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Antonio Fonseca Feb 2014
Naked eye,
silent sorrounded heart.

what's that sound?
elderly and ancient crown
from a spirit beyond recognition.

a vast dark room
comfortable crouching,
no hope,
no light,
yet he takes a glance into my soul.

Naked eye,
he sees through me
directly to my soul
his silence seems to claim;

"poor pretentious soldier",
"come home",
"come home"...
obaraye Efosa Mar 2017
The other guy stood in front of a bus
He knew that wasn't a line to cross
But still his coins he tossed
Lost in thought, he just stood
Idiot they call him
But I beg to differ

The girl followed her friend
She didn't know the trend
Their needs she would tend
She didn't know when this would end
Her ways she'd bend
Idiot they called her
But I beg to differ

Every time he spoke
He sounded like he was high on coke
But we knew he was broke
Coke won't give him stroke
His words were like those the bicycle spoke spoke
Idiot they called him
But I beg to differ

Abstinence is good
*** could be crude
For some it's food
Others it's just rude
But then we know what is crude
about what is good
that is food and could be rude
Idiot they call us
But I beg to differ

wise ones exist
Idiots persist
From the truth they desist
The truth they resist
Idiots they call them
But I beg to differ

Yes I am surrounded by idiots
But no am not an idiot
Cause am wise enough to learn from them
Let their foolishness give me a view of my future if I follow them
Wise men are known for what they say
When wise men stop saying wise things they become idiots...
To be continued in the book...

"I am surrounded by idiots" - 10 things idiots won't tell!
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Born Jul 2018
Its been awhile since I went to the mosque
Clerics say
The fact that you feel guilty,means your faith is still around

So ive been sitting around feeling all guilty
But havent done nothing much about it

But today a friend or mine changed me
With a few spoken words
He said
“I have to pray, I feel that good things are coming my way and I should at least thank God  
I want to leave these darkness that I've sorrounded my self with”

These got me thinking
Whatever is happening is what I want to happen
Ive ignored my connection with God and settled on distractions
I've invested heavily on regret

Its about time I change
So am writing this down as a reminder to myself
That i've left the old me behind
And the new me is Born

By  the way ,my friend is a christian
And I'm a muslim.
So am urging everyone to draw wisdom from wherever you can
Instead of judging each other based on
Political affiliations or
Born, is a series exclusively about me and what am going through at the moment and my thoughts about it.this poem is a process, it's a three year journey finally taking shape.
I hope It inspires you
Braxton Reid Mar 2016
There is a man who has a large beautiful home
And a grand yard behind it
His sheets are made of Egyptian cotton
And he imposes his fit body onto them every night

On his bed he dreamt
The sky was quickly changing from pink, to blue, to grey, and so on
The ground was made of mirrors so he felt sorrounded by the clouds
He wasn't afraid even if it seemed strange
So he starting walking the set path in front of him

He came upon his house and went inside
And in it he saw nothing
And the nothingness hit him
He swore it off with anger
And went out to the large yard with shrubbery sculptures

The grass in the yard breathed
Ominously so
The ground had cracks but wasn't dry
And there was a spiral labyrinth

There were no trials in this maze
Only one task
To follow it all the way down

The entrance, stone with etched words he couldn't understand
Grew as he approached
And he felt the weight of the world like a roach
The hedges inside the labyrinth stared down on him

He felt the hedges stare all the way down
They dispised him for reasons unknown
And whispered
"What would you do in our shoes?"

At the center of the maze was a blood filled, oozing, heart
Every beat was slower than the last
And he understood it as his own
The sky turned a strict, brooding grey

Frantically, he searched his mind for answers
He blamed the people around him
"They're poison!" He shouted
But that couldn't be true

He wept, for he didn't know what to do to make the beating regular
And the hedges stared
And the sky closed in
And the whispers turned to shouts

Then it all stopped
The heart, beating
The hedges, staring
The sky, moving
While he was glad, he felt alone

But then it seemed the world spoke all at once
"Give us your all, we shall return the favor, and we will be one."
And he awoke in his beautiful home
And he wept in repentance
ME Jul 2013
They erupt of jealousy
cause they love their life
in pity
they have never seen
true beauty
never could
appreciate it all
what I want to be
what I want to see
will always be of hope
with happiness chasing me
not the other way around
never be caught up
following others
never search to be found
when you have a road of your own
why walk down
the road of another ?
prejudice and people
cursed by seeing
their way as the right way
Its just not for me
I dont mind
being alone
but I mind
being sorrounded by
ones who seems to think
they are the universe
prejudice and people
it gets old
real fast
you know
Dencio Dec 2017
Always on your feet, floating through seas of people and over the hustling and bustling streets. I was thought at an early age that you don't need to rush love it will come eventually, they never said it would stay

I've been conditioned that love is something worth waiting for, its something magical that when it happens it will just take your breathe away and leave you speechless. I would have never imagined that it would hit me like a train leaving me breatheless and vanish like smoke rendering me speechless.

A millennials love is something rare, Everything is on the fast lane there's never a pause or a dull moment to think what the next move is. I have never really fallen for a gir I've gone out with before because I never had the time to really get to know them, As fast as I could make the word come out of my mouth they were even faster at getting up and leaving me

I've been sorrounded by vultures waiting to feed on the carcases of my dead realationship. Gazing upong my body looking for the scraps of meat I yet to hold.

Oh what perfect timing, Just as I was falling down you picked me up. You leveled mountain ranges, tamed raging seas and calm stormy skies.

A love you rare, so simple and yet so meaningful, A love of its most simplest and purest form.
Xiuhcoatl cualli Sep 2013
Eagle rises as the sun.
Like your mind from your dream.
Water sorrounded by mountains,like your your mouth full of water.
Caves realising air,like your nose breathing.
Rivers coming from inside the caves,like the throught drinking water.
Rivers giving water to trees.
The bird shped like your lung because it eats the seed and ***** it out to get fertilized.
the water giving you air that makes your lungs brethe.
The spine shaped like a serpint that connects your feet to your head.
Wonder why the eagle drags the snake to the air.
The snake representing the legs.
The heart meaning the dog full of happynes.
The blood the fire like the volcano.
You are what you see.
You are never nothing but in the process of becoming when you die you will still live on.
The ashes will turn to rocks and air.
The mind into the universe.
the blood into fire.
The tears into water.
The pain into mountains.
The happyness into the sun.
The thoughts into stars.
Your mind will recreate this world in the dark once again when you die.
You are here to die and plant your bones as your seed and gift to nature.
The dog will remain as your friend and guide your bones and protect them as his life.
Your inside mother nature still in the process of creation.
And when you die you wake up from your dream.
Its like a baby waiting to open its eyes.
But he is already alive in there.9. Months like the 90 years you live.

Gonzalo Bartleby Nov 2017
I'm in England,
and, in some other part
of the world, you are too.
Our journey's been long,
and we move the sky with us
like the people of old.
Across green fields,
red brick houses
and old factories.
Far beyond the sadness in the
face of somebody you
see everyday in the bus
- a sadness you can relate to,
because you are
the same, after all,
but can't explain (and what
would be the point?).
Leaving behind green lakes
and desolated mountains
and tiny villages,
there is a place
someone like us
once called home.
It might be a small house,
sorrounded by trees,
or maybe a bright flat
where children once laughed.
We follow in the footsteps
of a thousand nations.
That's why when we leave,
we'll be back, and when leaving again,
we'll still be here.
Is this country a refuge in the night
where we sleep until the morning
of our lives, or the embodiment
of the unattainable?
We keep moving forward,
and I'm blinded by the lights
- but I embrace it.
This is me now.
Being an inmigrant in the UK is an ongoing process.
nosipho Apr 2010
i remember, O yes its clear in my mind,
my eyes were darkened by scales.
On that day...I could not even see the sun's rays.
i tried to take out my sword to cut through, my tears falling
moulding my hands as a cup to catch them
they fell into my veins...became my blood.

I remember yes,i remember very well.
Its as a potrait fresh from an artist's hand,
vividly flashing in my mind as if to trace a memory trail,
i remember the walls, they were four yes...
No...they were round, they sorrounded me.

they were sharp. they poked me.
i felt them cold.penetrating to my skin but I...
I did not want to be part of them you see!.
I...I SHREECHED and i SCRatched till there was no more of me.

and so i just breath with me still.
Then she came, beautiful with her robe swiflty sweeping the floor.
She radiated in light, i heard my scales falling loudly on the ground
as if disturbed by the pleasure of my sight.
She stayed with me throughout the night,
The were
small, shiny, beautiful diamonds in the sky that were looking at me,
i saw them because they were also smiling at me. O yes...(smiling)
i said "Hi", they never could respond.It was well.

I remember, early, frost kissing the grass. Walls
opened as gates, i heard horns singing my praise.
This was all new you see, i was whole.
she took my hand,then my mouth opened as that
of the whale that welcomed Jonah to its belly.
I opened, i spoke, it was melody.
"Excuse me, whats your name?."
"Hope" she said, Hope i repeated.
" are hope", then  i cried.

Yes, i remember it well.
ashley pagano Mar 2012
ive been fighting harder than i thought that i could.
im a bullet shooting through your fragile skin.
how could i forget what i've been fighting for?
i've left myself cornered by letting you in.
and oh, i tried to say that i wouldn't become weak.
even though ive built this distance with my blood sweat and tears,
i still continue this hide and go seek.
sweet dreams, heres your lullaby. youve sunken under in another time.
youve fallen asleep, your guards been let down, and thats how you wanted it, you just would never allow yourself, but youve admitted your fault without words, and youre rising to the top, even though it hurts. you're not the weak one, youve always been strong.

i cant cut these ties, a knot in a rope.
its hard to let go. my hands wont let go.
theres good days and bad, but i always find the sun
even when im under the earth, sorrounded by the darkness youve spun around me.
i'll always let you lead me.

goodnight, goodnight. swallow your pride. the games just begun, even though it feels like forever.
Angila Sep 2013
I used to be that girl,
the one you made fun of,
the one you mocked.
I was that girl,
the one you laughed at,
said she was ugly.
I used to be that girl,
the one you avoided like a plague,
called her wierd,
or was it akward.
I was that girl,
the one with no esteem,
the one that cried day and night,
because of what others thought.

I am no longer that girl,
no one makes fun of me,
instead am admired.
She is not me anymore,
no one laughs at me,
instead they laugh with me.
Ugly is not my title any more,
men break necks when I pass.
I am no longer that girl,
am now sorrounded by people,
people who think am unique,
not akward.
The old me is dead,
my tears come with joy,
and esteem seems to be my second name.
Jonas Gonçalves May 2014
Lying on the cool floor
and hoping that the locomotive
crossed our view,
we realize what the older enjoyed.

Gray stones show us
how much the landscape changed.
And too late the people wake up,
and too early the people discuss.

It was the fear and disdain
which provoked a bitterness
able to tear us apart from our friends.
It was the insanity of the visitors
which limited the peace of those faces.
It was a fool humanity
which deprived the happiness of those children.

At nine o'clock, the lights are gone out.
I come back home in a fog,
being followed by screams of loneliness
and, often, screams of panic.

At ten o'clock, I covet the sleep,
the tomorrow, the old age, but not the death!
Because even being sorrounded by madness,
I still hope a solution.

At eleven o'clock, my ravings drive me away.
Now I run the first escape from this prison,
destroying this forsaken wall.

At twelve o'clock, I delight to a deep pleasure
and I try to remember what I did in that dawn.
However, it seems to be an unreachable memory.

Inside this abyss:
aversions don't disappear,
memories don't return
and lovers don't survive.

We're the young who throw
their sorrows in the ocean.
What might be the world's ******,
now is hidden
by the cruelest minds.
Bring to my feet the best of the infinity:
forgotten promises and inappropriate feelings.

From the window I watched the bricks fall
like leaves of a pleasant autumn.
It shivered the skin and silenced the screams,
screams of exaltation now.
And the escape is not needed anymore.
JessyWrites May 2015
I watched her there

Standing from afar

Overlooking the horizon of a star

Darkness and voidness sorrounded her but surrenderee will someday surrender on her.

She ain't a knight with a shining armor of superiority.

She ain't a treatment that concealed every bruise of brutality.

She ain't a fantasy that hides the reality.

Cant you see? She's pretending, not being she.

Tons scratch, bruise and scars hidden within thee.

Strong lady.

Impregnable, inviolable and unassailable.

Strong outside yet fragile inside.

But then a youth stepped into her and bathed into her darkness.

Youth says to her, to the depression bearer: "What ails thee strong lady? That thou woe thy eye?"

Strong lady sat herself down and weeps, sunken cheeks and salted liquids run down her face, she speaks and says: "I should've sleep in peace young youth for I suffered desecrate and torment, aid not naebody, and father used and abused thee"

Yet, young youth says: "Hush down depression bearer henceforth I shall build thy walls and protect thee, thou shalt not say those words for I shall follow thee"
I salute those suffered from **** and was abused but learns to go on with life. This is for you.
palekiss Jun 2013
I just want to lay there with you
        in the pitch black,
  talking into the early hours, sorrounded by starlight
       forgetting our troubles, with a kiss goodnight.
To lay there thinking,
                                           that someone finally loves you
                                                              for you.
KD Sep 2015
I noticed that
even if I get drunk
it doesn't stop my thoughts
So I might think when I'm in the crowd
sorrounded by people
just plain having fun without being fully aware
but as soon as I am alone in the bathroom
and I stare into my reflection I realise
I can't run away from my mind
maybe marc Feb 2015
we're all underachievers at this point
even though we used to be the best,
above average.
we used to be the ones to want more
  need more
but now we do as we're told;
we do more
             but not because we want to.

we're sorrounded by new opportunities that are for someone else
life is the ultimate competition
and there's no time to slow down
   and breathe.
there only is everything for over-achievers,
but there are none;
because perfection is impossible
and it's the new expectation.
KD Oct 2015
I am so tired of people who don't listen
When I talk you only look for the words
that can be related to the things you already wanted to say
you are like a loaded gun, which only fire out the bullets already put in
Stop talking to me if you only ask
with the intentions to reply
and not simply listen

I am so done with the friends who call you up
about problems, which they think they need help with
that they also mostly do
but in their heads they already found sense like paths, which they will strictly follow no matter what road signs they meet on their ways
Why do you call me to tell me the same thing you told me 10 times already, when you know the advices I gave you by now
This is not a game
Stop wasting my time, if you want my help please take it
it's right there
Don't ask if you already made up your mind

I do not have time for friends who text you about fun
that you are not invited to but somehow they say it's going to the best time of their lives and they are sorry that they can't bring you with them
because apparently you're told the people would not like you
Please do not tell me where you are going if you don't want to bring me along since I know I will be the one sitting with you afterwards when you are crying because the people at that party suddenly didn't want to talk to you anymore
I am not somebody you can ditch and then casually without shame crawl back to when you get bored another place
I can get bored of you too

Insults and excuses
are not something I can use for anything
I am fine being by myself sorrounded by only me
because I am capable of handling the term "lonely"
since it was what I've always been - even around you.
sweet mercy May 2016
The streets, the lights and all that passes by
The smiles, the grimace and everything nice
The countenace everytime you say "hi!"
And pantomine the words, the least you could try
You figured to start the day knowing lots to bear
Sorrounded by these, are you satisfied with your care?

When the sun's rays warmth you sorely
And the breeze of the wind is way-out indifferent
The day is halfway to its surcease
And the battleground is becoming at peace
Amidst all these, is the clearing of the sky and it's becoming fair
Wind up all the details through breathing pristine air

The rush hour pass as you revert to your haven
And there it is your great comfort
Lethargic you contemplate and wander
Before the window to your soul closes and rest
You bethink notions and all the things that matter
Endgame is, are you satisfied with your care?
I stand on top of a rock
Sorrounded by seas,
Carrying my sorrow at my back
And waves, aren't at eas.

Time to time I face roaring waves
I freeze at dark,burned during light,
Years passed,but still my self couldn't behave
For being watched by the rising tide.

From high and beneath
Seaguls and sharks scouts,
And There I starv and soon will face death
maybe marc Nov 2017
listen love,
to truly love love yourself,
you must live of love
and where you live must be love,
so you can be sorrounded by love,
not mess,
you must live in the love,
in love.
so love,
clean up your room.
raquezha Nov 2019
Love, is it the only thing that will keep us alive?

they say only fools run shame
but how can I not fall
for the things that
makes this night beautiful
I simply want to say
that I fell inlove with you

looking back to the days
when I'm crying for days
you simply extend your arms
and said: "it's okay"

looking back to my past
I'm glad I'm still here, sitting
with a bottle of beer and
a breathe of classic music
dancing all over the place

I miss the stars,
I remember I was the loneliest star
sorrounded by all the lucky stars
You made me realize
I'm not a star
I'm more than that
I'm a myself
I can be more than anything
I can ever imagine

I'm looking at a bright world
I'm looking at it right now
I still don't know where to go
Or where this road will lead me
But I know every step of the way
will lead me to you
raquezha, poetry.2019.11.5
Nargis Parveen Aug 2019
Why do I love you so much?
Hey bird!
I gaze at you like the fish-eye
So weird!

You are an ordinary boy, very ordinary
Like a doll,
I am sorrounded by spring breeze and
Lovely rainfall.

Moreover, I possess a rainbow given as token of love
By the sky,
Stars also tell me each night twinkling
To sing a lullaby.

What do you have in your two eyes, boy?
Powerful gravitation!
My heart's rain forest is benumbed by
Stormy devastation.

Me like a river who weeps and smiles
With murmuring sound,
Lots of things I know, brilliant witty but
To love you I am bound.

— The End —