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Adam Aug 2014
if you're lost without               direction
i will be one of maybe             just a few        
i can be    your  own                compass                  
let me        encompass          you, when
direction       is unknown       my arms
are a                 place to                move,
come                    in enjoy the warmth
for i                           will always face
north                            straight true
when your life is all recessions
and really all  depressions  too
let me be
let me come encompass you
your Longitude and Latitude are
all thrown
in a muck
let me get you to a place,
where you wont feel so stuck

               The tropic of cancer
       Is not a place for one to linger
  if you need to             grab my hand
hold on like i'm               your stringer
   when you cant                
       gasp another
           breathe and    
               there   isn't
                       you  can do
come, and          let me be your    
compass,                let me come  
  and                        encompass you
   every sigh                  you relieve      
     will help                    find you on
          the map,                 and every
             time you             squeeze
                my hands, will help
                      you to relax

this world is                     full of                     problems, one
thing that im                for sure, so                lets forget all
  the complacent           and replace               them with
    something               more,      wipe           away your
       tears you              wont         need        them where  
          we are          going.             if your    lost ill be
           your paddles                         we can find the
            way together                          and just like
              a little                                   compass ill
              be here                                     forever
Arjun Tyagi Jan 2014
Panasonic* and Sony beeping
in custom made Reid & Taylor pockets.
A trade for a Rolex throned on his wrist in lieu of
once existent dreams, in now hollow sockets.

Adrenaline pumping before
high stakes meetings and brunches.
Calculating the dose of his choice of drug,
penthouse suites and timeline crunches.

Dizzy with ambition, painting
******* bleached canvasses.
Narcissistic laughter aimed to beguile others,
he, for whom his relaxants are stresses.

Dealing with the Devil himself,
power tainted and ill-gotten,
the realization that humans are not beyond sale;
in markets, mergers and acquisitions.

Recessions, Inflations, cruel overdoses
of risk, of danger unspoken.
And when he surfaces again to consciousness,
profits, losses both taken and broken.

Lost in the sewers filled with;
stock brokers and agents alike: the pawnors,
a haughty expression with green bills,
to score his ecstasy, capital owners.

Another dollar, another hit
never enough to sleep remembering the day.
A Corporate ****** scouring for riches,
a high, a trance not soon before long will sway.
Silence Screamz Feb 2017
Today, I fell into a medication nightmare,
because I don't know why, I really don't care
I DON'T GIVE A ****!!
But I did give a dare !

I lied to you about past aggressions,
deep recessions and loud obsessions.
These jagged little pills are in my possession.

I swallow them whole, one after another,
the red one, the blue one, sister or brother,
see you don't know me any more,
So just look away
and don't even bother

These pills are my family, my welcome mat.
They say "HI, how are you, would you like a drink with that?"
They greet me in the morning and kiss me before my evening nap!!

They take walks with me from the cup to the sink,
three minutes later, my mind stops to think,
I stumble around in lucid dreams,
and two seconds later, I dropped that drink.

Body numbed and pill jar emptied
This medication nightmare just reached out
and bit me.
I opened my eyes and could not see clearly,
and said to myself "What day is it, please?"
I am on some meds right now..thats making me have nightmares
Jane Doe Aug 2012
He and I are the same:
umbrellas on sunny days, nothing in the rain and
shivering, slightly, in the warmth of sunny rooms.

His gentle face watches me walk through the door
and he paces the floor looking for a rhyme
that will hold me, neat like the sonnet he’s folding

                    my quiet dear, who walked in shadowed rooms
                    forever, noticed slightly dimming lights
                    and slighter changes in the weather, afternoons
                    with showers, clear and starry nights.

                    she smelled like air and puddles on the street
                    The rosy blush of clouds after a storm--
                    the pinkish blush of clouds after a storm--
                    the white and empty sky after a storm--

He admits defeat, and again we are the same,
afraid to speak each other’s names, waiting
for rhymes that would’t come, or never came.

But we could slink back into the mountainsides,
coastlines, deep tree recessions and rain-filled
nights, you and I.  Be brave and build a home,

a bed and a desk, fill up our books with poems
about the weather, the curves of our necks, lay
our words in the soil of the cold, careful northwest.
Bows N' Arrows Nov 2015
Digging underground
Found the diamond
In the crowd
Soundly speaking on the floor
Beaten badly wanting more
Delirious about the uselessness
Of therapy and Sunday classes
By the masses
Childhood memories of running
On a beach
Sand between my toes
Mechanics strange and
Wired like gadgets
Tickets on trains to seafoam
Shores when
December comes
Beguiling smirk
Gazing like a toddler in wonder
At the said shutters of others
Maybe in split-screens with
Vivid color
The lackluster utterings die
At the sight
Cat-eyed and wild
Sighing like a child at coarse
Trivial arrivals of those
Suicidal yearnings resurfaced by
Dysfigured in space as shapeless
As the speech that defined it
Butterfly darlings my
Coat flowing on the windless air
As a cocoon I'm enveloped in
Bed by many toppled books to
Beseech in disparity at all the
Shared pairs I erased
Like tickled bruises all sunken and
Hopeless in keeping up with
The moment
Gloves stitched
Kerosene patched dribbled
Against sunscreen
Tired-awake unable to sleep
Fascinated with miracles and the
Shadows in sight
Dismissed while in a crisis that
Felt steep in the night of one's
A tourniquet strapped around
My elbow in the cold snow
What's the criteria for the
Mentally unsuitable
We are preachers, poets, wives
With ribbons in our hair
Cradled in hate
Dissipated softly only to
Awaken with grim morning
After morning
Dark-days of chaos-tripping
Laid flat on my stomach-ache
Removed by time like an
Hourglass state of mind
Written on my *******
Glamorous sheen caught deep
Within the recessions of my
Unseen and I imagine
I am that firefly caught in the
Glass container
Blue as lapis lazuli
Blue as the livor mortis after
A poem about the limiting effects of manic-depression and moodswings; An untelling about over-reading, and the rampant intellectualism that leaves you without answers.
Mercury Chap Mar 2015
The urge to make
Pretty patterns with ink
On the delicate peice of paper, wanting emotions
Making a small blot at the end of my confession,
Sinking all my life's recessions
Thinking all the time I didn't do my work with precession
And left everything just to decorate a small peice of paper with agression.

All these little letters mean a lot
But they are a patch in my life
Just like the unwanted ink blots,
They won't wash away
And if they do,
The patterns would merge with the cleanliness
Moving on to the gutter's way.

My words are my life
My soul doesn't matter as much
For if I give up my soul, these rife
Words would thrive
At some corner of this huge universe
Just as small as a seed of sand,
They'll live forever
Even as little ink blots,
Someone would someday discover
There tiny dots
I am not the one who cares if
He reads it or throws it away
But mark my words as I say
My letters are alive
And in someone's heart these blots will forever stay.
Vic Miller Sep 2016
A highly respected economist
Was in search of recessions’ real Genesis.
      He said, “Grow the economy
      Right through Deuteronomy,
But Numbers is truly our Nemesis!”
Massi Lee Apr 2015
I prefer the over casted grey. Give me your scared collarbones that expose themselves after I have felt you. The infatuation with indifference is somewhat disposing of me. I have been numb for so long i've lost count of the inhalations that run along my ribs. I once drew the lines of those recessions and it expanded past the atlantic. Give me your motives baby.
Jack D Serna Jan 2016
When all the dust has blown
By all the rust be grown
Change the scene for once more;
Leaf in the wind, and spore.

An infinitesimal seed
So hapless and inconceivable,
That emptiness of heart
Germinates of a green new start.

A negligible bacterium
To the unforeseen eye
Effervesce, bloom and spume!
Company will soon greet you!

O embrace the sobering ground,
'Tis here just like you found.
All the resources will draw nigh,
'Twas in you all this time!

All need words of encouragement,
Some protein and enzyme.
Rest, reactants, in thy calm tent,
Get some shut eye to see rhyme.

But ever haunted of the past
Should the even'n empire return(1)
See a world in a grain of sand(2),
But never Heaven on this land.

Lo the booms and the busts!
Lo expansions and recessions!
Lo the mad and the sad!
Lo multitudes and solitudes!

O humanity I love you!(3)
How generations trapp'd
That live in cells within, imbued
To so idly stay rapt.

But to their good fortune, adapt!
You shall be absolved
Walking with peace as every stepp'd(4),
The diplomat endow'd

Alas! A new variety!
With such resilience
In ev'ry zone, ev'ry climate
Here to live, here to please!
1: "the evening empire" from Bob Dylan's Tambourine Man
2: "a world in a grain of sand" from William Blake's To See A World...
3: "humanity I love you" from E.E. Cummings Humanity I Love You
4: "walking with peace as every stepped" from Thich Nhat Hanh's Touching Peace, or any other works.

This was written under the influence of Walt Whitman, and is a collage of many ideas, original and rephrased.
Matt Jul 2015

In a deflationary period, prices will drop, corporate profits will dry up, wages will shrink, and all of this will reinforce the conditions of recessions. This happens for two reasons.

The first is that deflation keeps money on the sidelines as consumers wait for prices to fall further. This causes demand to shrink.

Deflation also adds to the real value of debt. This makes consumers and businesses less likely to take out loans and make big purchases to grow the U.S.'s consumption-driven economy.

And deflation runs counter to the goals of most of the world's central banks. Most notably, the U.S. Federal Reserve.

"Central bankers want inflation so they can pay back inflated debt in cheaper dollars," said Money Morning Capital Wave Strategist Shah Gilani.

But as we start 2015, deflation has arrived. Just check out these four deflation indicator

1. Falling crude oil prices
2. Falling commodity prices

     Heating oil futures are down 47%.
     Natural gas futures are down 36%.
     Copper futures are down 24%.
    Unleaded gas is down 23%.
    Soybean oil is down 15%.
    Wheat futures are down 11%.
    Corn futures are down 8%.

     The other two I read somewhere but they were cut off in this article.                              I will have to look.
Daysha Lancaster Oct 2015
Others asking others
Questions about me
Why can't you all just let my life be?

Recessions , Depressions
Chaos in every direction
Unspoken confessions
Nature spirals teaching same lessons

Our fathers come back not pleasant
Leaders sit quietly as peasants

Gigantic invisible spiders
Parent planned ways of survival
End Age ancient revivals
Unchanging worshipping idols
Enhanced rewritten bibles

People visit
Waving farewell
Many listening
Some under their spell
Open unhidden meanings
Hope they sleep well
Several returning to hell

Them Over us
Say be silent don't fuss
But it's not in Our God they trust

Won't give us fair warnings
Many woken not snoring
Nothing never new
We are just as good as *******

You already knew
Eyes stuck with know glue
Everything will be fixed soon
You did get the clue

Many man made disasters
Waiting for date of its master
Know the savior even faster
Life saving words from your pastor

These  Global warnings
Affects every morning
Volcanos close to blowing
They say their not knowing

Thanks for the ride
Yourself side by side
Forgot to say, Goodbye
Troubles sprinkled world wide
While they repeat, things are alright
Earth reaching her deadline.

— The End —