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Jonas Gonçalves Jul 2014
Those wishes were never fulfilled,
although there were so many lights
announcing the arrival of adulthood
as if it were something to celebrate
inside a body full of sorrows.

Don't wait for me!
Cut your heart in half
and then tear up your soul,
and I'll know if you are ready
to break these chains.

So many promises, so little time;
this thought chases me
even as I chase the wasted years
with a youth based on wished.
Oh so many celebrations, so little time!

Wait another year!
Look at these seventeen candles
and then wait for the last,
and I'll know if you are ready
to wait until the month of June.

If aging means to forget my innocence,
so I get old day by day, without will to take back
everything I lost after some flames were put out.
Flames which celebrate the absence of freedom,
freedom which dies when there's no youth.

Please wait until you get old!
Until there's a solution,
until there's no problem
and I'll ask if you are ready
to blow the candles out.
Jonas Gonçalves Jul 2014
Men **** each other outside
while we regret their reasons
but we are like them,
we are fated to **** too...
so, we won't be alive at dawn.

and the words are dangerous,
and the screams don't belong to us,
and the souls just evaporates.

Oh kid, you will change this world
but I won't help you
because I don't believe in us...
I just have no faith in us,
I am just fated to get used.

and our hearts are stones,
and our eyes don't cry,
and our mouths are tombs.

Sometimes we are afraid of living
because of those open wounds,
but when you hold my hand
and smile unconcernedly,
I know it was worth to grow up.

and it's worth to live to die,
and it's worth to plan some future,
and it's worth to be a child.
Jonas Gonçalves Jul 2014

Every word has a meaning
able to bring up
what is felt and hidden,

but all the words have become useless
and we have become fragile and bitter
just like this world.


Every feeling has to be revealed
as the time extinguishes
and the heart stops throbbing,

but all the feelings were oppressed
and we were chained to the world
which is created and destroyed by us.


No memory will last until tomorrow
because we changed a lot yesterday
and now we don't even remember our names,

but no memory lasts
because we learnt to forget
everything and everyone.


No name will be shouted
when something happens to us
because we never met,

but no name is shouted
as the name of that who allows us shout
(and some still believe in men).


Every life fades away
when we see it as something forbidden,
something accostumed to finish.

No existence will last...
I know that because I used to exist
and as a human, you too.
Jonas Gonçalves Jul 2014
I see the greedy man
whose only son comes
from a curious wish
for money who he already has.

I hear the believing man’s speech:
if there’s nothing in mind,
we will be safe
behind the golden walls.

I touch the cruel man
whose young face
darkens our sky.

I recognize this ****** man
when I realize this mirror,
reflecting what we must remember.
Jonas Gonçalves Jul 2014
In the north, the rain is white,
the floor is covered with clouds,
the wind tears the skin and
the cold invades the body.

In the south, the rain is just rain,
the floor is covered with dust,
the wind blows as a breeze and
the cold kisses the body without warning.

In the north, men wear black suits,
they walk on dry cement,
they have a future since the cradle and
they are just men...

In the south, men wear suits,
they walk on wet cement,
they have a future when they dream and
they are also just men...

All over the world, the seasons are different,
the small and great feelings are different.
Even men are different! however, they're present,
making time our only distance.
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