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Sleepy Sigh Dec 2010
Somewhere in the star-brightened space -
An impossible depth away from green -
A hungry traveler ghosts between
Appetite and appetite, and place and place.

Out in the unfreezing lowest of degrees,
Some behemoth of infinite impunity
And infinitesimal size - a unity
In one point - eats, and hungers, and agrees

That, once, matter mattered more than a maw
Gaping impossibly small and wide.
(Better nature has collapsed inside,
And galaxies are cleaved as with a saw

In a Carpenter's hand.) However, simplicity
Is a muted charm in a bottomless pit.
When pressure's wake is a woodshop kit,
Survivors owe nothing to serendipity.
Erin Atkinson May 2014
I can only remember your eyes
            looked like moons
bathing me in
                        bluish clarity
peeking below trees;
They brushed your face
like eyelashes.

I wish Mother
had given me a more
body, that I could show my love
in grander gestures.

Disappearing woman,
I imagine the breeze is your lips
                 unfreezing glass-water
Bringing canvassed flower -field
                 alive with just a touch.

Disappearing woman,
I looked for you on mountaintops
and beneath
            rust colored leaves
Its like
leaving shadow
of the day,
like everyone
returning home,
when it cries,
it doesnt show
its hurt,
it doesn't scream,
with its
sound of silence,
it dont want to get someones
it wants to be alone,
I listen to a rhythm of its beat,
it show how I feel,
it started to
let my hand write,
that discribe, how it does,
and how it is,
I cry
it never let sleep
i want to freeze it,
shut it down
but it can't,
its still beating
no one can see it,
not if it let me do.
still making sounds,
nobody can hear
right here, right now.
Butch Decatoria Nov 2019
Epic… currents from a frozen heart,
tales, obsessions
A wrenching, unfreezing fist
raising sails
molten summits of emotions

To know one's own deepnesses
One's own submariner seas
How to breathe in it:

Darker trenches / squalls / the uncharted
Abysses alien to airy rowan cliffs and breeze
The cold of it lacking breath

Tho' Open sky, song of suns
Warms the flesh of its perception's anchor
The Brine
From icebergs of inexperience
To thirsts quenched
As Droplets
Borne from glaciers
Dancing ice,

Worlds, mine
Like ships in the night
Silhouettes in passing
Upon romancing
Skyline starlit moon
For the shadows since
Denied / the doubtful fall
These journeys now I choose to suffer

Thaws all such
In winters' noose
And from loss of strength
Such hearts
No longer sharing
Meiosis breaths
or sail on the truths
Accompanies no one there…

Now singing sirocco
Aye aye captain
Across the vast places
Frozen with no names
And arctic without blame,
Map-less voyages of
Ahoy, Sir Loneliness!
To Desolation go—
A life cage,
If mine
On Tundra of time

My own unfreezing
By simple choice, sublime

Captain kid again, all mine
Joy the light
Truth my life

My whale of a ride
Naomi Firestone Feb 2019
Darkness haunches over me
The mountains swallow the obsidian sea
A thick chill weighs heavy on my lungs
Like the sinking night
The ocean with no will to rise and fall
lays still to the weight of time
And I, knees tucked tight,
watch the minutes pass by
contemplating, soul searching
as the calvary draws from the east
Arterial red spears pierce the darkness
Copper ink bleeds from sky to sea
casting colour like rose petals
and cotton candy
to welcome the sun
as it’s light drowns out the night
The mountains retreat like watchdogs backing down
The chill lifts
unfreezing the motionless tide
Lovers take to the long stretch
And so the day begins
PK Wakefield Mar 2011
a stopping sort of started ending newing knewing sort of ended stopped and beganed sort of yesing sort of wooing newing
    ­    i
         nd of stopped starting begunning
like well gee the summer was a nasal laughing roughness kind of sort of.
            i'd like to kind of
  or else to maybe
                                              with autumn who was distinctly haired
        in rich arresting dead
               that kind of starting stopping started
                                                                ­                    or well i'd like to think
     it,swellwhynotanywaybecause noone never didn't atall even in the big gabled church of dawn that strung the sky with gelatinous heaving fibers
all rabidly gesticulating puffy sansfinger hands grimaced on the slender naked
blue and black and bursting sort of kind of because sinewed fluffy hammers on because wrists because
                                               when you get all ***** in the mucky sterile daughters little pink little rose bud climbing open little rose bud up open big blooming like pink little sort of big sort of small sort of rose bud
        you kind ofwell you clean kind of your you you clean kind of clean it straight razor cleaning your you
          you cleaned with her big sharp little ******* all sharp and little and big under her shirts under her skirts kind of sort of because
                            she keeps it she
                            keepsitin there

                                                             ­                                                          summer:
she was unfreezing fresh squeezed lemon wedges sugar hilltops sweaty laughing nightmares in the big in the pale in the cordial surly pillow thick skinny heaps of gobbled luscious hot raining balmy slow quaking deaths every day i stood on that hill and i looked out over the city and she was really well gee sort of because.... . . . .               .                ,       ;       '                "
PK Wakefield Jul 2010
as usual a

me goes the supple trunks. thralling ribbons.
collapse;doi to the clutch of soft roots stupidly and muscles.
more now lightning strings coruscate ardently loving the earth.
vibrate femininity suddenly

            correct in my winter. hot petals meddle in the snow. and melt.

                                            i'm not who i wasn't
         or who
i am.                         frosted. but calmly:ami unfreezing in cup of dainty

  m   (s.he)  is the heat.
Rafael Melendez Oct 2015
If even only for a second things could seem clear, I would choke down every last drip and drop of alcohol in this unfreezing world.
Every last drag and hit of each and every intoxicating drug.
I would reveal every single one of my addictions through this shallow looking glass to inspect for the rest of my life.

Including this addiction and drug we call love.
Faan Oct 2017
crackling wood, black smoke rises, the red snakes flickers its' tongues.
The heat is like soft silk, caressing my frozen soul.
sitting by the fireplace, the hearth silently whispers:
stay with me, I'm not like the others, stay, and sit, and watch me.

A calming sight, a soothing sound, everything was nice,
but my greedy heart was not satisfied, I wanted the fire higher!
more wood I threw in the fire place, my eager heart desires
to fasten the process of unfreezing my flesh, to hush my impatient soul.

put materials into the fire no more, my father sternly warned
for then you will  cause unwanted harm,
no benefits would come.

but the red snake screamed at me:

desiring warmth, I burnt more wood
and more!
and MORE!
but instead of release, what I received
was a house of burning fire.

the fiery python engulfed my home,
with its mocking diamond eyes.
was it because I trusted the devil's advice,
or the greed thats of my own?
tried to mimic the story in the garden of eden.
As a lactose intolerant
     cow whirring lion eye zing
dual (Banjo playing) Manichean
     ("FAKE") keen man womanizing,
faux nymphomaniac wannabe,
     I cone only scream about visualizing
nip pulling and getting a breast
     of Hani La (vanilla),

     this sweltering unfreezing
Wednesday while mouth
     watering chiefly hanker
     for milch of
     human kindness, which titillating
fanciful fandom fantasies
     skinny dipping into soliloquizing
whet dreams har made

     sadly, simply, and sorely realizing
test tickles quizzing
noggin merely figment
     of fertile imagination pricking
prurient potent plentifully oozing
naughty salacious, licentious,
     and felicitous evocations pulsating
hypnotically invoking

     trance send dint overriding
gloriously flirtatious escapade needling
my over active
     thought processes monopolizing
ability to focus attention trying
     to compose joyous leavening,
sans jump starting
     massaging, and kneading

     dormant limp libido liberating
panting allied force,
     which seems tubby
     in axis Sybil for Nick -
     A.Ting, thus Celeb Basie,
     frantically, gingerly, and
     haphazardly kickstarting
***** riot with this feeble attempt

     for a firm hut heave action,
     one docile male member
     devoid of livingsocial,
     hence aye ****
     sitter ring joining

a nunnery, which
     would be habit chilly unfitting,
     and very un convent
     shin null for a poetic ending!
ALesiach Jul 2019
A simple summer crush,
the memories still make me blush.
We were a perfect match,
that's why we caught fire so fast.

Your warm breath, caressing my skin,
unfreezing my heart from within.
Loosing myself again,
in the gentle summer rain.

Baby, it was magic we were making
and my heart was yours for the taking.
Sand, salt and skin;
kissing you, my head would spin.

Now summer is long gone,
not sure what went wrong
and why the magic couldn't last
or why summer flew by so fast.

ALesiach © 07/26/2019
uselace Nov 2019
i wonder if trees
get tired,
all those years
standing bent
watching seasons pass
with lines carved into bark
by in-love people

i wonder if
those people come back
trace over the lines
maybe they cry
i bet the tree
cries with them.
I have a lot to say but the words collapse in my mouth
I feel strained - uneasy and frozen
I cannot connect with the source, the source is away
I lose myself in daydreams, but no meaning below them
They feel dead

How come - how come this hell?
I cannot even look at, but I must, if I want to put an end
Hell is man-made, thoughts and weird ideas popped there
I know it well, for years I lived in the place

If I could simply live in synchronicity
if I could simply be
all the ******* time
what I am
nothing else
just a tinsel existence
just unfreezing myself
I see for miles
I need to do for miles
Bri Neves Jun 2012
Wanted—I could say it again
If only you hadn’t refused me.
Once I was wanted by you
And now I am wanted for ******, instead.

Inside ourselves for just one minute;
Who is getting pleasured?
I know I can’t find a thing.
My body shakes, but my mind stinks of stagnancy,
Hardening to ice, only unfreezing
Into splashes of passionate waves when you leave.

You have left now
And I am baring my grief
Along with my needs—all my needs.
I do not know how I feel right now,
But certainly,
I do not feel wanted.

— The End —