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Coco Dec 2021
I have fought it , struggled through it,and faced it unblinkingly.  
In the end I lost ,my strength was insufficient. At the cost of loosing my heart. I let her control it. For the simple purpose of being beside her. She was worth every crack , every tear every break
      Before I new it my paper cut
              Became a gush
                    I'm bleeding out
My crash became my fall
          My heart her toy and I played along
  Dec 2021 Coco
Sarah Spencer
Baby, I will do anything.

I'll **** myself,
trash my mental health,
commit social suicide,
throw away my pride.

I'll play your game of black jack.
Please just take me back.

Baby, I will do anything!
I'm so sad!!!!!
Coco Nov 2021
I tried to write a poem about Xmas.     But failed.  I simply have no memory of having a happy one.   Maybe it's the constant feeling of loneliness or maybe the fact that it brings out the difference between being happy and sad. Yet the fact remains l am yet to have joyful Christmas.
                       All I want for Christmas is to have a Happy one
Coco Oct 2021
Let's be clear
It's not there
Happiness for me is beyond reach
Drops, drops and tear drops
Flood my eyes
One by one they fall
Yet a smile is curved on my face
It's out of place
Deep down
I feel drawn
To the darkness within my sadness
To be real
It's like a vessel
The smile on my face.
Covering the emptiness within
Coco Aug 2021
I've got nothing to offer
No special ability
Ask me my talent
I say none
Talk of poetry
And it is shunned
"Sports, dance, music,and
These are your limits".
Poetry is pointless.
Coco Sep 2020
Is it fair
For you to read
And appreciate nothing.
I pour my emotions into every word
And beautify them to your liking
Until each letter
becomes a message.
But you reject
And ignore my words,my message
Still I keep writing.
Coco Aug 2020
She looks up to the man on the street
"Please sir can you help me"
It's dark and she's weak
"Please sir Don't leave me"
He looks  over his shoulder
And spits.  
Who else can help her
She's alone
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