16 hours ago

Sometimes I want to float out my bedroom window;
Past the unkept yellow bungalow,
Past the fir trees and the winter carcasses of rose bushes,
Past all the street lamps and their glow.
I've seen a lot, more than what most people would expect 22 year old eyes to see,
And I feel tired and torn and the soles of my shoes are worn.
I see blood in my dreams and pain,
I wish I could take it all away,
I wish I could make it all go away.
I want to help so badly.
I feel pain,
I don't eat.

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Samantha Lee
Samantha Lee
21 hours ago

To all of the nameless...
faces in the crowd at an event
your unity is endearing
it's currency and time you have spent

To all of the nameless...
wanderers sleeping outside in the cold
your fight to survive is empowering
spirit the only thing that remains unsold

To all of the nameless...
users who've surpassed last call
your denial is where the battle begins
a war cry against substance and ethanol

To all of the nameless...
children who lack a daily feast
your hunger no fault of your own
basic human rights have been breached

And to all of the nameless...
believers giving life to cause
your actions are restorative
but we must hold off on applause

When people are united &
hunger and struggle still exist
efforts must be given
until the problems are fixed

#addiction   #help   #belief   #save   #hunger   #volunteer  
1 day ago

you want to hear the saddest thing
about last night?

you're still that one thing stuck in my mind
even when it's soaked in alcohol

#love   #drunk   #help  

You know you're sick
when your body is in constant need of warmth,
head aching like a broken heart,
and you know it's not within your control yet
somehow you are to blame.
Trust me, I've been there.
I know that feeling, that disease.
There isn't anything more tragic than
a bad habit which
you don't seem to feel the need of
And so, in a way, you're always
breaking the good ones
until you get the chance, the time,
the motivation to build them back up again.

I'm here to tell you
it's no use,
your determination to
cause destruction.
To kill isn't to create,
to murder isn't to make something
beautiful out of this
personal violence.
Be kind to yourself.

#life   #help   #sick  

Something that comes
In handy when your
Future looks a little sandy
Not all see this as good
But it elevates the rest of
Our moods as confidence
Lends a helping hand
And we land in
A temporary happiness..

3 days ago

at 5 I wanted to fly
soar through the sky
so i could show everyone
that i could do anything

at 9 i wanted to read minds
and learn about all kinds
so that i would never be left out
or feeling unaware

at 15 i wanted to save others
i wanted for everyone to be like a brother
so that the world would be at peace
and love would take over

But at 19 i no longer linger
on just one of these wishes
they change day by day
as they are triggered

Some days I want to fly
high up in the sky
and see all my worries
vanish in the wind

Some days I want to read his mind
know what going on inside
so i could see clearly his worries
and his deepest fears

Some days I want to save others
so I can help those in need
not so i can feel better
but so they can be happier

Today I want to read his mind
Not so I will be all knowing
But so that I know how to soothe his soul
to make his heart happy again
I want to know how to make everything right
#help   #fly   #save   #superpower  
Dust Song
Dust Song
Feb 10

I feel like the world is vibrating way to fast today and if I stop to think for even a bit to long little slivers of my sanity will begin to shake off and float away in the wind.
I feel like everything is so far away from me and no matter how much I run in any direction it just keeps getting farther and farther away and maybe it will all simply vanish.
I feel like today that if no one was to touch me even just my hand I might dissappear and that maybe just maybe im remembering a memory or maybe I am a memory and none of this is real.
I feel like if I dont cry right this very moment I will forget how to control my feelings and all of my emotions may just seep out all at once and I will cease the ability to be understood by anyone ever again.
I feel like im breaking in to peices and no matter how tightly I shut them my eyes dont want to stay in my head and no matter how many times I rub them together my hands cant find a spot to rest and no matter how much I hum and shush  at it my heart will not stop beating so loudly
I feel that ,and maybe Im just thinking out loud here, but I maybe might just a little bit but im pretty sure im going insane.

#broken   #fear   #afraid   #anxiety   #crazy   #falling   #help   #sickness   #fixme   #imstuck  

What could they do?
What would they say?
I have scars all over
My blemished flesh
Would they shun me?
For being more in tune to my suffering
Would they send me away?
Shove a pill past my lips
And tell me I'm okay

I just want to feel hope again
Want to be washed clean
Of these physical scars
That have caged me
I want to let go of this
These feelings that I get
More than anything, I'd rather
Die than just pretend

I want to go home
It's a strong urge I cannot shake
But I'm sitting in my bedroom
So tell me, if this isn't home
Then what is??
Would I rather lie inside my grave?
Would I decide to wake up
and live just another day?

Could you fill my heart with hope
Instead of this sorrow that
I've come to know too well?
They can wash the blood off of my hands
But the stains on my soul
Could be never cleansed

They could try for a thousand years
To try to convince me
That this is all worth the tears
But the fact of the matter is
Nothing could ever change
Because upon my soul
Is one large black stain




#dark   #insanity   #help  
Dream Fisher
Dream Fisher
4 days ago

Hold a door for someone with their arms full
Hold a door for someone with no arms at all.
Hold a door for a mother, a father, a child
Or someone who may not be here for a while
Hold a door made of glass, of steel, of gold
Of old wood and splinters in the freezing cold.
Hold a door for a stranger and a stranger may hold one for you
It seems so rare that we help, be the exceptional few

Give your hat to shield someone's eyes from the sun
Give your shoes to someone ready to run
Give your attention when someone speaks their heart
And your heart to someone who needs attention
Give something that may mean little to yourself
But to someone else may be a beautiful blessing

Say hello to a person preoccupied with life
Date with intention of a husband or wife
Make people feel special, they'll appreciate your time
Say the words that make sense even if they don't... never mind

#help   #hold   #door   #dreamfisher  

My compilation of confusion
I don’t know anything anymore,
I’ve lost myself in a life filled with faces,
unknown traces
I’m all around the place….
My heart is hidden, my soul is crushed and my eyes are closed,
My mind is confused of all these unknown feelings and wanting’s…
Who am I? What do I do? Who are you? Do I love you?
I don’t even know if I like you… let alone myself.

I’m lost in a place filled with time,
Just too little of it
I only see the obstacles and not the opportunities…
I feel like a failure, how can I achieve anything?
You can achieve, but I can’t
Too afraid to try, too afraid to fly, too afraid to live,
At the same time afraid to die,
What does this mean?

Nothing makes sense,
We people just walk around here doing what society tells us to do,
I don’t feel happiness, I only feel emptiness and anger
Where is the justice? Little kids are starving and dying,
While we starve to be beautiful
Looks are everything, brains mean nothing
You dress to impress, not to be warm

Sometimes I wish everything could change,
I don’t know to what,
But to something else,
Something better.
Why make things so complicated…
Don’t we have the resources to help?
The resources to change the ways of the world,
What society finds important,
And how people interact?
I just give up, like I always do,
Give up on everything and myself,
But most of all…
I just give up on mankind.

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