Corie Eckman
Corie Eckman
5 days ago

I'm sorry for the ways I don't love you.

I'm sorry that your hair is lifeless,
wage war with chemicals on it.
I'm sorry I don't let you sleep,
there is too much to do.
I'm sorry you can't always speak your mind,
their responses make you sick.
I'm sorry your stomach is no longer flat,
the grease from that burger could tempt a vegetarian.
I'm sorry for the amount of rum and cokes I pour you,
but they helped you to have an enjoyable night.

I'm sorry to this body of mine, for being it's hostess that can't supply the love and nourishment it needs.

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5 days ago

Sit on the shelf
Smile and bat your eyes
Open up wide
So they can better feed you lies
Be sure you're dressed pretty
Not a hair out of place
Put on your eyeliner
Powder your face
Pretend you don't hear them whisper
Things they say as you pass by
Let them see you cry

I've taken alot of time away. I've read things here. In the last months. I'm drowning. I've no other way of expressing this feeling. I do so appologise. For not liking or commenting. However, make no mistake, I have read. And greatly appreciated the words posted here. As they are my only oxygen. Thank you all.

I love you-
You hate me.
I love the dark-
You Hate the dark.
I love talking to you-
You hate talking to me.
I love seeing your face-
You hate showing your face.

Why is it that I love everything you hate?

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Erin Nicole
Erin Nicole
5 days ago

I used to fear depression. Now I look in the mirror and want to smash it into pieces. I put on fake smiles, I have no confidence, no one likes me, I hate this place. Now I know why I feared it.

What hurts the most is because I don't know what it's like
But you do
And I'm sorry you have to know what it's like
And I am scared that one day I will too
That I will know what it's like
For someone I love to die

#love   #suicide   #depression   #death   #lost   #friend   #help   #trying   #sorry  
6 days ago

Love him one day and hate him the next?
It's the teenage obsession with sex!

Do anything to get him to notice you
Find out that all along that he's a snake, too

Other than looks, what more does he have?
The opportunity for a good, hearty laugh

Overall, what are you to do and say?
Just pray that this obession will go away

Meant to be read as a cheer
#why   #mess   #sorry   #haha  

Like a vacuum, it sucks,
Pressure, produced by people,
Who'v'nt given two fucks.

Under pressure

They expect this, and ask for that.
Unknowing, undying in nature,
I sit around, treated like a domestic cat.

Under pressure

No time to think, no time to act.
People, poignant, persistently pushing.
Why does this all, feel like an attack?

Under pressure

"I've been feeling under pressure" - Logic

I wasn't ready
I didn't love myself enough
To love you
Endless lessons of gold
You are gold
I'm sorry
You were on my team
And I failed you
I failed myself

#love   #gold   #selflove   #sorry   #failed   #lessons  

If fear had a nightmare,
I'd be a nightmare's

#fear   #nightmare   #sorry  

i cared about u
i only liked u but
unexpectedly, i fell
i fell in love

it's not because im not sure
it's not because i dont like u
it's not because i was self-centered
it's not because of whatever u think of me

i just wanted fate to take its course
by fate, i mean..
whatever God has planned for me
i will follow

His perfect will for my life
i dont want to choose by myself
i dont want to settle on the less
while He has prepared the best

i want to hope and pray
we'll still end up together
but im sorry
if i think it won't happen

My first love at age 19
#love   #first   #sorry   #fate  
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