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Apr 2020 · 352
Someone woke you up
Anastasiia Apr 2020
We wake up on being called.
When you open your eyes in the morning,
listen to the voice inside.
The first thing that comes to you is
the sense of ‘I am’.
Isn’t it true?
It was consciousness’ voice
waking you up to a new creation.
Jan 2020 · 340
Don't trust the mirror
Anastasiia Jan 2020
I look at myself in the mirror,
and my inner judge, the ego
dislikes some parts of the reflection.
By contrast, when I look for a minute more,
and I observe the ego,
and I set a distance
between what is an illusion [ego]
and what is 'real' [soul],
I see that
Higher Consicousness loves me all.
Jan 2020 · 235
What about trust?
Anastasiia Jan 2020
Having an intention of doing something
is more powerful
than just saying
'I want to do this',
'I am going to do that'
(before the actual action).

Having an intention
involves powers higher
than yourself,
helping you,
arranging events,
and means

'You are not alone in this,
We are helping you'
says the holy voice.
you and the divine are one;
ask and  so shall be.
Jan 2020 · 411
Foreign languages
Anastasiia Jan 2020
Speaking in two different languages,
we found a way to understand each other,
through music,
through the universal language of smiles.

We found ourselves
rising higher in love;
higher than with those
speaking our mother tongue.
Dec 2019 · 960
Anastasiia Dec 2019
Take my hand
and let's dance
Where we don't need air
to breathe.
Nov 2019 · 300
Anastasiia Nov 2019
Nothing feels like home;
Home is where I  AM.
Home is my heart
to dwell in this dream
called reality.

— The End —