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Our love is a given.
Precise! Succinct! Intentional And Directional!!
WE speak in one voice and we stick to the rhythm and tone of our voices.
Our voice  are devices
Music to dance to and feet to swerve.
Yes! we will swell and swerve to this rhythmic  tunes and turns of our collective voices.
And like David of the Great Book we will dance fearing no nakedness.
This given love will strive Omalicham.
Omalicham is an Igbo language expression to mean my beautiful .
The journey began
in the Penitentiary of coarse and jumbled words
I co-traveled in mindscapes routes
Through space and time.
Bridging gaps of allegoricals,
With similitudes and spices of irony.
Who needs healing from this haughtingly confinement of words imprints in verse and stanzas.
In rhythms and innuendos.
Personified but divinely devoted
My Lunacy of words in text and lines is one I will happily partake of  always
I will wine and  dine in this table of perceived lunacy because here in is true sanity and logic of human tendencies
Embossed in art.
We all are structured by stories
From singularity to plurality
We are tales ups and tales down
Tale tells of uniqueness and exciting adventures.
Stories experienced and Stories told.
We are single stories mingling in diversities
Expressed and expressions of multiple selves.
We are individuals stories found in the collective
And collective in the individual.
We are stories in time and space
Tales of distant past and discoveries.
Legends and myths
Of one story and all.
We are truth ,contrive facts and fiction .
We are truth told, lies covered
The told lies and truth untold.
We are Mars Jupiter, Plato venus and earth.
We are ocean,sea and rivers. Streams, falls and ponds.
We flow and stagnant.
we are Alien,beast and humans
We are moon,clouds,Stars and Sun.
we are light and darkness
We are dawn,noon, day and night .
We are foreseen and unforeseen, stories rejected and Stories celebrated.
We are magic and miracles.
Circles and seasons.
You and me structured.
I am the new story
The story of being and nothingness
A Story where all guards is  let loss
Where glory is only of the Most High
The benefits I abound And the crumbs my satisfaction.
Drunkenness when on display not loss of mind
Mockery  could be the seeming perception
But true brothliness is key to sharing
And pride of friendship brotherly protection.
Value is layed  on appreciations  
appreciations of me and you
Our applications of Self in truth.
Truth of you  and me to honor
Of being and nothingness,
Of mind to guard
of our dusty flesh to guide.
To guard and guide a duty call.
Stupor and sensibility are tenets
Liquor is good but temporarily.
Sensibility is awesome and sensibility wisdom
A guided Spirit not a dampen soul.
My story is of self truth,
Truth of mind  made up
Truthfulness seen not told
A different me A different story
Heard from my preciousness of heart.
Golden and curative are gracious, my friends.
We Hunger and thirst for who we truly are
A never ending self search
As We strive for nakedness.
Droplets of dots my leaking inks espousing like vapor on mirror, dew on leaves my heart dots my love expressions.
Love  like burps, yawns and sneezes just happens,
Nature's way.
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