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nosipho Aug 2012
Lost in daze, even though this path I have played,
it sat as a record in my mind, played over and over again
and I knew what to do,
my thinking, my actions, yes i will be ready
the minute i cross that road.

I have watched Cinderella leave her shoe,
O’ what love for a prince to find,
To send horses trotting to her doorstep,
Chariots and king’s man,
O Cinderella-happy ever after!

Aaaaah! It is wonderful.

At night I would have dreams about you Cinderella,
Being snow white, awakened by my prince,
And so I mastered the art to wait,
Yes, I will scrub floors, play with the dwarfs,
Singing my hearts tunes -knowing,
In a shining armour my prince will come,
And we will live happily ever after.
Like I have seen it in my mind.

So here I am, there, sitting -waiting,
Hearing the words as you are speaking,
The world I once thought was far,
Meeting with my reality and hush…

I am “There”

Be it that I be a Cinderella or a fairy,
The collision of reality makes to wish
That such fantasies were true,

And now that I am here, You prince you came.
With my shoes, in a shining armour,
But nothing like my fantasy.
I could blame you for not being the prince
I had in my dreams, how could you betray me!

I mean I love you but why is it not like I imagined!
I want to be rescued from a tower; I want horses to make a convoy!
I want birds to sing my happiness; I want flowers to sprout at my joy!
I want to grow wings and fly! That is how I know it!.
Why is not like shrek or fiona, or the Barbie or the princess in aladin!.

Marriage is holy,

Two people are joined in matrimony,
They become one to reflect his glory,
And the lord orchestrates it to reflect him,
O’ the angels blow their trumpets,
And the lord dances over the union with singing,
For then his image on earth is portrayed,
A covenant of eternity,
As that of his bride, as the groom.

However, On earth.

Frustrations grab our minds,
And we wonder if we right,
Is he the one! Did we go wrong!

You see when two become one,
All their flaws are exposed,
For no two people can be two in one,
Some trees need to fall,
The flesh is stretched for both,
The bone is taken with no anesthetic,

Bone of my bones, flesh of my flesh,
You never know till you hit this road,
Happily ever after, but not mention- after what?

Because marriage is holy, some things are refined,
100% human 80% God, God works with no fractions,
See, in him we need to be whole,
for in the one lies a deeper purpose and
when these two come together, there might be a collision.
For marriage is holy and as one you are selfish,
but when two come together,
they are drawn to selflessness.

I can no longer eat the pizza alone, but think of my significant other,
Uhhh! No longer will live but need the care like my father.
Marriage is HARD!

You never know until you there,
The vinedresser prunes the branches, tweaking them slowly,
They fall to the ground, trampled.
For the purpose of matrimony is to make us like him.
Christ as the head joined to the Body,
The husband joined to the wife,
A beautiful gift that God gives to man!
Take me again, he says- be like Christ!

In marriage we are given an opportunity to reflect his glory,
To imitate his kindness, compassion and love,
To experience the intimacy that Christ has for us,
It is no longer about lifting our eyes to the sky,
But Christ comes as a groom to his bride,
He comes to share himself between husband and wife,
What gift it is, more than Cinderella or snow white and her dwarfs,
More than earthly treasures, it’s the beauty to share a life.

To our carnal minds, and fleshly ways,
Marriage is a ***** or a thorn,
And whatever joy it brings,
We know that Christ his grace he gives,
But we know that for his glory we love,
Each other, but together love him,
And happily we will leave,
In endurance of all things.
Marriage....Marriage is beautiful!

I never knew, I ‘am there’
nosipho Aug 2012
I watch you every time you enter my door,
I pretend not hear you, yes i choose to ignore.
Your perfume lingering in the air,
and your laughter swift by like wind in fall,
i would be lost in your presence, as you enter my door.

I do not capture you much in my mind,
my heart is well when you out of sight,
every time you enter my door,
i forget of all i forgot about you before,
then you steal a piece of me and it
floats with your smile, and
my hearts beats like a pendulum,
as if to live by your oxygen.

I think of long nights of tee-a-tete,
under the  moonlight sky,
then you walk  home,
locking our hands as we part.
O' what joy!
when you look at me...
i see the depths of the ocean,
clear and serene, engulfing me in your tranquility.

Such feebleness i cannot comprehend,
To hope that i can hold your hand and
yet not. To hope...

Every time you enter my door,
Void of my love for you,
I wonder , if my hopes will ever come true.
nosipho Jun 2012
If only times would change, the clock unwinded,
Giving time to relive the days gone past unnoticed,
If only we knew that men were made for purpose,
not simply watch the sun going down in the west coast,
touching the horizon, disappearing beyong the oceans,
we would then leave down our spades, voice our murmurs,
dancing in mud, hands on bricks, rain soaking wet our clothes.

Yet, we would think of the ones we've left,
and different letters we sent,
Seeing their smiles, ink reflecting our stories,
"how i wish i was there...dear laurette" only that
i had to press on so that no tears would fall
on the clean dry plates, and a white cloth.

If only we knew that our knees would be bruised,
lamentations going fourth for you,
It passed our eyes to see our dreams,
but only ours were for you  to live,
nev'r been of flashy cars or brighter "blings"
we simply lived that, some day
when the day dawns and
our sight could no longer be restored
for we have seen all that we could about life,
we would then know that, bending our backs,
or days in the rain and mud were not in vain,
For by the hat of straw, you would then go down
the aisle  and you would then have a hat of cloth,
with a little tail, and your coloured garment,
telling our days of smiling to the rain.

i would have known, that even though i didnt know,
in picking those greens and reds from the garden,
and the colours of the city i have nev'r known,
when you come home,
you will tell me all about them,
and i will see them too,
in your coloured garment.
(dedicated to african fathers, who have worked hard, been enslaved but never given up to see their children growing up better, getting to varsity)
nosipho May 2012
I love it when dry leaves fall,
Moving swiftly, kissing the floor,
With every dance of the wind,
They move to the rhythm, step by step
Turning on the ground and
When the music stops
They gather together and hold.
I just love it when they fall.

The grass would have shed its skin,
In waiting for the next spring,
The sun shows its presence,
But not much for the season,
And these leaves like birds from a nest,
Spread their petals in flight,
Carried by the hands of the winds,
They land graciously on the ground.

Swift- swift- shift, they sing.
In plain cold I listen.
I watch others in boots and coats
Flashingly taking cover away from the talk of the clouds.

Their feet make a thumping sound,
As if to **** these soft ones,
But graciously they would tuck them in,
And not break at all. Dry as they are!
Some will leave and some remain,
But the tree will never cease to let them fall again!

Written on an autumn. 02 May 2012.
nosipho Apr 2012
Everytime I miss you,

It’s like a day with no sunshine,
Like lilies with no petals,
Rain with no showers,

It’s with everyday I miss you.

It’s as a well dry of water,
River with no flow,
An artist with no canvas,

It’s with everyday I miss you

A breath with no air,
My heart pumps empty,
No flow in my veins,
All stops…

It’s with everytime I miss you.

How can I love this much,
In that your absence paints mine.
Absent minded, numb of all emotions,
Only those that miss you.

How could you have invaded my mind so,
Steal my heart till it exists no more,

It’s with everytime I miss you.

So I am simply sitting and writing you a poem,
Hoping that if finds your soul well,
Hoping that my conversation with this paper
Will bring comfort to me,
Only that it is not you.
Such unbearable pain...
My heart cannot take, but as your lips
Sometimes say…
“I shall be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might”
nosipho May 2011
i wake up, i breathe,
i breathe, i see,
O' i breathe, i wake up,
i wake up, i see,
i see, i get up,
i get up, i eat,
i eat, i walk out,
i walk out, never to be seen.

that's what you did, so i did the same.
P.S. don't call me again, cause you can never mend this brokenness.
nosipho Jun 2010
With every morning that she arose,
slipping into her night - shoes that laid beside
her bed, stretching her arms as if her bones were
cuddled together- i would watch her.deeply.

Her hair coarse as wire to guard against the wrong,
flesh hanging as elastic on her bones, she stood up
from her bed whose centre seemed to reach for the floor.
i watched her.deeply.

she yawned, desperate for some more,
dreams itching but she remembers no more,
slowly sliding her feet, causing friction to the floor,
1 step forward, another follows,
I watched her. deeply.

she reached for the window
with the desire for life to embrace her,
Rays of the sun friendly on her face,
i watched her...well.

I am sorry if this is sad, but i hit her on the head,
she caused me anger day by day!
so much that i could not bear!
so i watched her....bleeding!.
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