22 hours ago

Sam, ya there? Sam? Where on earth could that old coot be…


There ya are! What you doin’ up at this hour- Where in tarnation are y’ur britches?

I rightly don’t know Mar Mar, I was down in the crick.

AT THE CRICK? It’s 3 in the morn’ and you’re sayin’ you were hangin’ by the crick in only a shirt?

Not BY the crick, IN the crick. There’s a difference ya know.

Don’ grammafy me at this hour! Put on some trousers and grab the other flashlight. Were gunna find y’ur last good pair of britches before some coyot’ snatches ‘em.

Alrighty Mar Mar, let’s go on a ‘venture! Like Mr. Crusoe did!

Hush ya old coot! ‘ventures like those are for people whose bodies still work right! Now lets get.

This be the place!

M’kay now where’d you take 'em off? I don’ see ‘em nowhere.

I didn’ take ‘em off.

Then who did?

I dunno.

Why we’re you at the crick in the first place?

I dunno.

You old coot if y’ur lyin’ to me or pullin’ my leg I swear I’ll drown ya in the crick myself, bad hip or not!

I’m not lyin! I woke up in the crick, bottom as bare as a babe! I dunno how, I don’!

Samuel Mariah Davis, do you swear to the Almighty God himself y’ur not lyin’?

I do! I do Mar Mar!

Alright Sam, I believe ya. Then let’s get back in, my sleeps been disrupt’d enough.

What ‘bout the britches?

Leave it be.

But their my last good pair...


Are you mad? I’m sorry Mar Mar…

Its not y’ur fault it’s just- Samuel, you ‘member when you met my pa? ‘member what he was like?

Yup, he always gave me a gumdrop. They were gross.

Well, that’s true. But you ‘member how he acted not right in the head? How sometimes he’d be like a grown man and other times he’d be like a boy?


I was jus’ thinking how he wasn’t always like that- But he didn’t just turn into a kid overnight either. He changed so slowly me and ma hardly even noticed till he was in too deep.

That’s terrible. Why’d you think of that now?

Ne’er mind, shut off that there light. Lets get on to sleep.

Mar Mar?

What Sam?”

Did we go on a ‘venture?

Sure we did, a real ‘venture like those story books you love.

But you said ‘ventures are for peoples whose bodies still work right.

I’m not always correct.


I'm just mostly.

That’s neat.

Not always.

Sorry I lost the britches, they had somethin’ in the pocket you sewed.

What’d they have in ‘em?

Jus’ some gumdrops.

I thought you didn’ like gumdrops?

I didn’ back then but I do now, ‘specially the red ones.

Oh. That’s nice Sam.

Do you think...

I think what?

You think I’m gunna be like y’ur pa, don’chu? Thinkin’ like a child sometimes?

I really dunno, now get to sleep.


I said get to sleep.

I love you…

I love you too ya old coot.

OKAY So this is a short story, dialogue only. It's bout two old people, and it starts off with the woman waking up in the middle of the night to find her husband gone. I know this is a poetry site, but ehhhhh.
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josh wilbanks
3 days ago

My heart wails a whales wail. The long range longing for long lost love. No amount of self distraction will free me from this prison. I'm lost in a forest with no trees. I've been standing in the feild all along.

I understand now what my heart desires.
#love   #heart   #hate   #passion   #lost   #brain   #cassie  
Pete King
Pete King
5 days ago

I've always marvelled at the human brain,
And the beauty of its complex intricacies.
It can process at speed beyond comprehension,
Its more efficient than any man-made invention,
Until I'm talking to a female... then it just really fucks me over.

#poem   #short   #brain   #human   #comedic   #comedy  
6 days ago

The thing about us humans is that we wanted to be chased, only to push that person who falls into the trap of our vulnerability.

Sooner or later we will realize that we are in love with that person, who is already in love with someone else.

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I can't think of anything, once again
The bottleneck in my brain dilutes every scheme
I close the book, then count to ten
The idea slips off the precipice and I could scream

A poem about writing a poem. In quatrain stanza form, with an "a b a b" rhyme pattern.

buzz buzz buzz
say the bees.

studying for a test
but my mind won't cooperate
under this stress

buzz buzz buzz
say the bees.

writing a paper
but my thoughts are scattered
thanks to the little honey makers

buzz buzz buzz
say the bees.

i try to explain
that maybe it's ADD
because nobody would believe
that i have bees inside of me

buzz buzz buzz
say the bees.

i am walking around
without an excuse
with bees in my brain;
bees i can't let loose

buzz buzz buzz
say the bees.

even i have to admit
it's a little on the crazy side
to truly believe
that my mind is a beehive

but i swear if you listen
and watch me struggle
to make any small decision
you will hear the tiny, quiet, deafening

buzz   buzz   buzz

am i the only one?
#love   #sadness   #brain   #thoughts   #mind   #stress   #struggle   #scattered   #bees   #buzz  
Mar 3

Her mind's a beautiful mess
Bundles of nerves pathways of stress
Neuronic implosions she's got no rest
You find her strange like she's compressed
Ready to blow if she hits a crest
So you slice her open run some tests
Find her crazy as expected unless
She's actually unbelievably blessed
With the capacity to think and process
Beyond all the pomp and dress
And elevate herself with finesse
Above that which is meaningless

#nervous   #beautiful   #brain   #mind   #crazy   #mess   #neural  
Dead Lock
Dead Lock
Feb 20

My head is a tangled mass of string and wire

They don't connect

They don't lead into something greater

I am full of yarn and old embroidery thread

#sad   #depression   #anxiety   #brain   #mental   #angst   #head   #thread   #yarn   #tangle  

why did she choose Calliope
as her artistic muse
brain damage not the kindest friend
when searching words to choose

the swirling vortex of her mind
keeps her battling every day
to communicate with other folk
but words slip slide away

it is the same with poetry
as she jumps into the breach
she sees words glinting in the dark
somehow just out of reach

she sits there waiting several hours
ever hopeful that she'll tease
from those tangled skeins of thought
that very word to please

vocabulary was her thing
but with sadness she now finds
that the eloquence she used to own
belongs to other minds

So her poetry is simple
and she envies those whose rhyme
embraces all that artistry
that she can merely mime

© Lesly Frances Finn 2017

Feb 18

My brain is perplexed
In front of your indecipherable look
I could spend my whole life
Looking for the golden ratio
What is there between your absence
And a flower on the borders of winter.

Mi cerebro se muestra perplejo
delante de tu mirada indescifrable
Podría pasar toda mi vida
buscando la proporción áurea
que hay entre tu ausencia
y una flor en las fronteras del invierno.

#brain   #may   #poema   #mi   #poeta   #cerebro  
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