Raz Rix
Raz Rix
27 minutes ago

i can barely breathe
the weight inside my chest
is weighing me down
dragging me further
into the darkness below
and i don't know
how much longer i can
hold on

letting go.
#broken   #fear   #sad   #depression   #depressed   #alone   #anxiety   #darkness  
Psychotic Poetess
Psychotic Poetess
51 minutes ago

We are posting photos
and you're gone
We might be lost forever
if you want
now tension has shown its face
I feel a strange relief
a strange peace
in being here, alone,
with my family of the heart

and a strange pain
of losing you
you were helping me fight
my winter
but you fought too hard
you fought too hard

"This feeling is the byproduct of schizotypy, rituals, and doubts."
But there is a hint of truth, a hint of love...
the love we are trying hard to sustain...
Black and white, mixed in a strange grey.
As usual...
But still with a lot of contrast...
Black and white, crazy thoughts in the backyard of my mind.

Do I love you?

#love   #fear   #illness   #mental   #insecurity   #doubts   #crisis  
Seth Milliman
Seth Milliman
1 day ago

I owe you more than you know,
And yet I the fool do not show.
At what is hard pressed to be expressing.
With this fear,
That is very clear.
I play the caution of my lamenting,
Where my mind goes, there I reside.
But what then does that make me?
A lost soul out at sea?
My words scatter and fail me,
And all that will be left is my actions to prevail thee.
So I simply float on this brazen blue,
Still at times my mind wraps around you.
Thinking, dreaming, and trying to understand,
That I need to change.
To be more,
Than a foolish man.

#self   #fear   #man   #life   #fool   #sea  

My world* *collapsed  
When  you pulled the very rug from under my feet.
But my  
world* just got better when you got what you

Oh my how the tables turn.  15 years of emotional  mental abuse.
My daughter snapped  she landed up being locked up. Her son stolen from her.
He moved his girlfriend in. 6 mths down the line he begins treating her the same way..
He lands up being locked up Justice's  has prevailed. .
#fear   #freedom   #abuse   #trapped   #free   #recovery  
Brent Fisher
Brent Fisher
2 days ago

as they piled it on,
the dirt, the words,
silt and sanctimony,
all I wanted, really,
truly, badly even,
was one last round of
"You did good kid,
I knew you would."

Because it's my turn,
(and you knew I could),
I waited until they
left us all alone,
hand on stone,
and I whisper, to you,
or nothing maybe,
"I'll be fine."

With conviction, this time.
"I'll be fine."
Repeating the words
in waning calling hours,
bearing witness to an
audience of flowers,
bones and wooded pine.
"You did good."

#love   #fear   #future   #anxiety   #hope   #past   #goodbye   #gratitude   #forever   #thanks  
Ben Jr
Ben Jr
3 days ago

There will come time of silence,
Time of fear, pain and horror,
When all men shall regret their presence,
And in those days, comes sorrow,

But before the end greets us,
And extends its open dreaded arms,
Let us live and worry not of our daily fuss,
Rejoice the gift that is life with the most beautiful sounds,

Let us drink and eat,
And dance our troubles away,
And may the devil on our heels,
bite its tongue over the joy in our days,

Let us bask in love, feelings and emotions,
Let us breathe the air in passing each moment,
And let not, our hearts be troubled by any commotion,
Let the smile and laughter be our favourite adornment,

I write to you,
Because I know you have known the future to come,
So alas and cherish these days,
Before they are done,

#love   #fear   #death   #hope   #days   #away   #smile   #silence   #hearts   #fate  
3 days ago

The pillow's edge
Ornamented with an ant
Its siblings crawling on the pipe underneath
This one's rebellious
Debating whether or not
to cross the border from my sock to my skin
Come on, Little Ant
What are you - Afraid?
The smells and the texture
as my leg hair sways
Come on, Little Ant
I'm doing nothing all day
Except to face my few fears
The wind wants to play
You know when a horse drags his front foot
And hangs his head a little, nudging into you
His horseshoe catching the dirt
as it drifts towards your face
Just like that
The wind wants to play
Come on, Little Ant
What are you - Afraid?
Of the taunting
And haunting
that lives in your brain
Come on, Little Ant
I'm doing nothing all day
But to burn in the relentless sun
And blow you away

#fear   #mind   #mental   #perception   #taunting   #ants  
3 days ago

careful babe, i'm wasting away
i'm knee-deep in dreams i let fade away
before the days were gone.
would you believe me if i said
that i didn't mean to?
falling in love felt like falling into place
and with you i feel at home.
i've never felt safe i've always felt anxious
drowning in yesterday and all of the what ifs.
what if i faded into you
on a sweet night in october?
you'd be too young and i'd be old enough
for no one to care
if i felt the weight of the world
on my shoulders.
spit me out and call me baby,
drain my faith and let me go,
even though
you said you'd never
be like everyone else
and lie to me.

#love   #fear   #sad   #teen   #nostalgia   #soft   #drown   #fad  

As the people were enslaved,
It became more quiet.
As the people were abused,
It became more quiet.
When the Earth was poisoned,
People said nothing.
When women were raped,
No one could hear their screams.

Druzzayne Rika
Druzzayne Rika
3 days ago

Deep silence
Restless peace
and my mind started chattering
about the eeriness of the surrounding
The sun's down
and everyone's home
Me and my shadows
walking through the meadow
The sky's starlit
but still darkness meet
I shiver through my skin
Watching the night spin
Searching for answer
As I see moon slowly disappear
My eyes stay wide awake
as I see morning about to break
but my thoughts still remains unclear
tinged with fear

#fear   #shadow   #darkness   #night   #silence   #eeriness  
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