Denel Kessler
Denel Kessler
17 hours ago

Evelina’s fence of lichened cedar
slouches at the wetland border
her willows wildly weep
on silken cattail shoulders
the neighbors say she’s crazy
snidely call her Javelina
she's sane as any one of them
this brilliant winter morning

Evelina speaks of weather and dogs
hers, a Chihuahua named Fawn
mine, a Frenchie named Sparky
the weather, typically Northwest
in parting, sculpted driftwood
spiraling tornadic rings gifted
between palms roughly
worn by time and sea

Evelina’s yard is thick with trees
the neighbors want cut down
for now, she’s doing all she can
just holding swampy ground
each morning wakes triumphant
to beachcomb on the shore
pockets weighed with treasure
this moment, nothing more

Nishu Mathur
Nishu Mathur
17 hours ago

I forget worries and cares
The unrest in the world I see
When I look at fields and flowers
When I behold a tree

I forget what nags a day
A sigh, a tear and cry
When I see a galaxy of stars
A golden moon in the sky

I forget jarring cacophony
The discord and the strain
When I hear a stream gurgle
And the patter of summer rain

I forget what ails the heart
With the breath of the breeze
It soothes and calms the spirit
It brings quiet and peace

I forget worries and care
When in Nature's company
Disarmed by her gentle wonders
Her beauty and her melody.

#peace   #life   #nature  

At times, I just watch people
Like now - I see a pregnant woman
I think, what she must be thinking
Maybe - ' whether it's a boy or a girl'.

Crossing the Christmas Tree
I see an old man talking to his wife
In so many years of togetherness -
he still finds her benign.

As I sip my red velvet latte
My eyes fall on a couple
Both are sharing the same table -
yet conversing through their mobiles.

Eavesdropping upon the conversation
A daughter tells to her father
The best new year gift for her -
if he stops smoking forever!

I stop looking around for a while
And I close my eyes to realise
There is a world inside me -
that the adversity just hypnotized!

My observations when I was on a break from work and wrting. So many things around me to be observed and captured in words. Happy New Year 2017!
Val V
Val V
1 day ago

Thank you my dear Universe,
for the freedom of all the colors!
We The Artists of Life in need of mixing paint
to create uniqueness in the world without any restraint.
Today, I came out for a walk into the darkness ~
and found the union of laughter and shooting fireworks!
So therapeutic, easy to the eyes, ravishing, and my most glorious memoir!
"Right on! Be proud of who you are!"

We are born with freedom,
fight for what you believe in!
#love   #peace   #freedom   #union  

Let the soul be a pathfinder
And the mind shall follow suit.

The mind has endless  
demons wanting  to devour
The soul 's best recipes.

The soul has many angels to
Tame the mind's demons
And make it learn to savour
The soul 's best recipes .


Let the soul be a pathfinder
And the mind shall follow suit.

#peace   #mind   #soul  
Devin Ortiz
Devin Ortiz
2 days ago

I remember the telling signs, of the forsaken path I carved for myself at such a young age, hopelessly lost.

The night terrors with bed wetting, a curiousity for the pain of others, and an undying love of flames.

Triads are sacred, often depicting tales of both good and evil, where I fall somewhere broken in between.

I drank till my belly was full, of that sweet gasoline, a hair trigger away from immolation.

See fire was soothing, watching it all burn was the beginning of my perfect crooked world.

Burning bridges, burning friends, burning anything for no real reason other than a crooked smile.

This wildfire of a tortured soul was doomed the moment I met the truth.

Only existing in the ashes, that evil had given the breathe of life.

I saw them stare, right through me, never knowing what I was.

Hating them for it, for this alienation, I will always remember.

But this is but a fragment, of a fractured soul.

Each broken shard screeching in the night for control.

I have never known peace, just the madness.

We do not even recognize ourselves anymore.

Just faceless creatures, struggling  for singularity.

We bow to our king.

His fiendish broken crown.

Flashing his fangs.

He laughs.


Writing excercise that was suggested to me. A story  starting with 20 words going all the way down to 1.
#peace   #fire   #evil   #armageddon   #identity   #fracture  
Dawn Anderson
Dawn Anderson
2 days ago

The air is cool.
I breathe in, and immediately
The smell of pine fills my lungs,
I breathe out,
Leaving a cool
Almost peppermint taste on my tongue.

Past the pine trees,
That stand as tall towers,
Past the deep green color that paints the dark brown branches.
I see, a once bright blue sky,
Has become a grey white shade.

All I can hear is the wind,
The soft whistle of air moving quickly past me
It pounds while doing so,
Pounds on the drums of my ears,
All of this accompanied by flecks of
Pure white.
The soft snowflakes landing on my skin,
Each one with its own unique shape,
I finally feel at peace.

#love   #peace   #anxiety   #white   #trees   #snow   #peaceful   #image   #paradise   #pine  
Arcassin B
Arcassin B
3 days ago

By Arcassin Burnham

132 miles per hour, 222 more to go,
you would say it's very apparent
I would be emphasizing on the road,
heaven calls,
the devils mad,
secrets revealed about my soul,
thoughts I never knew you had,
The egg man takes me on a journey,
to all the broken things I stole,
dry my eyes and spill my seeds,
the lord forgives if I would plead,
Ms.Riperton will sing to me,
lyrics she'll feed,
Woodstock for the clearing of my soul,
wishing I could go back in time,
deal without thoughts of being old,
maybe I'm just falling out of line,
like being on acid for two hours and
going to wonderland,
you maybe old but for the young we must
Drugs are bad.

#love   #words   #peace   #dreams   #beauty   #music   #young   #spirit   #23   #moving  
Ar Bazian
Ar Bazian
3 days ago

This night I wake, to musics aloof,
so distant in the wonders of passion,
and so eager, that yet, amused,
I say,
I've found here so little, compassion!

It saddens me when I stare out into, the vastness of our despair
for I find no shelter, in the wilderness here, and I seekth for none out there!
The nights have been generous but sturdy still; ever lonesome, waking, and bare!

Tonight, will be a memoir,
and the lines will read in stone...
The moors shall sing to the whaling,
and the mermaids back to back,
to the worlds of elderly woe,
and the nights so cloaked in black!
the fiddlers shall sing, and choirs resound,
the ruthless words of wedded bounds...
Onto the veiling bow, and great divide,
we dare in this silence, still confide...
to the vow of endless dream!

A.r. Bazian

#peace   #freedom   #hope   #people   #politics   #despair  
Pamela Rae
Pamela Rae
4 days ago

Gazing into your eyes gives me
everlasting peace and joy.

#love   #peace   #eyes   #10w   #joy  
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