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Bri Neves Aug 2012
Halftime comes, I expect it to be
The greatest show,
But instead who plays here?
The Black Eyed Peas.

Years ago, they knew the meaning
Of musicianship,
But now,
Commercialism is their new expertise.
I am so frustrated, I walk out of the room
And somehow no one goes with me.

What a society.
Bri Neves Aug 2012
If you see me on a beach anytime soon,
It’s not for retirement.
I’m investigating the shore,
Interrogating all of its misshapen rocks.
Perhaps they can bring me a new ambition
To tell me what life’s all about
For when I’m old and set in my ways,
Far away fades the beauty of doubt.
Bri Neves Aug 2012
Grace is something
Solid enough to take,
Yet fragile enough to break.
What will you do with what Jesus gives you?
Will you walk away or steadfastly cling to
The love that is waiting
To pour through you truth?
Bri Neves Aug 2012
Blessed is the jewel
That isn’t afraid of smokes of coal,
Ruffling its shape.
Blessed is the one who is open
And implants himself in knowledge and wisdom
To captivate his openness
Even more
And create within empathy.
Blessed is the pebble
Who rolls over hills
As if it makes
As much of an impact
As a boulder
For it is right.
Have you seen the new path
Of the ant colony?
Blessed is the one who strives to know souls
By seeking, rather than assumption.
Blessed is the one who colors life warmly,
Yet never colors over
The frigid ones that yearn for warmth—
Only invites them in for coffee.
Blessed is the one who is overflowing
With gentle generosity and wisdom,
Who is silent, yet strong in strength and in grace—
The one of invisible footprints
That capture us, call us,
To deepen and dampen our feet in the snow.
Bri Neves Aug 2012
Today is a time for rejuvination.
Promise is a light itself,
Not as dimming as it seems.
And love was never vacant, but distant
And trust should never be absent.
There is something calling us closer
Without a sound, look around;
It is destiny
Whose speech is shared with purpose.
Today is the time to recreate life,
Let go, and let God
Polish inside of you, make you whole,
And only let you
Remember enough of your pain
To help you rejoice in this change.
You have been cleanesed by him,
Thoughts emptied of sin for him to begin
His work
Through us all and such work
Never goes unfinished.
Bri Neves Aug 2012
Sand grains
Caught in my pores
Contain the outdoors
And maintain my glow
Where the water pours.
They shall wash only
With salt water—
More grains to replace
Whatever remains.
I want to capture every joyous life
And sink it into memory.
Let me breathe soon after I think I’m drowning
And explore these waters I seize.
Sand grains—collecting inside me
And each is important
For each one has movement.
One may walk along the beach, make footprints, then leave
Or count and carry every footprint they see.
They’re always crying,
“Do you remember me?”
Yes, I remember you
For you are what makes
The surface of the shore
More complex,
The concave holes that make experience
More convex.
Bri Neves Aug 2012
Of heart, of mind.
Impossible to
But I try my best each day.
Hope my spirit can explain
What God has done for me.
He has called me to witness
With love,
Not debate,
Which is often choked in hate,
Promoting the death of the soul,
But smoothly flowing love
That nourishes those
Who never did know
That they were thirsty.
What God has done for me
Is to make me see
That all our throats are drying
When God can’t set us free,
Due to what we call
Our free will.
So let Him free you.
His name is in our hearts,
So move them
Outside ourselves
And ration them in parts
To feed the world its greatest gift—
A love that they don’t know exists—
God’s love
And His faithful time to mold us
Into what we will become
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