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priya malhotra May 2020
Even if you rip my heart apart
And make my soul bleed
My inner demons will still
Scream out your name.
Even if you hurt me the most
And make me lose myself for a minute there
I will still want only you to
Soothe my pain.
Even if my eyes have cried blood
And are now gloomy red
I would still like to cry in your arms.
Because maybe those sweet memories hurt,
Maybe I'll smile and pretend i don't care anymore,
But My soul can never unlove you.
You taught a girl
Who was afraid of falling in love,
How sweet that feeling could be.
And now what she knows is,
That the sweetness of love
Can be tasted
Only around you.
I love you so much so that i hate you with every single piece of mine
priya malhotra May 2020
It was pitch dark outside
And you were the only light i was holding.
However i forget,
That I was yet another girl,
Who looks up at the moon
With dreams in her eyes.
And Want that moon to stay a bit longer by her side.
Forgetting the truth,
That moon will be gone soon.
And maybe the next morning will
Bring you something new
To focus upon.
However it will again be dark soon
And she'll again peep out of her window
Searching for moonlight to guide her upon
Only to find find out
That it is somewhat same
Yet different.
My moon has changed.
priya malhotra Jan 2019
I met a boy one day in the city bus
Who though was a stranger yet felt known to me
I do not know how but we ended up talking a lot
Seprating our ways in the end of journey was hard for no reason
I just wanted to have a look at him
For one last time
So that i can memorise him and can store his image well in my heart
So that whenever we, if ever meet again, i may recognize him
I mesmerised his beautiful eyes
His breathtaking smile
His rounded nose
His wheatish colour
His sparking eyes
He seem to do the same
Looked at ne as if i was a lottery won
For a second back there
I felt as if i had known him for years
As if he is the one i had been looking fir all these years
As if he may complete my dreams starring my prince in the shining armour
As if he will hold my hand and take me away from here to a beautiful world
Which will be full of love and love only
He looked like god of love to me
And then we smiled widely and waved each other.....

I met him again yesterday
He was still the sane
Beaming smile and twinkling eyes
But he seem not to even notice me
Though we had met only once but i had dreamt of him daily
Thinking he would be doing the same
I thought that smile has got some significance
I thought even he may recognize me when we will meet again
That was when realisation hit yard upon me
I learned that even strangers may turn out to be best buddies had there been no one around
Life is a long journey that you have to travel alone
People may come and becone your buddy for some time
But that does not really means that they will be there forever
In the end what remains with you are memories. ......
Even the passengers become best buddy to avoid their lonliness however that is not love
priya malhotra May 2018
We, the teens of the new era,
Are quite different.
Maybe this is just self obsession,
But whatever,
I know for sure,
That this generation is
Surely different.
We are mature more than we should be
We are childish even more.
We are not sure about our next step
Neither that our life is sorted,
At least that’s how we see it.
It is indeed puzzled.
We dream so big unlike our predecessor
And then again, at the same time we
Just want to leave the battle at the age of 16.
We are so much energetic
To think of ourselves as the next Einstein
And at the same time we are as lazy as a sloth.
We like to write carelessly
Much like me
And then again we think a lot before posting it
Thinking it wouldn’t remain as beautiful
After this moment will be gone.
But then again, I know we are so lazy
to even consider the very idea of wasting our effort
that we have put into
writing the piece.
so posting this currently,
without even considering the mistakes
that would have been commited.
Without considering
the reaction of the event.
That’s exactly how we are,
Jolly, happy, poetic,
Philosophical moreover.
What, I know only this much that,
We surely are DIFFERENT.
we are surely differnt, kind of born philosophers:)
priya malhotra May 2018
I hate to admit it but time has changed everything.
How that our once endless talks have come to a stop.
How that our promises of staying together forever are no more kept.
How that there are thousans many thing to wept.
How that you don't want to see me any longer.
It hurts.
I have never asked you in the very first place to be a part of my life.
I have never asked you to help me with my state of loneliness.
I have never asked for a life with some decent friends.
I have never asked you to change me from an introvert to somewhat of an extrovert.
I have never asked to inflict pain upon me.
I have never asked you to leave me after you are done.
I have never asked you to leave me in agony for one more time.
I have never asked you to just go away of me.
I have never asked you to just ignore me.
I have never asked
you to make me cry..........
Then why?
Why you made me your priority once?
Why have you now dumped me now like this, as if i never mattered to you.
Time seem to have changed you
As well as your priorities....... :(
priya malhotra May 2018
I wrote a *******, and posted it confidently
And the only like that i get, was yours.
It was you, my bestest friend.
Will be posting some **** like this once again
Because i know that thousand many people may ignore it,
But my friend will still manage to put a smile on my face.
Stupid him will still like it.
Not because it's a great piece
But just because he loves me.
Just because he want to see me happy.
Just because we are friends.
Just because my happiness matter to him.
Just because we both love each other.............
This love does not ask for gifts from each other
Or to that matter daily goodnight kisses.
Neither does it ask for your constant attention.
In this kinda of love you need not tell me how your day had been like,
You just tell me why are you sad
And I promise to beat your misry to death.
It is different........
It's my definition of love.....
Friendship equals love

— The End —