Bodies burnt
brittle black.
On with attack
after attack.
Scores of scores
line the floors,
yet onward marches war.
So, please what is this
suffering for?

#war   #pain   #loss   #hurt   #suffering  
Steve Page
Steve Page
13 hours ago

I miss my mother most
When I'm in her frenetic company
Such an angry fragile woman
In the shadow of the mum
she used to be.
Lost and alone, wanting away home
One woman against the world
With no old friends
Only fresh new foes.

She can identify every shifting lie
Sitting scared with no escape
From a hundred shifty eyes
Stalkers criticise her every mistake
Watching her looping repeated moves
Cornering her as if to prove
That we're all conspiring
Each trying to rob her
When the screaming truth here
Is that her fleeting thoughts
Have already gone where
We can never walk
Not even in our tears.

Dementia is a slow killer.
#loss   #mum   #dementia  
Philip Lawrence
Philip Lawrence
19 hours ago

Boardwalk beach goers
Strolled in ball caps
And in wide-brimmed hats
And in flip flops
And in cover-ups casually tied over low-slung bikinis
Lining the railing of the weathered pier
Eyes half closed, hands folded, heads atilt
Shoulders squared to a fading sun
A familiar form among the silhouettes
Twenty years hence
A cascade of raven hair
A billowing summer dress
My single breath
Then across rutted planks
To finally slake the thirst for another and
Be free of the malfeased heart
The lilt of perfume
Light, breathless, familiar
Transported back through time
To burn white hot again
Only to blanch at the precipice
Before the gray water

#love   #regret   #loss   #romance   #memory   #connection  
22 hours ago

Love, she learns at a young, is her first disappointment. Her heart is bigger than her body and her logic smaller than her brain. She falls in love fast and easily with the world around her and doesn't understand how fast she can fall apart.
She grows to give and never take but forgets to set away some things for her. People, she realizes as she stand empty handed, are as greedy as they are needy.
And now that she's empty, that she has nothing left to offer, she tucks her heart away and is left forgotten.

Inspired from something as always.
Stories left incomplete of things you'll never finish.

There is a girl somewhere, somehow;
impossible and true. She shouldn't exist -
she should have evaporated so long ago
yet somehow she kept on breathing and existing,
condensing and condensing
until she finally moved with solidity.
She sang in sorrowful silence,
was free in the terrors of the night,
lived and loved
regardless of the loss in her heart.
She survived because life told her not to
and now she is there, running
pure and clear as a dream,
wild and crazed bewilderment
shining in her alive eyes.
That Latin beauty, she is vivid and gleaming
in the light which shines
true and bright and effervescent.
She will be waiting for the liquid to return
and to dissolve into transparency once more but,
as she always forgets,
she will never die out.
We are all like her
in some way or another.

~~ For Katy. ~~
#love   #life   #sadness   #loss   #happy   #friendship   #strong   #live   #kind   #caring  
Mark Lecuona
Mark Lecuona
1 day ago

to care only for the poor,
without compromise;
the idealism of the ages,
the easiest of all politics;
we must sacrifice no matter what;
but who said,
the poor will always be with us;
a man who was heartless
or was he wise?
is the reality of the present,
our cynicism of their plight
or is their struggle
the measure of our hearts in his sight;
is their pain assuaged
by our actions or even in our words?
still we struggle on our own;
our own horizons as far as we can manage,
while we think of a beautiful memory,
distracted by the past,
we hope the leaves have fallen at last
and wait for them to return
but they will only fall again;
like the tide that reaches for the land
or prayers for the things we must;
they will always be with us

#love   #loss   #thepoor  

I do believe
that an unspeakable crime
has just occurred

if it only be in my head

the memory of your face
has somehow been stolen
from my conscious mind
by an unknown assailant

my brain cells
are now in
a state of pandemonium

and you might find yourself wondering

“who could be responsible
                   for such wrongdoing?”

In response
I am quick to whisper

“only a pure hellion
      could carry out
          such a nefarious act
              upon my senses”

gathering together my inner strength
I grit my teeth until my jaw starts to spasm
keeping my eyes tightly shut
as I try to recall your smile

I pray fiercely throughout the night
much like a midnight incantation
repeating the same words
over and over again
to no avail

if you were to say
that this affliction
I have been saddled with
is the bane of my existence
I would say
“you’ve hit the nailon the head”

or better yet

just another death-dealing blow to my psyche

Thanks Light
#word   #loss   #memory   #ten   #challenge  
1 day ago

I remember us
We talked. We laughed
We were happy to have each other
We have trusted one another
And I never thought
This might end.

I remember how
We spent so much time together
We talked about everything
Being open books to one another
And I never could imagine
This might end.

I remember those long nights
After having said "sleep well"
We were still talking about this and that
Even though both very tired the next day
We always did it again and again
And I never believed
This might end.

I remember being so happy with you
Laughing so much that it hurt
Trusting you, being there for you
Always wanting to keep that forever
Years and years. And at first
Our friendship grew stronger.
But having reached the highest point
The time and space became our enemies.
I never expected
This to have an end.

I know deep inside you understand
But you stopped chasing those good memories
Still it was hard for me to let them go
Anyway I just wanted to let you know
All my secrets and thoughts
All my losses and pains
I wanted to share with you
What was in my heart, in my veins
But you lost the belief in us
And we couldn't keep the trust

And I never again got to know
About how you feel deep inside
What you actually think in your mind
How you feel about losing your best friend
Because now our friendship seemed to end

And I always blamed the circumstances
But I knew that you changed a lot
So maybe if you didn't let go off
We could still make it through everything
Just how we used to do it once before -
When I never could imagine
This might end.

The friendship is unfortunately fading and I don't feel that I can save it anymore. Unfortunately. We picked to go different ways.
#friends   #life   #loss   #friendship   #change   #own   #ways  
Philip Lawrence
Philip Lawrence
2 days ago

I spoke to an old man on a dewy summer morning
We sat on a park bench under a spreading oak tree and he
Spoke of the space beneath his desk where he waited for the flash
And when Oswald grimaced in pain and
The joy of sniffing freshly printed mimeographs
And the shame of My Lai
How he helped his father pack his things when left as a boy  
And when he wept at his dog’s last three breaths
He recalled the kindest person he’d ever met
And that he once had had faith
He said he remembered everything
And then he moved on.

#love   #life   #sadness   #hope   #loss   #family   #memory   #age  
Philip Lawrence
Philip Lawrence
2 days ago

I dig into the glass jar and withdraw my hand
I fling my arm and follow the seeds
As they scatter on the crusted snow like pepper specks
Skittering, helpless to stop
I wait for the sparrows and the starlings and the hawkish blue jays
The bright red cardinals all stuffed whole and round
Under a winter coat
Early morning is best
Not garish, like noontime
My steps are high in the deep powder
To the narrow stone posted on end
The earthen mound having sunk since that warm day in May
And I strike the ice and brush the crystals and
His name appears down its length
Black, hand-painted letters
I speak to him, my companion of fourteen years, in an easy tone
There is furious pecking beneath the sunrise
Company of a sort, bribed for the moment
And neither of us is alone

#love   #death   #loss   #friendship   #memory  
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