Martin Bailes
Martin Bailes
27 minutes ago

The Great Negotiator
likes to play golf actually
likes to play a lot of golf
even though he touted
from the podium that he'd
be too busy to play golf
unlike that lazy Obama
who couldn't get enough
golf time it appeared didn't it,

& The Great Negotiator has
visited his golf clubs 13 times
in 100 days but his staff
like to kind of not talk about
it too much really do they,
it actually being kind of a
sensitive topic,

& the Master Deal Maker
would be winning so much
you'd be tired of him winning
& then maybe just perhaps
he might find time for a round
of golf in between the many
deals he'd be pulling off
left, right, & centre & winning,
winning, winning in his first
100 days as the Great Negotiator
who could make a deal & get
things done,

& all that other stuff he endlessly
spouted forth in that vapid earnest
New York deal making whisper of his,

oh yes ... The Great Negotiator.

Good god almighty.
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Martin Bailes
Martin Bailes
1 day ago

There's more honesty
in the dance
of the
Hare Krishna's
than in the
whole recorded
of that shallow
son of a gun
Rush Limbaugh.

There's more honesty
in the Indian practice
of cleaning
your ass
with water
than there is
in the fearful
of that bastard
Wayne Lapierre.

There's more honesty
in the corridors
of the insane asylum
just west
of town
than from the chattering
smart suited
well combed
of that
infamous TV station
for 68 year old
and upward
white men.

There's more honesty
in the chirrup
of a cricket
or the crows
than in the
dismal distractions
of this
chattering culture,
which daily

oh yes.


They tried to Protect America
In order to Save Democracy
But their measures to "Save Democracy"
That there was no Democracy to save any more.

Martin Bailes
Martin Bailes
2 days ago

Young Donald got some
play-time yesterday when
some big grown men
stopped by & let him
sit in the drivers seat
of their big, big truck,
& he even got to toot
the big, big horn,

oh was Donald pleased,

but they cut short the
visit as he was getting
a little too rambunctious
& the big men had to
go back to working
for a living,

Donald needed a little
quiet time in the White
House & some milk &
cookies to calm down,

but oh what an exciting
time he had didn't he!

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3 days ago

You've said "it can't happen here" for so long
Yet even you know that's just wrong
For no matter the place
The time, or the race
If unchecked, it can always come along

Martin Bailes
Martin Bailes
3 days ago

History teaches a lot really
about perceptions & ways
of seeing things & man's
sense of the acceptable,
permissible or right,

& yesterday I discovered
to my great astonishment
that in the early sixties the
suggestion was made by
certain gentlemen in the
U.S. Military to launch a
nuclear missile at the

this would show those
Russians & Chinese by
god who they were
dealing with & hey look
at our daring, strength
& might.

The moon.

Dear Lord no!
Martin Bailes
Martin Bailes
4 days ago

Reading the radical news
behind the desk
at the store,

a coupla women
came in,
all sensible shoes
& trousers,
went for the comix
& started to rip up
all the Crumb stuff,

I watched,
if I recall correctly,
didn't want
to interfere
with their thing ...

Later on in life
reading a Crumb comic,
might have been
Young Lust

where 2 Red Guards
want to have
some hanky-panky
but it's not in line
with Mao's thought
& the party
& commie

but they do it
because they're
young and
can't help it.

& then I
wished I'd
at least got
my face in theirs

or at best
kicked them
out of
the store ...
Red Rising sun,
or whatever
it was called

I've forgotten

Save your powder Sisters.
Brent Kincaid
Brent Kincaid
4 days ago

Stinky and Hinky
Both egregious pigs
Set out to rape us all;
They don't care a fig
If all of us starve to death
As long as they get rich.
Stinky and Hinky
Each a venal summabitch!

Stinky hired Hinky
Two minds, one sewer.
Stinky had no talent
But Hinky was newer.
Many people doubted
That either had a chance
But over half the voters
Chose to skip the dance.

So we got two reprobates
With no regard for us.
So, without much fanfare
And no legitimate fuss
The country got overrun
Crooks got left in office.
Now they all are setting out
To, once and for all, off us.

Stinky is a moron
And Hinky is a bigot.
They crap on the Constitution.
And expect us all to dig it.
Stinky uses the USA
As his personal ATM.
Hinky is just evil.
We’ve had enough of him.

Martin Bailes
Martin Bailes
4 days ago

The plain of Jars
is in Laos, Southeast Asia,
& almost every day
commencing in 1964
for 5 & one half years,

light spotter planes,
prop bombers,
gunships & flareships,
with photo reconnaissance,
electronic craft & super tankers,
& above which flew Command
& Control at 35,000 feet,

together dropped more tonnage
than throughout the whole of
the Second World war,

that included 262 million
anti-personnel cluster bombs,
of which thousands of the
unexploded still kill & main
peasants & their families
as I write,

& all this took place in
total secrecy & thus

& so when you next hear
of a Shining City on a Hill
take time to reflect on
history & all the simple
farming peasants of
The Plain of Jars
in Laos.

With a nod to Ed Sanders, 'america: a history in verse'.
#war   #politics   #vietnam  
Martin Bailes
Martin Bailes
5 days ago

as the king lost his garments,
as the jester told his story,
as the fool laughed his last,
as the queen foretold her falling,
as the prince he soon departed,
as the honey kept a drippin'
as the teacher taught his tale,
as the children went on dancin'
as the curves curved round again,

when the planets kept revolving,
when the stars kept all outshining,
when the dust it all had settled,
when the pages stopped a turnin'
when the final chapter was all written,
when the mighty shall have fallen,
when the lowly have arisen,
when the truth was all a tellin'
when the mad man joked his fortune,

as the sword it was all swinging,
as the tongues they were a waggin'
as the liar he was all dandy,
as the cheat he lost his angle,
as the page it was all jagged,
as the cover was all crooked,
as the diamond was a shining,
as the Lord he lost his sceptre
as the moon it was all lighting,
as the people strolled on glorious,
as the darkness lost its shadows,
as the robe it had no value,

when the monarch was a pleading
for the judge to tell is jury
that all lies should be forgiven,
when judgement came a callin'.

#politics   #trump  
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