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Who touched my pain?
And it became flower,
Who bestowed upon me
Long awaited shower?

Who played on a flute?
So melodious entertaining,
This gypsy mind of mine
Smiling as cloud's silver lining.

From the brink of gulch
Who seized my hand?
And I invented myself
On a fabulous island.

Look! How shamelessly smiles
This yellow birdlike mind,
Happiness is flying with clouds
Letting grief weep behind.

Rain of Love is falling in mind
So sweet melodious,
All happiness is flying in my sky
So bountiful spontaneous.
O my tightened mind!
Why are you losing?
Now who will control
Autumn breeze's teasing?

O shameless bumble bee!
Am I flower?
Don't touch me in this way
As happy shower.

Like a supersonic jet
My sweet heart flies,
He doesn't give me chance
To travel in his skies.

Why sky is blue?
Does he know the fact?
Should I divulge the mystery?
Me and nature maintain a pact.

He knows nothing about this
Only likes to be soaring,
Who will tell him the truth?
Without him life is boring.
Why still I love him?
I don't know,
Why still this mind smiles
Like rainbow?

If he understood a little bit
How much I am love-led!
I would have brought jewels for him
From deep of seabed.

O restless boy! Please halt
Halt a moment!
Let me take your smile in heart
To lessen torment.

He pretends to be wind
Swift so much,
Doesn't care I am lonely
Without his loving touch.

Someday I will depart this earth
Leaving grief pain,
That day will you remember me?
Eyes will shed a little rain?

Nope! What I am thinking!
It's a great blunder,
No one will regret for the past
Man is new path-finder.
O sweet princess!
Blossom in bunches.
A lovely little fairy,
It's hard to answer her query.
Nothing can please her,
Likes only doll and chocolate bar.
In the afternoon time is to play,
Mom warns her not to delay.
In the evening when moon peeps,
Boring books occupy her lips.
Reading reading only reading,
Moon alone enjoys budding.
In the morning birds call,
O baby! Come on pal.
Let's play in morning wind,
Mom guards just behind.
It's now school time,
Reading writing chanting rhyme.
Me, the blue water lily
Blooming in lake,
In this autumn a new love
Would you darling take?

Setting sun gives me infrared
Touching curly hair,
Sky says that its happiness lies
In seeing me happy fair.

Magical moon has set a trap
Along night's flowery clothing,
Lovely jasmine camellia chrysanthemum bloom
Only to be wreathing.

Whose brisk wings are caught
In night's magic net?
By loving whom my mind becomes
As catlike soft pet?
O scandal! I will be moon touching you,
And spread light of Love beyond view.
I will dance at moonlit night,
Let tired love be flying kite.

Come someone with intense desire,
This is the sea of Love! Let's mire.
Dive and be alive sipping Love,
Let's give life a divine shove.

Wear silk clothing O lovely night!
Seize my hand, hey darling in moonlight.
Let's swim chant rhyme together,
Fearing of aftermath does Love bother?

What a music playing on in my mind!
A swan is dancing splashing water in wind.
O burflower! Bring untimely monsoon for my sake,
O lightning! Touch me, this lotus blooming in the lake.
I feel like living in the frost of Antarctic,
Will you be burning sun, hey boy romantic?
Be my gorgeous spring gown,
Be violent love as waterfall flows down.
I am tired gliding on snow,
How to escape I don't know.
Please take me into warm sea,
I will sing and dance in profuse glee.
I will open my museum of mind,
And charm the people's eyes of cynical kind.
I will be spontaneous again,
My arid land will be slippy by rain.
A garden of grapes will be smiling,
In happy shower I will be rolling.
I will laugh out along with sea oyster,
Let past be drowned in salty water.
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