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Esmena Valdés Jan 2018
It is known through the eyes.
Not from voice
designated instrument of the thymus
but the eyes.
Portals of silent universes.
The expression of the gaze
sometimes sings and dances.
Distracting eyes
couriers and trunks
sometimes they blink but aren't liars.
It could be the same wicked look
kinda lost,
kinda absorbed,
but never turbid.
Lawrence Hall Sep 2018
To all officers: 504 ERROR
Two German couriers DIAGNOSED WITH AFIB
THIS HAND LOTION IS carrying official documents
murdered on train from LIKE US FOLLOW US

Screen freeze: restart

and possible JAW DROPPING accomplices
headed for NOT RESPONDING Casablanca.

Screen freeze: restart

suspicious characters TRY IT YOURSELF

Screen freeze: restart

Thanks to:
for access to the script of Casablanca.
Your ‘umble scrivener’s site is:
It’s not at all reactionary, tho’ it might be drivel.
HJV Mar 7
A multitude of fortnights passed us by,
We passents of time, our sorrow, we tried.

A spell of brief written touches.
Time and space were arranged.

The earth turned and turned.
Time and space were burned.

The wind ceased carrying sound.
Passing time, the end inbound.

Pigeons carried the desire.
Hearts in smoldering fire.

Speed takes breath aback.
A journey, lips on your neck.

The movement, speed squared.
Our shadow never cared.

Risen to the peak of feel.
I peek and never conceal.

You and I, both sore.
The loss a shared core

The night brought silence.
Menacing unspoken words.

King and queen, both know.
The kingdom fades slow.

The sun dawns, all rays travel.
Light reveals and starts to unravel.

Secrets that we knew.
Far from too few.

All the birds fly and sing.
A message for the king.

Couriers travel back and forth.
The only direction is north.

When then the sun sleeps.
and the night creaks.
Feel what she seeks.
And speak from their beaks.

Undrape the play.
Hear what I say.

Mind tries to reason.
Such a blue season.

A wordsmith works his furnace.
The wood is scarce - he burns his.

Labouring day and night,
Keep that flame alight.

Hammer and anvil entwined.
All my words are kind.

Walk the rope, you won't fall.
If you're scared, I'll take it all.

When a chapter ends so low.
We only reap what we sow.
Cast the light, we will make it right.
The beauteous fields are in sight.

My love is free.
Come write with me.
There was this girl (shocker) and we got along great, but as time progressed and the amount of times we saw each other dwindled I slowly started to realize the end was in sight. She had recently lost a very dear person and couldn't bear getting in a committed relationship.

— The End —