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We are infinitesimal part
What we call
A sliver
Approximately nothing
So significant
The cosmos
Exists through us
Stay safe <3
And here we are
the end.

Five years running
and nothing to show

except the slowed
platonic love

and tired

and an absence
of what once was

Except you don't know
do you

know that I'm
leaving us

know that I'm

into wondering
if I'm behind in

experiencing people

I feel I'm at a loss
with you

because we met each other
too soon

and now I'm just pointed bones

and you are the sun

and I'm greedy
for still wanting a piece of you

But I am burnt

The End.
I didn't think I'd write this kind of poem about you.
For no apparent reason
A mirror hangs and covers
an American flag (red, white, and blue)
to catch the reflection
        of a handcuffed man
beaten by the police
in the name of law and order
for no apparent reason
CBD relax me as I recline to stare up at a tree
I feel esprit in a breeze as my mind comes to an ease
feeling how I please I sip from a cup filled with tea
Instagram jstpoetry
I laid underneath the area of an old wisteria tree
as I ineptly inspected burdens I could only obscurely see
its perspicacious purple whispered wisdom to me
and the efficacious therapy averted a vexatious plea
Instagram jstpoetry

All of us have it
Some of us need to share it
While some already have


Some need to use it
With animals and the Earth
Make the world better
My 2 Haiku Poems under the same topic-Hearts...
I hope you understand it
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You exist, as the seconds tick

conscience on the words, being read

the world is still, your soul at peace

countless thoughts swirl inside your head.

But right this second, across the Earth

a being sleeps , caught in a dream

at the other end, where the sun's emerging

a child awakens, to a cuckoos scream.

At this very moment, in a different land

tears are flowing down anothers cheeks

& as you read, under a different sky

a human smiles, at a memory

soon this moment, you spend in time

will cease to exist, like fading mist.

& this split minute, spent like a dime

is a distant memory in your mind.......
You know right?
that little bird does not even care about your death
He will continue to chirp and sing
whether you are dead or alive, he will swing
because a bird realizes grief
only if his pair bond has been broken just next to its wing
still then
after a little while... aw, the docile
he starts chirping
as he has been designed to do so
he cries inside but he has to
tweet, twitter, cheep and chirp
masking the shriek and loud cry deep inside
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