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Elizabeth May 2018
Before my mum died, I never really took naps.

Couldn’t really understand it,
there was so much else you could do.

But then she died,
and it was just before midday
and I realised -
there’s so much day left.

It stretched on and on in front of me,
hours and hours of this same day,
still waiting.

So I went upstairs,
I told the people that needed to know,
and I went away for a while.

I woke back up in time for an evening meal
with an extended family filled with love
and a sister returned from work
and a phone beeped full of support.

And it’s been two years,
and the days stretch on
and still, almost every day now, I go away for a wee while.
Skip just a little bit,
every day.

I wonder if I should stop
Would my mum approve?
Probably not.

Maybe I’ll try tomorrow,
but still,
it’s late in the evening now.
Time to go to sleep,
Elizabeth Feb 2016
When you stop to think
about how your mind takes up
infinitely more space
than the small gap between your ears
Elizabeth Dec 2015
Every day I hope you'll choose me

Every day you don't.

Every day I think: Today, today he'll choose me.
Today he'll understand
Today he'll explain
Today he'll see me, and really even love me

Today he didn't

But tomorrow... man, tomorrow he'll choose me
Elizabeth Oct 2015
Sometimes, when I forget to be myself
I find that I'm an adult
Elizabeth Apr 2015
I fought for my heart,
to get it back. For my smile,
I will have to look
  Dec 2014 Elizabeth
Matthew Smith
You didn't notice the girl gazing at you
like desert stars do
when you lay with ancient light in your eyes.
She was toying with her hair
and you missed it.
Elizabeth Dec 2014
I saved my virginity for the person I loved...

The person I loved didn't want it
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