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Cameras flashing in rapid succession
She’s reunited with the lights,
Descending from heavens above
She throws herself to the wolves
Wrestling crowds and wrist cuffs,
Drowning in the spotlight
As she’d always dreamed

Insp. by Sunset Boulevard (1950)
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and i,
being the dried paint
on your easel,
sought meaning
on Canvas.

i never knew
what i meant
to the

VD Lee
Feb 20

This city shines with gold
The streets are crowded and old.
Everywhere you turn
A star has once stood.
Livin' near Tinsletown
Are people whose lucks are down
And they spurn
The names on Hollywood.

Envy bites at them deeply
As they live very cheaply
All alone,
Dreaming meekly.
Once awhile they go to a studio
Where they hope to be on a show
And the phone
Will let them know.

But most times
Disappointment rears its ugly head.
And the hopeful people
Hear this sound instead:

You're turned away.
Turn away
Turn away
Turn away
Turn away
Turn away

You're turned away.
Turn away
Turn away
Turn away
Turn away
Turn away

Getting your name out there
Is harder than it appears
When others are
Doing it too.
And for people born with privledge
Fame is easily given.
Others are barred
From "dreams come true".

Crossing fingers give hope,
And praying can help you cope,
But actual success will
Never come that way.
Make sure you look thin and pretty
Or willing to act mean and petty
'Cause sometimes skill
Doesn't count at the end of the day.

Even with those requirements
Someone has them more.
They're better, smarter, prettier
While you're shown out the door.

You're turned away.
Turn away
Turn away
Turn away
Turn away
Turn away

You're turned away.
Turn away
Turn away
Turn away
Turn away
Turn away

Mama, it's your kid
I want to come back home.
LA's days are scorching,
Its nights' cold to the bone.
I'm lost in my direction
And have nowhere to go.
I fit no one's satisfaction
And I've hit lowest low.
So come save me from my depression.
Who knew such hardship would come from an entitled profession?

You're turned away.
Turn away
Turn away
Turn away
Turn away
Turn away

You're turned away.
Turn away
Turn away
Turn away
Turn away
Turn away

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Just Melz
Just Melz
Feb 10

Catastrophic calamity
Souls made of blasphemy
On the down low
The World as a whole
Had turned to anarchy
And it's a shame there's no name
For all this antirelgious hate
Spreading across the world
Like a facebook game
Everyone looking for a high score
All in the name of fame

If celebrity became of me
I'd never appear on game shows
my reality would be all my own
I'd wear second hand clothes

If celebrity visited my life
tweeting would be left for birds
my face would have no book
I'd hang out with neighbourhood nerds

If celebrity got hold of my ego
I'd still travel my tram
I wouldn't know how to live in luxury
I'd send telegrams to Instagram

If celebrity picked me from the crowd
I'd throw parties where nobody came
Wikipedia would describe me as reclusive
my fame would be so lame

#nerd   #fame   #celebrity  
Alex S
Alex S
Jan 16

The coca-cocaine parties
The weekend spews at 10
The cycle of sleeping and shagging
Repeats itself again
The brown, the crack, the weed, the smack
Fuel her replica world
It’s a far off cry from the glamorous life
Promised to the matchstick girl

A head of hair thatched upon
Walls of weak foundation
The chic new style to fill the aisles
And sweep entire nations.
She’s Bambi on ice in a dress so tight
It would make your mother hurl
But we live in a time where all women pine
For the look of the matchstick girl

The big old Pappa Razzi
Guard her every step
From the same hold-hand fanatics
That crave her vinous breath
The punks, the queens, the teenage dreams
Who buy their love with pearls
Stick close to her side and somewhat abide
They’re friends with the matchstick girl.

The Sunday evening voicemails
The daily text of pain
From a desolated mother
Who begs to see her again.
The pleas, the cries, the tears don’t dry
While apologies unfurl
For the sins, the aches and major mistakes
Made by the matchstick girl.

#life   #loneliness   #fame  

Constant beauty and contract signing,
Steps outside the door to flashing lights,
From center stage:

Her bedroom of anxiety.

Greeted by the sea of paparazzi,
They seem less genuine than a crowd of assassins,

Only reporting on things that will tear down a reputation,

Publicity that weighs on the soul.

Notoriety was never supposed to make it hard to breathe,
But the only soft air comes on the end of heroin needles
That one day will pass too much relief into your veins

And make a pop star that much more famous.

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It's not what you have ..
But  who  you  are..

#power   #politics   #money   #fame  

All the animals scurry through the vast woods,
they secretly look across the field to see two legged animals.
Follow them home,
stare at the home,
oh what a beautiful home.
"But look!"
Said one deer in lonesome fascination
"The heads of our brethren hang there"
"Why not us?"
"How much less beautiful must we be?"
They scurry back.
Quickly, quickly! To tell the others.

"What a majestic meaning in be a wall hanging,
I must become a creature worthy of this life"
They all said in unison.

As hunters come and go, all but the lucky ones get their wish granted,
and the rest have the minds to run fast and chauvinistically,
to show off, in hopes of being hung for the world to admire.
Without a soul, and never the free will that the forest granted.

And as one deer is shot, all young doe frantically scream...
"can't you believe it, I knew him before he was along the wall!"
"He wagged his tail at me, you saw it, he really did!"

Its not all its cracked up to be.
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Some kids play with action figures, and some kids play with footballs.
Some kids play inside, and others prefer to be outside
in the muck with a pigskin in their hands.
Some kids grow out of having big dreams,
and some kids don't.

Azure skies accompanied with green grass,
Cut with cleats and muddied from drills.
All while August weather beating down.
This is when the high school football players first feel the anxiety.

The tension growing between their hands as
Receivers and Quarterbacks.
The power felt by the opposing player as the linemen
defend their team,
defend their titles.

Win or Lose,
A place where money and social standing,
have no place,

Where field is an unforgiving land,
And time goes by faster than it should.
Four years on that field,
After that there is college ball.

Stadium is larger,
Expectations more great.
but the field is exactly the same.

But at what price does this come with fame?

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