Angie S
Angie S
14 hours ago

the walls and floor were blue
in the long standing home of jazz.
i sat in that room on a wednesday afternoon
and felt that color
travelling in my veins.
i imagined the room was filled not with
sunlight and the chatter of teenagers but with
moonlight and music in that melodic silence.
i tried to absorb the aura of
that room to have for myself and breathed deeply
so i would remember the taste of blue. i imagined
myself boldly uncovering the piano on that stage and
imagined the names and legends embedded in its keys.
i heard the music of times gone now,
resounding against the walls and coloring the
wild yellow audience to subtle periwinkle and
deep sapphire and even wilder blue and
suddenly i realized why the sky is that hue;
God Himself must have taken a seat there, in that
modest blue room on
18th and vine
and it made perfect sense.
this beautiful revelation i found on
a sunny wednesday afternoon
is dyed in blue.

i visited the jazz museum in KCMO. if you want an address, it's in the poem.
i wonder if, sitting in that room and just thinking, i found a miracle or if i found a little bit of God. or music
#god   #sun   #music   #blue   #night   #sky   #melody   #color   #jazz  
2 hours ago

I hear a sound ,
in a lullaby voice
soft and calm ,
singing a verse
a melody of construction,
      destruction, imagination
         confusion and realisation
that it struck the chords of my heart
and it lead my emotions to distort

#heart   #melody   #emotion   #song   #sing   #verse  

Your voice a salve to ears
allying all my doubts and fears
taking me everywhere
melodic here, and there

Moments that we spend
inspired here, now and then
tuning blissfully as we go
nothing more, for me to know

You play me like you know me
songs of love, and possibility
and hold me in your hands
in and out, of wondrous lands

Just call me your instrument, little lass
we'll play and strum, a sweet repast
and when the night is gone, repose
in dreams, where tunes and magic, flows

Music soothes the savage beast, and unravels the tangled mind.
Just another muse driven trip :D
#music   #melody   #muse   #flow   #adult   #tune   #in-sync   #play-me  
Ben Jr
Ben Jr
1 day ago

So I listen to the sweet melody,
That reminds me of you,
That slow love song,
That got me hooked on blues,

The soft beat of the drum,
And the silence after every piano key,
That low fading hum,
That brings you closer to me,

I listen to the music,
And the words beneath each rhyme,
I listen to the voice and lyrics,
To set me free from the cage of time,

I listen to each instrument,
That comforts me when you're gone,
Help me in each passing moment,
Till that time you come home,

#love   #home   #time   #you   #me   #melody   #gone   #song   #missing   #place  
Angie S
Angie S
6 days ago

We meek children took the stage like we
borrowed it. I approached the grand piano,
and, asking for its acceptance of my novice hands,
seated myself before it. To my immediate right,
prepared for some unknown challenge,
waited our band, our rhythm and melody. Arms raised,
fingers gently hovering over keys and strings, we
eyed our cue and took it.
Three songs turned us from an uncertain bunch to a
formidable combination. We stole that stage
(as best as any high school combo could do),
and suddenly the stage lights didn’t feel so hot;
those lights shined for us. I left that piano
as a princess leaves a crowd in awe.
We proved superior.

my combo and i went to jazz fest and earned a superior rating. that felt really nice. we were good enough. we are good enough. i am good enough
#fear   #music   #melody   #courage   #piano   #jazz   #superior   #band  
RL Glassman
RL Glassman
7 days ago

A waltz, I dance, delightful
A second or so in song
A duet, I dance in nightfall
The Music plays on and on...

A smiles grows fast, inching
On careful and gentle mouth
Spin me, turning, falling
Oh, dare I say I laugh!

The memory lasts lifetimes
The moment lived just one
Alone I dance a duet
I Waltz with no one!

Hold me nearer, close
Music in my ears
I remember not how long it lasted
Months, minutes, years!

Listen to the voices playing
A skip in my flighty heart
I can't, I can't, I am unable
To leave, to be apart

I live within and stay
Here for however long
Days may pass by the moon
But the music still plays on!

A dancing hand touches,
Moves like a bird
In flight it bats it's wings
Dancing like spoken word

It casts a shadow on my face
Where hidden answers lie
I dance a duet with none by me
As days and lifes go by

In this moment, an eternity
Somewhere the music plays on,
And I am still dancing, happy

One of my favourites from 2017. So far.

Written Feb 2nd 2017
#dance   #sonnet   #music   #dancing   #melody   #dancer   #musical   #waltz   #waltzing   #waltzes  

sing the words
of love's
touching bower
sing the words
of love's
emotive power

sing the words
sing them
sing the words
sing them

the strains deep
of plenty's well
so timeless the sound
inside its bell

sing the words
of love's
textural tone
sing the words
of love's
feeling zone

embrace the accord
of love's tempo
a oneness to the
song's combo

sing the words
sing them
sing the words
sing them

sing the words
of love's
touching bower
sing the words
of love's
emotive power

#love   #words   #melody   #sing   #lyric  

Little taps against my windowsill
so pleasing, pleasing,
teasing, teasing
sweet rain falling, gently falling
singing me to sleep
Like carrying me in his loving arms
carrying me to dreamland
like a musical melody~

#sleep   #rain   #melody   #lullaby  

If the stars
could fit
in one melody
and sing
an ambience
so infinite,
It would play
through your eyes
as my heart
to fully
the essence
of how In-
you make me

My Cheyanna

I love her
#love   #eyes   #melody   #infinite  
emme m
emme m
Feb 18

in your broken eyes
counting stars
on a clear sky

bad guys
waiting on the
other side
love advice
after these long

wanna hear you sing
quiet why’s
just say

me singing the song badly lol:

one of my favorites yet. the melody is beautiful.
#broken   #life   #eyes   #stars   #bad   #lyrics   #melody   #heartbroken   #song   #guy  
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