A Baltic atoll nigh
I am but a giant
of enlightenment
as I've been both years
here yet develop
strep in tears despair
days that might
stay when I came to
love our being still
mystery now season
in newly gotten wiles
only there to impress
a red rover machine
and target afresh
dreamscape by canal.

Ben Jr
Ben Jr
Mar 20

How did we get here?
Where we hide our thoughts,
And only speak in fear,
Just so we don't get caught,
So we keep to ourselves our opinions and ideas,
How did we get here?

How did we get to this?
Where we have a limit of a way to think,
And we limit our right to freedom of speech,
All just so we don't offend thee,
How did we get to this?

The men who are meant to serve,
Can't handle the truth,
So we don't tell it as it is,
Coz we know what they'll do,
From courts to jail and at times beating,
Yes that's true!,
So it all comes down to what they'll choose,
And they smile like its all good,

So we have to hold on to our dictionary for a consult,
Just so when we speak we don't accidentally insult,
'cause you know the big men can't take a joke,
Or a poke and what not,

And its not that we can fight,
We can't take them up in a round with all their might,
They'd squash us down like a bug,
And then just shrug,

How did we get here?,
Its not like they need it to earn our respect,
We've already voted for them,
How do they not get it?,
We did it with clear mind,
And know that they ain't perfect,
Why do we have to regret?

So I sit here just asking,
How did we get here,
I thought things would be better,
Instead we all now have to look over our shoulder,
How did we get here

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Look down.
Is your money slipping away
As if it never was?
And can you not figure out
What is the basic cause?
Look down.
Are you hands not quite beige
And are there calluses there?
Then your Trump Republicans
In Congress don’t really care.

Look down.
Are you a pregnant woman
Who has no sacks of gold?
Are you sick and poor now?
Are you broke and old?
Look down.
Do you have a few million
You can donate to the GOP
Then likely you are screwed
And have suffered silently.

If you sit and let them do evil
And don’t stand and resist.
They’ll use your sacred words
To prove your rights don’t exist.

Look down.
Do you watch the television
And believe all you see?
Does the Christian right dictate
How your existence should be?
Look down.
Are you sick of war and hate
And can’t see it ever ending?
Just realize it’s Congressional villains
That our country is befriending.

Look down.
Are you living up to the goals
You set for yourself in life?
Or is your government killing us all
And handing you the knife?
Look down.
There is hope if we all act
And pull these criminals down.
It’s our fault they are even there.
They run the circus, don’t be a clown.

If you sit and let them do evil
And don’t stand and resist.
They’ll use your sacred words
To prove your rights don’t exist.

When people say capitalism is bad...

Well, no, capitalism is not bad. People are bad.
At least, they can be.
Capitalism is just one way of experiencing who we are as humans.

We have molded our system according to how we work together
as a species. This is who we are as a collective whole.
We could express it a different way,
but we would still get the same results:

Some people are good and some people are evil.
There will always be the lucky,
and there will always be those who run into misfortune.
But it still isn't so black & white, even then.

We cannot blame a system, or even an individual for actions.
We cannot blame a thing.
We cannot blame anything.

What happens, happens because of how
everything is webbed together as one -
both colliding and agreeing.

We will never all be the same,
until maybe we are robots, which makes us no longer human.

So, no, I refuse to agree that capitalism is bad.
It is a tool which can be misused,
like anything else in this world.

Just remember that we are all one whole collective consciousness,
so when you blame one person, you are blaming part of who you are,
though you may not see it that way.

All we can do is love and try to be pure,
in hopes that others will follow,
but mathematically speaking,
all will never follow one whole-heartedly.

We'll never be able to change the world
We don't even have the means to change our fucking wallpaper!

We are protesting against
all the unfair things that our government is doing,
in the same way we go to church:
preachers and inciters, daily,
some of us do it on Sunday,
others only when a big religious event comes around the corner;
some of us never go,
and only end up thinking about it
before going to bed,
in our room,
in the dark.

We seldom forget that we came to this world
with the only mission of making ourselves unforgettable.

We have mixed feelings
about all the calls to action
that we stumble upon in the
whore wide web,
we feel guilt and
despair when is too late
and regret not doing the right things
or doing them wrong,
we are not model citizens,
we are just fake citizens
that work from time to time as holy fashion models.

Forgive us for lying to ourselves
when we're lying in bed,
Forgive us for not having a voice
when the choir needed us.
Forgive us for making excuses
for all the bad excuses we had.
Forgive us for all the love that
you haven't had the chance to give us.
Forgive us for
not wanting to be forgiven.

we are not gods.
you are not gods.
gods are not good.

We'll never be able to change the world,
but we're hoping to be the ones that are changed by the world.


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Used to have a dream ;
used to have a love from above though it seemed
the color of your eyes hid the lies
The fog in the skies symbolized my demise..

No remorse
no affiliation
Federal's amphetamines ensue debilitation
at last ;
He had the heart of someone in his grasp
clutched too tight so it didn't really last...

Used to have a dream
used to being last
Used to being separated by my skin or cast
or both ;
Told his brothers not to give up hope
whoever is your god he or she will shift the slope..

Pretending while the rest of us are descending
Into the legislative hell you love so well.
Tough titty, DC City,
You get no sympathy from me.
Half the country is on drugs, and you’re all smug.
Piss off clowns, I hope you all go down.
Tough titty, DC City,
You don’t much impress me.

You sold your souls to the big money creeps
And soon you won’t be able to sleep.
You are finding out the old saying is true;
You are judged by the company you keep.
And you’re keeping company with half-bright thugs
And ugly fat cats with purely evil souls
You value wealth more than suffering people.
You’re those without compassion on the whole.

You think if you lie often enough we’ll believe
Sadly that sometimes truns out true.
Tough titty, DC City,
Your fingers are sticky as glue.
The people may burn your mansions down.
See if your bribes protect you then.
Tough titty, DC City,
I hope the good people jail you.

I wish I could hold back paying my taxes
Just like you rich people manage to do.
Tough titty, DC City,
I’d laugh as you tumble.
When your corrupt regime falls apart
You’ll want us to rescue all of  you.
Tough titty, DC City,
I’ll sit back and watch things crumble.

Millions of brave women take to the streets
To defy the government's tendencies,
The head of the serpent the main oppressor
Set to be severed by those who bring life into the world
Suffering for the other half of humanity,
As they think freely,
Create art,
Dream in philosophy
And sit lonely in scarlet clouds of disdain for the political system ripping out their hearts.

Asking the Congress to rewrite laws
That benefit and enrich themselves
Is asking the wolf not to eat the lamb.
The wolf will eat the lamb.
The lamb cannot avoid this fate
By pretending it is not worth eating.

The wealthy are well rewarded
For not caring about the poor.
To make them care the only way
Is to offer them  tributes.

The rich want you to buy
Their trinkets and toys
And leave the lawmaking to them.

As long as we let the rich
Write the laws and control
Enforcement, the law
Will be slanted in their favor.

Nothing fuels fascism like poor people,
So the rich will raise prices and
Thus keep the people poor.

Dishonest people will always
Blame someone else for their crimes.
In government, they will blame
Honest people trying to do the job
They were elected to do.

If a person fails to be outraged
At the actions of criminals,
He is either criminal himself
Or a defense attorney,
And that person may be
Both at the same time.

Among the biggest mistakes
One can ever make
Is believing campaign promises
Where no evidence exists
Of any plan to keep them.

As long as politics are run
Like a beauty contest,
Nothing like democracy
Ever has a chance to succeed.

In a democratic country,
The common people must
Expect to participate
To make it work.
That means they must work
Within the system to ensure
All nefarious people and laws
Be discovered and thrown out.

Undefended rights are only
Privileges grudgingly by government
Dispensed as alms to beggars.

In a representative government,
Everyone must be a representative.

Yesterday is a terrible day
To plan to fix things.
Today and tomorrow
Are the only time we have to do it.

If a representative
Does not walk his talk,
Stop listening to his talk
And watch his walk.

Do not expect industry or military
To protect your rights.
They are both monetary institutions
Addicted to power.

If Congresspeople earn fortunes
By serving the people,
There can be no equity
In representation.
Corruption will rule the land.

Lobbyists should be imprisoned
if they are indistinguishable
From extortionists.

Voting districts need to be
Based on the needs of the people,
Not the needs of the bank accounts
Of our leadership.

Offshore bank accounts should be
As illegal as they are immoral.

(As this is all my own opinion, there will be more at later dates.)

It never fails to amaze me
how red tape grows
like weeds in spring
confounding the solution
an idiotic, thing

Supplying information
providing for requests
within process defined
seeking an improvement
each and every time

Ever will I be amazed
at erstwhile procrastination's
the lack of will, and thought
machinations of the machine
rendering, all, for naught

It binds like ropes
and iron shackles
like glue upon the wheel
progress slowed, and stopped
with nothing left, to feel

Arrrrrgh, "please fill out forms A, B, C, and K, but only if you have submitted form Y within 3 months of previous requests of form D being denied due to complications with form Q" ARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH!
2 more yrs, then I'm done with this!
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