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Cné Aug 2017
A tentative touch unsure
of erotica I've yet to explore.
Her sweet ripe ******* allure
my watering mouth can't ignore.

Tickling teasing touch to ignite us
giggling on our high
Soft soothing caresses in between
wondering why I was so shy...

Our fingers tangled in long blonde hair,
then gently stroking soft warm skin.
Bodies writhing, legs entwining,
where she ends, there I begin.

Oblivious to our thoughts
enambered with desires
Lips of wine in heated passion
soaring pleasures even higher.

Perfumed oil on bodies glistening,
**** laughs and playful fights.
Lace and heels and toys aplenty,
Girl, we'll make this last all night.

By EJ and Cné
A little wine
A little laugh
A little pleasure
For our own behalf

Thank you EJ for such inspiration
Bethie May 2018
I like being alone
I love soletude
But every once in awhile
I get a feeling
I think it's loneliness

I don't like people
I hate socializing
But every once in awhile
I get a desire
I think it's for companionship

I sometimes want a friend
But I dunno
I'm not great with people
But maybe my answer is a person
Then I won't have to be alone
Still here
Still miss you
Still want to be with you
Still love you more than you loved me.
Still looking for us.
Baby, oh Baby,
I wanna be there!
I wish I was
The One
laying beside you-
The One
you'd be holdin'
and cuddlin'
in your arms...
I wanna be there!

Oh Baby, oh,
I wanna be there!
I know I'd love to be
the woman
beside you
sharin' our bed.
I wanna be there!

I wanna be there!
Instead; Baby,
I am here-
rockin' myself
to sleep,
with a lonesome
for the lonely
Baby, I wanna be there!

Baby, I wanna be there!
to have you
holdin' me close!
You and I
makin' love
And then,
us cuddlin' one another
in the after-glow
of our love makin'!
I wanna be there, Baby!

I wanna be there!
I wanna be...
Baby, I wanna be...
Oh Baby, I wanna be...

I wanna be there!
Instead; Baby,
I am here-
rockin' myself
to sleep
with a lonesome
for the lonely
Baby, I wanna be there!

Baby, baby,
I wanna be there!
But now...
I'm always at wonder;
'Is she in your
arms tonight?'
"Did you give her
the lovin'
I want to have
as mine?'
'Are you cuddlin' her
as I long to be
holdin' you?'
Baby, I wanna be there!

I wanna be there!
but I'm here-
I wanna be there
with you!
Oh Baby, I wanna be...

I wanna be there!
Instead, Baby,
I am here-
rockin' myself
to sleep,
with a lonesome
for the lonely
Baby, I wanna be there!

My Baby, oh
I wanna be there!
I've never had anyone
to really count on-
I'm tired of feelin'
so alone!
Of always bein' last...
I wanna be first!
I wanna be there!

I wanna be there!
I wanna be...
Oh, I wanna be...
Oh Baby, I wanna be...

I wanna be there!
Instead; Baby,
I'm here-
rockin' myself
to sleep,
with a lonesome
for the lonely
Baby, I wanna be there!

I wanna be there!
Holdin' you
as you'll be
a'holdin' me-
I wanna be there!
I wanna be there!
Baby, I wanna be...
Oh Baby, I just wanna be...
There! (whispered)


COPYRIGHT; Sabrina Denise Healey,
Deadwood Jawn Jan 17
Wanna help me?

Look at me with care.
Look at me with love.

Keep your arms around me.
Keep your proximity close.

Give me a kiss on the cheek.
It doesn't have to be weird.

Wanna help me?

Listen to what I say.
Tell me the feelings I describe.

Express your reactions.
Tell me you hurt for me.

Wanna help me?

Show me that you love me.



Please help me...
I didn't ask to be like this.. Or did I?.. I don't know.
On the table sits
a lone candle a'glow;
all the lights turned
down low-
In the air
a sweet vanilla scent;
laying against your chest
I'm feeling completely spent-
In the darkness of the night
outside is such a wind;
but while inside with you
my heart is finally on the mend-
I have been hurt
yes, this is true;
but I'm not missing this chance
of us... being me and you-
What is this feeling...
this emotion;
whatever it is it sure is causing
my heart some commotion-
I must have
been hypnotized;
while looking deep into
your glacier blue eyes-
In your loving arms
without a doubt;
this is what real love making
is suppose to be about-
I don't know this yet...
if we are meant to be;
but next to you...
I wanna see me-
This here with you
is what my heart's been achin';
to be, to have, to see...
Baby, I Wanna Be Taken-


COPYRIGHT; Sabrina Denise Healey,
I'm so sad, so hurt. I really want you back.
I want to hold you, at least,
just one more time.
You are such a beautiful precious little girl.
I'm so happy your first taste of life
was from my breast milk.
I wish I could have nursed you more often.
I'm glad you knew who I was.
You relaxed more to my voice,
better than anyone else's.
I enjoyed carrying you inside of me.
We were "one" for so long...
I was hoping to be holding you
when you passed away, and I was.
I know you went peacefully in your sleep,
cause I didn't even realize it had happened.
You held onto my finger with such a tight grip;
almost as if you were afraid to let go.
Now I know why...
I'm afraid to let go!
I'll never really get to 'see' you again.
I miss you so much.
I wish you were still alive.
I wish you'd been born healthy, I can't say 'perfect'
cause to me you were, and you still are.
You are gone, but still
my precious little daughter, My Angel Beth~
Love you, Baby Beth
Miss you everyday...
Love, Your Mommy~

Wrote the day I went down to Goldens'
to sign the authorization for cremation
and I held you just one last time...

COPYRIGHT; Sabrina Denise Healey,
Kenji Feb 5
What do you want from me?
Why arn't you scared of me?
Why don't you care for me?
Do you fear me because I'm alone?
Slip, cut yourself on the glass and swim in your drowning blood.
It's a dark place, it's vivid, the ghosts are deadly.
Cut your tongue, you can't talk, you won't be heard.
Voices are whispers, silent.
Wonder, stay fearful.
Come, enter my dark acidic wonderland and die with me.
Eat tongues as the whisper echoes in the dark.
Freeze, don't say anyhing, just watch me.
Watch me move.
Horrifying, I die in placid stillness and my yell for help cannot be heard.
It's mortifying, help me.
But I love playing these games, until my heart, bleeds.
Cut me, lick my blood, watch the rabbits head twist off as he loses his race against time.
Nothing is going to save you now.
You are dead.
I wanna end me.
**** me in the dark.
The ghosts come in my dreams and pull me, they want me.
The only energies that want me, not wanted by humans, not wanted by anyone.
Nobody likes me.
**** me in the dark.
End me
Inspiration from Billie Eilish - Bury a friend
I wanna run on the beach
with you;
chasing one another along the shore,
stopping to build our dream castle
in the sand,
and making sand angels-
allowing our fingertips to brush
one another's...

I wanna openly show affection
towards one another,
no matter where we are-
holding hands, kissing one another,
and telling each other 'I love you'...

I wanna take the time
to get to know everything about you;
your every dream, every wish,
every want, every desire, and every fantasy-
then one by one,
I wanna make each one come true...

I wanna be with you
but not just once upon a dream;
I wanna hold you tightly,
close to my heart-
and never let you go...

I'm gonna run on the beach
with you...
I'm gonna openly show affection
towards you...
I'm gonna take the time
to get to know everything about you...
I'm gonna be with you,
but not just once upon a dream...


COPYRIGHT; Sabrina Denise Healey,
Lizzy May 2017

Your hands around my throat
And the air is getting in thin,
But i'm begging you please
Don't ever let go.
grace Dec 2017
you* *should sleep.

i can't. are you   tired?

no, i wanna talk to you.

sunlight streaming through windows,
       soft skin,
             a dream with warm brown eyes,
a sleepy snowfall of kisses and snowflakes stuck to eyelashes,
   honey spilling over the floor,
              love spilling through lips,
sleep stuck under fingernails and pulling mouths into long drawn out yawns,
              the night leaving its soft bruises under eyes,
hearts beating slow as the sun creeps its way up through the sky,
              time dripping like molasses



i love you

*i  love you too
It seems like a man can't be happy or sad
A man can't be sappy, y'all gettin' mad.

"All you do is sit at home. Go do something."

"Where are you? Come home."
Undertones erupting

I do this for us alone.
Even if it's all for nothing.

Let's do, explore and roam.
Even if it's all for nothing.

Live life like I tore this poem.
Like life written,

All for nothing.

-Luca Ivaldi
Our love wis all for nothing - Luca
It's my life
and why do I have to go to college?
why can't I just be a self proclaim philosopher?
I just wanna live and watch the "days go by"

We only get one life to live
and then we go into the afterlife
and have to start a whole new different life
So lets live this life the way we want
and when we go into the afterlife we can all catch up with each other.

Because in the afterlife,
where this life is dead and gone
Our spirits will still be there and meet everyone from this life,
while in the next life we are creating a whole new different life

And then we will just repeat,
like a broken record
as the world comes crumbling down.

Let's just live in the moment and everything will be fine.
I just wrote it right now. After listening to Bon Jovi's its my life and Kieth Urban's days go by.
Desmond the poet Jun 2018
Your morning smile is precious.
It gives me happiness.
Smiling is indeed contagious.
Your smile puts me on “daily autopilot”.
You make me believe I can fly like a dove.
Is this the power of love?

Your smile is a catalyst to beauty not makeup.
To accolade your smile I trade a boffola for laughter.
Just to relax your muscle tension.
Oh yes, laughter restores the body’s natural energy.

I see the light through your crystal white teeth every morning.
It chases all nightmares like sunrise chasing the darkness.
A morning without you by my side is void.
I’m addicted to your morning smile.
This another poem dedicated to my beautiful wife. I love her so much.
MyDystopiA Mar 25
Red fish reflects light
inside a dark void of life
the keys ring out black and white
I live my life
for the random pictures
inside the mind I strive
to write to carve a path
from wood and stone
I'm sorry
Need u
I know
I c
Hurts to be
Try so hard
Do my work I will
Maybe after come
draw with me
Gotta go away please stay
diamond I will garnet
else all **** on a school day
don't think I need a doc
but a church at home

English Jam Sep 2018
The beach smells of tranquillity and salty sea air
The rhythm of the waves gently caresses my skin
The horizon seems elusive, a dream always chased
Yet night foreshadows traumas waiting to be let in

Oh where do I begin?

I love you
I don't wanna be scared of you
I'm waiting in the shoreline
Please don't run away this time

I'm scared of silent reflections, solemn and reclusive
I float futher from myself with each passing day
I have a note addressed to myself taped to a mirror
I'm scared of reading it aloud and being lead astray

And I have to accept that it's okay

"I love you
I don't wanna be scared of you
I'm waiting in the shoreline
Please don't run away this time"

Seashells coated in sand tickle the edge of my ear
The fog carried on the wind sends chills that rattle deep inside
The sun will always be there to break the duskiness
Daunting across the sky and waking up the tide

And the breeze slowly sighed

Please don't run away,
       don't run away from me
Please don't run away,
         don't run away from help
Please don't run away,
             don't run away from the sea
Please don't run away,
                don't run away from yourself

Angel wings take me further than I've ever gone before
Stu Harley Feb 24
fears and doubts
wanna fly
move about
sing with joy
sing out...sing out
ronnie hunt Dec 2018
counting my rent money and counting the days until next year and counting the minutes left on my shift
you said you’d let me know when you’re off work
and i could come over
i shouldnt lose sleep
over someone who isnt afraid to lose me
but i cant stop thinking about you
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