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Arjun Tyagi Jan 20

Rusty voice
Blending in harmony
With the static,
over a 4 am phone call;
Wading knee deep,
In fitful sleep.
But it was precious;
The sawed voice,
The parch in her throat,
A raw call from slumber,
Into sudden awakening.
And she realized later,
Today was the first day
His voice was the voice
That interrupted
The silent dreams.
Arjun Tyagi Jan 16
I depart from the comfort,
Of my home-
From my crow's nest of ever watch,
Into the world seen this far,
Through a spyglass.

Concave reflections,
Of valleys and shores-
Part and whole,
Large and small,
From winter to fall.

So it was that I reached,
Two marble pillars-
The stone, smooth,
To the touch, cool
Through them, the way through.

So it was that I found,
The Bloom-
A doorway in the centre,
Its walls, soft,
Gliding my hands on them, I entered.

To a river of tranquility,
Beckoning me-
Towards the sea,
In which I bathed,
Stripped and laid my soul, bare.

And through the sea,
I was led-
Elsewhere, to a prairie,
Of cotton, warm and bright,
My skin bathed in glorious light.

By the light of two suns,
Far away-
Over the hills ahead,
My next perceivable destination,
A beautiful scene, a godly creation.

A due respite,
In the shadow,
In the valley between the hills,
To a warmth giving me chills.

I traversed further,
At a well, its shape; a rose.
And though the well's mouth was pursed,
It drew softly apart at my touch,
Quenching the last of my thirst.

And thus I stared above,
Gazing at the suns,
Lighting my way,
Beckoning me, giving me aim.

I arrive at the comfort,
Of my new home-
Away from my crow's nest of ever watch,
Into the world I had seen this far,
Only through a spyglass.
For U.R.
Never doubt.
Arjun Tyagi Jan 13
An Autumn of departure,
I peeled away like a dying leaf
Hoping for a spring.
Finding grief.

Unnatural, a leaf must die,
Against all odds and wishes.
Because what spring comes
Before winter has hit?

And now the tide has turned,
The Winter returned.
I wither in prayer
Seeking shelter at this time of year.

A resting spot,
Beneath your roots.
Wishing for Spring upon us
I whisper I love you.
Arjun Tyagi Jan 13
Out of light,
In my sight,
A ghost in your voice,
Whispering lies.
Of a bed, of walls,
To be shared till we fall;
Of two who would not part,
Till either of us, the Reaper called.
Arjun Tyagi Dec 2018
My Friend,
The only, is a Rainbow.

The world, a burning Sun,
Blinding me, lighting the dark corners
Of my mind.

Passing sunbeams through me to fall,
On a carpet of skymoss and cloudgrass.
Where to my surprise,
She stands everytime.

Reflecting the Colors,
The best in me,
To me.
Arjun Tyagi Nov 2018
He looks in your eyes quite seriously.
You see a light in them. More. A fire which once gave light profusely
Dying, but warm nonetheless in those frigid moments of loneliness.
He leans in after softly touching his nose to yours, with a certain degree of finesse.
Your heart tries to not stop but it does until he rests his hand on your thigh.
He asks you to breathe his name but all you can do is sigh
Arjun Tyagi Oct 2018

It's that time again.
I utilise the block button,
Block out her and my memories,
The epitome of futility.

It is time I write,
For strangers to hear.
Of my endeavours and my pain
So someone validates me,
Gives me reason to be sane.

But then again this shall be the last,
Of the times I have held her back.
This habit I'll let go,
Little stagnant flower, I'll let you grow.
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