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When you find something
you like, steal it.
When you find something
you love, ****** it.
When you find a sealed
letter, read it.
When you find no way
out, take it.
I love you in fierce ways for a night or two
  then sober up and break my own heart again.
  We meet in a park and feed the ducks, back in
  your room we fall in love for an afternoon
  **** ourselves in pleasure and pain but stay.
  You haunt my dreams then die on Thursday.
Do you still desire me?
In a different way now.
A beautiful woman
just fatter somehow.
Can't lose baby weight,
can't stop eating candy
carrying extra freight
big **** you're handy.
The air's nearly gone from the weekend.
   God! The fun we had since Friday.
   My hangover's gone and I attack laundry
   and scream at the kids to finish homework!
   Panic. She needs a specific item nobody has.
   She needs it tomorrow. I call parents begging
   and heaven delivers once again. Frenetic.
   I will miss this magic as it's gone too soon.
You drank yourself to death.
There are easier ways to die.
I get the appeal of slow suicide.
Almost like it's accidental.
We miss your outrageous
sense of humor and your
generosity and loyalty
and devotion to family.
I wish everyone of you
could have known Mike.
We all must be equal
  inside the collective.
  One last ****** sequel
  proved to be defective.
  Just make us all agree
  to give up our right.
  Never need to be free
  blood paints our fight.
Not for profit tax free
Non Government Organizations.

Not Elected
Just selected
Deep state piled
upon deep state.
Sleight of hand
in dark of night
we take your land
without a fight.
You live in a box
in a tiny square
no need for locks
we always care.
Burial plots
are Timeshare.
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