sparrow   #carribean  

Dreamt of you,sweetheart...

the most beautiful girl ,whom i love...

who lives always inside the heart and the mind...

came to me ,visited my dreams...

came as white angel seemed...

with her beautiful dress...

thinner grace...

dressing here white amazing dress...

covered all,with a gold and ruby...

as she in her wedding...

came as a gentle morning's wind...

which gives a new life to another day...

and a hope into all souls..

teeter in her walks and rolls...

not fakes..

truly just happily...

walking as angel..

angel walking on this earth..

giving a happiness,through her smiles and laughs...

happily angel came to me..

looked to her while my heart beats so fast..

beats because of her pretty beautiful looking...

and her amazing voice which drew me...

quickly run to her..

hold her to warm me..

that warm which i miss from a long age..

looked into her eyes..

with my happily passivity eyes...

because of the missing to her...

and begged her to stay with me..

never to leave me away...


i'm lonely without you..

can't live this life..

need you as the needing to this life...

you taught me the love to this world...

how to be in love with you...

so, please beg you..

don't leave again...

don't stop my world...

on those past memories...

looked at me...

with a nice sweet smile at her lips...

and said...

don't worry sweetheart..

never ever to do..

how could i do ,while my heart captured by yours...

never to feel a life without you..

and said more and more..

more words that gave me happiness to hear...

faraway i am now from you..

but with you always wherever you are...

feeling you as you are always with me..

but please forgive me my darling...

if i can't be there with you..

but i will keep loving you,how long it was...

as i am now..

here with you into your dreams...

strange night...

felt as i owned this world all...

sweet dreams...

that i wish to live always with you...

good morning sweetheart ...

hazem al ..

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