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In the dark we groove for light
Awaiting again the lion's roar
To awaken us from a stupor
A Maniac infuse to our culture
Mislearnig adventures incured by our search
Searching for light with the touch in hand
Searching within the endless tunnels of knowledge
Bellowing our rich forest and mangroves
Bastadizing the deep sea of life bestowment.
True and of a truth...!
Silence is a guide but we lost touch of the hunters skills
Skills that unwind the pantheon, crossed the hyaenea
And put paid to the antics of the Foxes
Our quest is  now an inquests
Following the foxes of  this sphere in a hide and seek dance
A salient dance of alienation between the Hunter and the antelope.
Will the lion ever roar again..?
Chinua Achebe, Kofi Awenora,Senghor, Bongo Mbeti,
Dennis Brutus, Alex La Guma, Anthol Fugar
Nelson Mandela, Cyprain Ekwensi,
Christopher Okigbo and now Gabriel Okara
....And other great lions
Living and dead whose roaring sounds
Cascades our spheres and beyond.
The great lioness;
Bessie Head,  Nardi Gordimar,Mariana Ba,
Mabel Segun, Amata Aido,, Doris Lessing
Helen Oviagere, Buchi Emecheta.....!
Your breast has not dried up yet
And your ******* still drips with milk of knowledge
Only we lack sulking skills to quesh the hunger and thirst
We cry for trivialities searching for food outside our barns and homesteads
We long and thirst for great sayings with Witt
Idioms with Music accomplishments to rummage deep into our marrow
Pickerng into our very being .....Healing!
We long for the roaring Lions
Seeking sounds to penetrate deep into our  persons
We long for true words and essences
Piercing through  the very depths of our soul

Written by
Otuogbodor Okeibunor  Abuja, Nigeria
— The End —
Laughter gone wearily
but memory of its sound makes us laugh from the deeper lane!  We continually share the sweet sounds of a laughter deposits from a true soul.
Mgboafor, my mothers name.
Names of seasons to live and love
Her mate Nkwo the market
Recognizable had no fight for Eke
As Oye lies around the corner.
Season, season and seasons

Seasons of exchange and banter
Exchange to cherish and savour
What is Eke for Afor musses
As Nkwo do no reject entreaties
And Oye mingles with joy
What Afor, Nkwo and Eke shares and offeres.

Mgboafor, Mgboafor Mgbafor
Your mate Nkwo has long gone
As it never done on us
Her sayings and fears lingers:
Monday has replaced her
And Tuesday supplanted Eke
Oye weeps its exit for Wednesday
As Thursday has usurp Afor.

Your children mourns and groans
In the weight of Friday
To celebrate your exist
And  Saturday swallowed  up
Your caked frozen body to
Mother earth, Thanking God on Sunday
As another Monday hovers around.
Exchange in rounds and rounds
Movements in circles and circles in rounds.

Afor, left without notice
To join Nkwo her mate
Turning deaf hear to Ekes entreaties
And Oye exists in  oblivion
Completing   defiance and disappearance
Of ego and a people’s prides
Voiding recognitions for your children.
Who have traveled far and away

They sojourned in lands and places
You only heard and dream of Yesterday.  
Today the children toiled and labor
In ways you never imagined.
The years pass by the days rolls in
Seasons craws in and out
Your children labors in pain and tremor
In fashions and factions  
They toiled in torn cloths
Crowded by not just the people from faraway land
But contents and ideas never known and sold in our market.
They are crowded with wears Eke, Oye, Nkwo and Afor
Never sold and will never sale.

Mgbo-afor, Mgbo-oye, Mgbo-eke and Mgbo-nkwo
The celebrated names of our markets
Depicts our seasons of beauty and time
The beauty of our women and their wares
Admirable wares that flaunts and flatters the men
Wares that puts us on our toes and gaggles our inside:

Okafor,Okoye,Okonkwo and Okeke
Your male version who clogs around
Peeping your substance dreaming
Making joy of  your swinging buttocks as you walk pass
Farting and panting from the labour the night before.
Celebrating their exploits and conquest
Taking pride you belong to them only.

Okonkwo keeps his name not your ideal
For Mgbonkwo long lost her ordeal.
Okafor strives without its full form - Mgboafor.
Speed has overtaken Mgboeke as Okeke now wears torn cloths
Working and walking in torn ideas and concepts.
Mgboye long lost the arguments to Okoye
A mirage of our time
Living life abridge ideas like carcass.

Our men…..?
They no longer have strengths that
Gaggles Mgboafor’s likes and climes.
As no Virtues chides and glitters the face of  Mgbeke
No Tickles to defines Mgboye’s and Mgbonkwo's personalities.
For we now live in season of pity and regrets
Rounds and rounds in formless circles
No fashionable logic in today’s changing sphere.
The truth of  our logicday
Sweet Sweet Rain
Soothing Fragrance of Hope
Life is Beautiful ,Nature Charming
Love Redeeming, Peace enchanting
Naivety to this facts Harming
You are my wife,you are my mother.
You are my auntie,you are my sister.
You are my girlfriend, you are my acquaintance.
You are my niece, you are my daughter.
You are a widow, and even my grandmother
I celebrate you!
You are divine,epitome of strength.
You are not just a Woman
You birth and nurture generations after generations.
You soften rocks, coarse floods,
You melt metals and water existence.
You give motion to life
You are The Worthy- Ordained Mother to Advance Nations.
Yes You are a WOMAN
I Celebrate You Today and every day .
By Otuogbodor Okeibunor.
Coming through the windows
Our bedside lamp in bow
In welcome of your brightness
With Hope, peace, and happiness
Oh! You unveil
A new beginning with love
Carried by your light like dove
A beginning full of hope
Mother’s knees bent in devotion
Counting beads as in meditation
At the ancestral shrine
Father pours libation
Breaking kola nut as in occasion
All in welcome of you

Ewoo…!  Ewoo..!!
Seven piece from one kola
This is an Omen….
Father in great awe
Mother seems far away
Both in conflicting hope
Your light shine for us to cope
You shine with promise
For us to work and not miss.
Fellow; lets embrace this light
And walk our paths with strength
In oneness to love
In unity to wit
Kola nut is a very important nut used in most occasions in my African. We also  use kola nut to welcome our visitors. It has different names in our diverse language and culture, but serves the same purpose. We call it 'Oji' in Ezi my lovely town.
At the mountain top view
Illuminating visuals like silver flare
Stares us in subdued humility.
Dawn rock bottom
Lies in stretches of defeat
Like lighting flashes peeps in
Memories of our climb
A turbulent journey indeed
S­o man can conquer
And poetry to the rescue!
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