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  Jul 30 Coco
Qualyxian Quest
If I live two decades more
How will I endure?

Eternity asleep
Enticing the allure
  Jul 28 Coco
when the rose petals fall
like the season of forgotten leaves
will you still remember me?
i wish i could have stopped the bleed
Coco Jul 27
I watched you
But I can't let go
Tears still flow
When you left
     And yet,
My love still grows
     Like rows
Of poison ivy.
Coco Jul 27
I was blindly in love
It's different from above
How can you love
Someone who is blind
A love that can't be seen but felt and yet, not accepted.
                                  It's difficult to love someone who can't see your efforts
  Jul 21 Coco
Mister J
To that sweetest belle
That touched my life
It's been one year since then
When you walked in my life
As graceful as a summer sun
And showed me a way
And a new place
To spread my wings
Where I can express
The truest me
And where I can truly be

Thank you..
Dedicated to Isabelle,
The person who introduced me to Hello Poetry, and my first follower and supporter. :)

It's been one year since I joined Hello Poetry. One year since I met her.

Thanks Isabelle, for showing me a world where I can be the person I want to be,
For sharing a world where I can truly be me. :)

Hope to hear from you soon. :)

  Jul 21 Coco
Everyone has things he'd like to hide.
Take my hand, I'll show you the darkest side.
Some people say I'm out of my mind,
but it's hard to breathe when you're dead inside...

People go crazy, but I take things slow:
one minute I'm broken, the next one I soar.
I really like humans when their blood is warm.
And don't call me heartless if I don't know what's love...
Coco Jul 20
The scent of Deceit
I can feel it
In the air,clogging my lungs
Choking me,
And yet, I can't show it
I have to believe you.
Every word is true
Because they are from you
I have to accept them
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