Gretchen Lynch
Gretchen Lynch
10 hours ago

you are
the fine line
between my sanity
and insanity
i don't know why i waited
or what held me back
for i knew you loved me.
and deep down i felt the same -
you begged for a chance
in some ways, being chased
fulfilled the emptiness
even though i knew being together
would fill it infinitely.
there is no surprise you found someone else
because you won me over first
which is not an easy task.
if only i had been honest with myself
but that is a box i'm still too afraid to open
i'm happy she was able to do that for you

#love   #fear   #honesty   #confusion  
Kaeli Hearn
Kaeli Hearn
12 hours ago

Blue eyes -- lost inside yours

Green eyes -- you are lost in mine

So much unknown, wanting to dive into the color -- learn your fears, dream, and scars



#love   #fear   #desire   #eyes  
1 day ago

You took the ones you did not fear

And left the rest to die
Yet now I watch you “march for life"

Is that the real White Lie?

This has been in my drafts for a while now and I don't remember where I saw it. I like this a lot and the overall message is amazing.
#lies   #fear   #life   #die   #unknown   #white   #lie   #march   #watch  

What's the point in leaving if I wasn't even there in the first place
I don't like loud spaces, I don't like feeling like I can't look someone in they eye because I know that they will judge me and talk about me as if I'm not present
Strangers touch me and I feel like I've been stripped down to my skeleton
They make a joke because they saw me staring into space
They knew I was present
They knew I wasn't even there
What's the point in leaving if I wasn't even there in the first place

-E (c) 2017

1 day ago

her mind is never quiet and her fears are alive,
her memories of abuse when she was only five.
Her heart feels all shattered and anxiety plagues her life,
the pain her body feels it cuts her like a knife.

Her mind it spilt into many different pieces,
not all of them are good and her heartbeat it increases.
Her head thumps with pain as the voices grow and grow,
but the pain and fear it causes she won't let ever show.

#fear   #pain   #abuse   #anxiety   #shattered   #ptsd   #did   #child   #trauma  
Rachel Peake
Rachel Peake
1 day ago

Sometimes I see ghosts in the room
Ghosts in people
In the photos they took
In the places they were
Everywhere I look

Sometimes I see ghosts in the shadows
Ghosts in the darkness
Under all the hate
Inside the walls
Beneath the fresh coat of paint

Sometimes I see ghosts in my past
Ghosts behind me
On the path I have tread
Never before me
Wearing me as thin as a thread

Sometimes there are ghosts inside me
Ghosts in my head
How my mind is offset
Harvesting the regret
Ghosts; they’re all I have left

#fear   #memories   #ghost  
1 day ago


that's how i would describe the feeling i have when i'm with you
you think i don't notice
but those stolen glances are more obvious that you intend to make them

all those moments and yet
here we are finally coming together
what took you so long?
why did you wait all this time?

was it the fear of rejection
or the feeling of hopelessness holding you back?
all that time lost and yet, it doesn't matter
because now i have you

i dreamt about you and this is how we were .
#feelings   #fear   #boyfriend   #boy   #feeling   #moment   #moments   #stolen   #glances   #glance  
Montana Svoboda
Montana Svoboda
2 days ago

It was an accident an unintentional
Resignation, a bout of bad
Timing over a late exchange,
Not necessarily taking risks but
An obligation to believe in consequence,
And I spent the entire walk eating
Gravel roads and paint lines
Hoping to digest a sense of purpose and
Faced a fear of being curb stomped blood
Set asunder like a Rorschach image found
Resolution in fading rivers of the body
Dissolving into earth

Bare feet broken branches
Bending over train tracks and an
Echo or ripple caresses velvet promises-
Beyond blue sky the moon glistens
Tender meditations from the surface of
Clandestine bodies of water-
Snuffing out vestiges with weighted cotton
Sleeve archives, impartial injury the damage a smile
Can heal teeth flickering so lively of amethyst and river beds-
Of all places one can get lost

We sipped on coffee
Nursing saliva to wine
Laid back spine pressed
Against floral constellations
Breathing oh, happenstance here
Then there and I could
Be enveloped by all the distances
You’ve never been to

making pinky promises with fair shared
vistas writing a noun and leaving  
nothing more to interpret,
the spectral beating of our evaporating heart
Is all that we can hope to accomplish

#love   #fear   #nature   #blood   #travel   #promise   #roadtrip   #traveling  

. . .

Was it some kind of vengeance from other bites?
Was it laziness or fear to be something special?!
Not good enough to embrace your squares?
I hope at least it fuelled your ego’s edges.

. . .

#love   #fear   #questions   #ego   #reasons   #vengeance   #fuel   #laziness   #edges  
2 days ago

There is no substitute for hunger
No pain can replace the emptiness of starvation
And depression only serves as an appetizer
Not able to stave off the horrors of nights spent awake,  
Afraid of the dark and the sounds that merge
Into a loud roar, a deafening scream only heard by me

Lights are blinding when the world stops spinning
Amplifying every sensation and the sound of a beating heart
Is all I can hear when paralysis takes over --
Faces meld into distorted shapes when the walls
Creep closer and the floor rises to greet the ceiling
As it slides down, trapping me in a world
That’s too small to breathe.

#fear   #anxiety  
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