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Dec 2015 · 405
I do Forget...
Tiffany Marie Dec 2015
I don't forget
                             I don't forge
                               I don't forg
                                 I don't for
                                    I don't fo
                                       I don't f
                                         I don't
                                            I don
                                              I do.....
When we want to forget and leave bad moments behind we hide ourselves away from the world and people everything is different when we forget to be forgotten
Dec 2015 · 215
He is,
Tiffany Marie Dec 2015
He doesn't talk to me even though he's my friend he may not like talking with me I don't know the true answer I doubt he ever willI secretly am falling hard or him and he doesn't know and if he did he probably wouldn't even care about me.
Dec 2015 · 324
In a life (Soul flame)
Tiffany Marie Dec 2015
It's joy and happiness, depression and no patience.
Love and cheaters...
   It all happens,
people change, some don't
some survive
Some die....
    If life was as easy as we thought it would be nothing would be good...
Nothing would be fair
It would end in chaos
End in tragedy
The human race would parish so hopefully it remains under control
But either way inside our souls we have a raging chaotic fire and we always will have a flame always burning and unable to be ridden of....
Soul flames are living within us
Dec 2015 · 319
Tiffany Marie Dec 2015
Going offline byeeee
Dec 2015 · 250
Walking alone
Tiffany Marie Dec 2015
You used to be beside me,
when I walked these lonely barren night time scened streets.* **I can be cut away from the world seperated from hapiness but I will never fall no matter how hard you push me.
Dec 2015 · 203
Tiffany Marie Dec 2015
[E]very beautiful person you see!

    Your eyes they wander they look all over espcially on me. Staring, yes I caught you. But come a little closer see what happens. Stare at me again. Stare a little longer. What happens? You must know your the one who should know. Let me think, of a new thing to do if I catch you staring at me again. Oh I remeber now staring at me never ends, properly....
Stare random inspration when i was thinking of an amazing person who stares at me a lot
Dec 2015 · 495
Tiffany Marie Dec 2015
Im now starting to open up and be honest if you have any unanswered questions just feel free to ask!
Have a question ask it!
Dec 2015 · 202
my birthday
Tiffany Marie Dec 2015
My birthday, was november.
I'm celebrating late

Dec 2015 · 237
Tiffany Marie Dec 2015
Lost in a sea of love and hate
Lost in the mid second of hate
Lost in the world i have only ever known
Lost in my untold fate
Im lost in a sea of green and blues, lies and you.
True and fake
You and hate
Love and lies
Your next girlfriend starts making ties
She loves you
You love her
What am i
Im on the sidelines
Even if i worked harder to earn what i deserved
But in the end you decided you had to want and have her...
Im lost your lost losing gone forever
Dec 2015 · 558
come back to me
Tiffany Marie Dec 2015
The friends I love,
the guys I want,
the people who I like
and want to be mine
please come back to me,
I think about you in my mind in my dreams in every living moment.
Please come back to me....
Dec 2015 · 383
going offline
Dec 2015 · 165
Shout out
Tiffany Marie Dec 2015
Please follow Emma Potter my online and real life friend her poems are really good!
Please follow
Dec 2015 · 178
Tiffany Marie Dec 2015
We don't need boys unless,
they treat us like princesses
and don't put us down,

-Tiffany Gold
Im glad the men in my life are creative poets who dont put me down but cheer me up, this goes to all girls and women going through tough times
Dec 2015 · 261
I dont know what to say
Tiffany Marie Dec 2015
When people compliment me.
           I dont know what to say because people are almost always way to kind to me!

     I want to thank yo all for being an amazing help to all of me

     *making me smile

making me happy

thank you for being there for me

i appreciate you all
Thank you for always being there for me i love you all!!!!
Dec 2015 · 178
Tiffany Marie Dec 2015
Reach down deep within yourself and find the good instead of the misery'
Random inspration
Dec 2015 · 162
I want to say sorry
Tiffany Marie Dec 2015
I have not
Been online for such a while...
Apr 2015 · 1.2k
love W/25
Tiffany Marie Apr 2015
Love is a sacrifice decision made by the heart and the heart decides who you fall in love with sacrifices your entire world for love.
No comment
Apr 2015 · 2.7k
Tiffany gold acrostic poem
Tiffany Marie Apr 2015
All about who I am

Open book

I am tiffany gold and im proud of who i am and can be
T.G. acrostic poem
Apr 2015 · 330
True story
Tiffany Marie Apr 2015
He was perfect
Josh McClain
19 kind fun
And he was into me
He said he was in love
With my walk talk and at the time my purple and orange hair i wasnt falling for it he was so meant for me but two days after meeting him he was in a car crash hitting a car in front of him causing a casscade of cars to pile and crush him underneath he died November 24,2014 to days after my birthday.That's why i traveled the world to visit his grandparents in boston and his mother and father in arizona i lied im sorry the arizona boston thing wasnt for fun it was for his remeberance party i lied cuz i was,depressed im sorry thats why im more mature because thats what he wouldve wanted i need more support now more than ever
Message me privatley if any questions
Thank you
Apr 2015 · 387
read like comment
Tiffany Marie Apr 2015
Read CS and TG collaboration
Read for a taste of the dark
Tiffany Marie Apr 2015

You are darkest beauty
Hunted by this frenzy
These aging, wizened eyes
Track you through the night
Prey for the predator

As for the creature feasts on the most unknown meal of all not the dark but thy light

Draining the sweet innocence
Hungry for the souls taste
But you stay just of reach
The closer to thy light
It burns at this darkness

The light shines with no effect upon thy dark but the dark shines no mercy but glory and hatred the dark predator gives to thy light

This creature feels only rage
Consumed at he can not have
Fury at what he can never be
For he never knew the angel
Of the darkest beauty in hiding

Thy angel of light bares to thy soul of thy darkest part of the creature of the dark exposes its true beauty and shines light on its pure light and the demon of darkness demolishes thy lights soul and the light shall stay nonimmortal while the dark overules the light and captures both sides dark and thy light both parish in a eruption of flames and disappear in a thin of smoke and never return to thy land of good and evil.

Collaboration by Chris Smith the dark poet
And Tiffany Gold
To chris our collaboration
Apr 2015 · 10.6k
mature nature
Tiffany Marie Apr 2015
We have always thought of nature as something of wild life,blooming flowers anf sunnny days.But nature is maturing bringing rainy days when we are sad and lightening and thunder when we're mad sunny days when we're happy but nature is maturing in a so different way life us being brought into it familes explore it.Can you explore A maturing nature?
I think my thoughts type them in and press save poem
Apr 2015 · 239
Tiffany Marie Apr 2015
I have been acting more mature since going to different states I have been rejected by hot men in those states and told I was certain words so bad not shareable on HP due to the fact their may be children online I learned that adventure is meant to be spent on your own or it isn't as adventurous and falling in love is an adventure but should be experienced when one isn't depressed or hopeless but when the time is best such as when adventures are complete I think that everything by men and abuse i have received was intentional but it hasn't effected me it's made me stronger so strong to tell those men to go where they shouldn't want too I think going to different places in the world made me realize every thing in life isn't about the men who treat women wrong or about the money which isn't enough it's about living a free life and experiencing what the world has for us humane people and I think that we'll I am strong and free and I won't let depression overcome me like it has in the past I will let my heart fly to where it belongs and it belongs to freedom
Freedom is worth everything and that's exactly what I believe in.
Apr 2015 · 464
this house
Tiffany Marie Apr 2015
It's like memory lane filled with childhood and matriurity but without the memories I grew up with strict parents and harsh neighbors my life wasn't fun and after years of torture and hatred I don't know if I can return to this neighborhood this life again. I don't believe I can survive another thought of this house
True about me
Tiffany Marie Apr 2015
some people think I'm dying I don't know why makes me cry sometimes I stay up late just trying to figure out what hello poetry think of me I don't even think of I don't even think that I know what to say I'm typing words thinking didn't people want me gone what's going on I have no clue I'm just trying to talking about what people are thinking and not think about the fact that people think I just think I'm sorry should be back people think I am just waiting for something good to happen and then I'll just wait for fun bye I'm waiting for fun and waiting for deathgoodbye Obama wants freedom and my favorite thing about the world is the freedom and that's why I think death is the best thing for me goodbye try to stop me you may succeed save my life
Apr 2015 · 337
Tiffany Marie Apr 2015
I was young and he was too and I don't understand why he said that no I don't understand some people even asked me do you understand why he left don't see why it never gets you is he was not here she never really fell in love with you that's what they will tell him and then he will ask me if it was true and I didn't know I don't know why but that's why I was rejected I was he wasn't he thought he had his life pathed out be done with me don't mention it when you talk to me I'm just I don't know I guess I'm just rejected R E J E C T E D...
I was rejected by a man who wasn't right he was a cheater and abusive wasn't right rejecting selfish liar he was a rejection like a drug refused to be taken he was a horrible stupid sycopath
Apr 2015 · 380
Tiffany Marie Apr 2015
"If you have one person with great potential and another with hospitality and kindness combine them together to create something magical."

This is a true quote of mine because the one with potential was mother father and the one with hospitality and kindness was my mother.And that made me
Mar 2015 · 318
Tiffany Marie Mar 2015
Roses are red violets are blue I don't know if I still can love you but I do!

Hey people I'm back I know it has been forever but I have been sooooooo busy but I misssed yall and I hope you missed me my heart is always with you guys I'm back!
Love me forever and I will always love you
Dec 2014 · 538
Tiffany Marie Dec 2014
Why are we here?
Why can't we be set free forever?
Why are there relationships?
Why is there us?
Why do we waste money like it is nothing?
So we question life?
Well all those "whys" and no answers are nothing,correct?

Do you want to know those answers?
If yes keep reading
If no stop reading

Why are we here?
1:Some believe it's religion
2:Some believe it's magic
3:Some believe it was a big bang
4:I believe we're here because we're to create and adjust the economy make it better more creative full of wildlife and love but if you believe in some thing different keep believing in what you think you are your own person and you need to like who you are.
Why can't we be set free forever?
1:Some think because if we were absolutely free there wouldn't be jobs love friends anthing we have today gone
2:Some think we'd be gone
3:I believe both these things to be true
Why are there relationships?
1:Some people think that love is needed to survive
2:Some believe it is just wanted
3:I believe both of these answers
Why is there us?
1:We are here to help build the world help make it great help people realize what this is meant for what we need and should keep love but really we already have had and still have love.
2:No more answers
Why do we waste money like it is nothing?
1:Sometimes it's for love lot's of times it's to keep love
2:But did you know some people don't give up money for their love?Some selfish beings believe that having the money is better than having a true relationship.Are you like that?
So we question life?
YES we do

If you have suggestions or different answers comment or personally message me thanks
Dec 2014 · 690
Tiffany Marie Dec 2014
Bored still wanting answers for fun things to do......I'M GOING TO BOSTON SOON!!!YAY!I'm staying in Arizona for ONE more week

followers and people tell me fun things to do before i leave to go to boston......
Tiffany Marie Dec 2014
you may think this is not true
but it is and if you disbelieve
well now start to think again
it started like this:
I was walking downtown and was bored
I entered a bar and yelled to the bartender
"Get me a sheerly temple"
It wasn't alcohol but I liked them
I got my drink and sat down on a
circle bench and when I did a man about
6'2" blonde beach hair and a smile on his face
"Hi.I saw you walk in.Can't shoot whiskey?"He asked.
"I can I wanted something more normal.."I reply back.How did he have the rights to ask me that.How rude!
"I'm sorry your expression looks disturbed."He says.
"Sorry Mister I just don't know how you have rights to ask me if I can shoot whiskey.That Beach hair is somewhat personal,what if I couldn't cause if I did i'd die?"I say.He stares at my hair."Hot pink and green?Beautiful combination."He says."Okay thank you?"I say."No i'm being truthful."He says."Okay well maybe I like you."I say."Well I like you."He says."My name's Tiffany,call me Tiff."I say."Jacob,call me Jake."He says.

We talk for hours then he kisses me.
    Then he decides I'm dumping this girl
And that's how I got dumped for the first time.
If you want to know how he dumped me message me personally....
Dec 2014 · 167
Tiffany Marie Dec 2014
Still in Arizona i'm staying with a friend and i'm having a blast
can you GUYS FOLLOWERS and others tell me fun summer things to do?
tell me things
Dec 2014 · 382
Tiffany Marie Dec 2014
Boys they're everywhere
Boys some are good
Boys some are bad
Boys sometimes they break hearts
But boys can also heal one....
True helpful advice
Dec 2014 · 462
Tiffany Marie Dec 2014
I'M IN ARIZONA!!!May not be on everyday sorry!!!
hi may not be here every day love ya followers
Dec 2014 · 829
Real Love
Tiffany Marie Dec 2014
This is real love it is known to all and liked by all
This real love is like it isn't real but yeah it is it's love
This real love is the death of me both killing my soul and me
This real love is cherished when given and cried for when begged
This real love is insane it is wanted and is needed it is hurt and worth it
This real love is true and alike it is here and enjoyed it is special and lovely
This real love is truthfully real and wanted and needed and cherished and loved and alike and real
This love is real
This life is real
This love is true
This love is believable
This love is for sure absolutely truthfully cherished and *real
for sure
This real love is true
Dec 2014 · 282
Tiffany Marie Dec 2014
My poems are all about love and I wanting love
sadly most of them anyway...Am I pathetic?
Love is sometimes what the heart wants
Dec 2014 · 470
Tiffany Marie Dec 2014
Bold me
Italic him
"Hey girl"
"Hi what's up?"
"Can you come over?"The worry was clear in my voice
"Sure is something wrong?"He could feel the concern in her voice
"No just please come."
Ten minutes later he arrived
I raced downstairs to greet him
I swung the door open and there he stood
A Vase of flowers and a box of chocolates
I kissed him gently and then hugged him
He stroked my hair and we went to the
living room to sit."So thanks for the gifts"
"Any time"
"I finally made a nickname for you"
"Oh Really?"
And That Is?"
"Well Mr.Lover oh course"
He kissed me gingerly and there we stayed just like
that for hours kissing and knowing the true meaning of real

                                                       * LOVE
Tiffany Marie Dec 2014
One day I was tired I  went to my bedroom to fall asleep
Minutes later I was asleep seconds later I was peacefully dreaming
I was dreaming of a boy his name was Benni he was handsome,kind,and school popular so was I but he was shy he never talked to any one I thought he was perfect soon later I found out why he was shy
He did something
It wasn't bad it was good but when I stared at him He'd smile at me
I'd smile back nervously when he looked at me he looked at me hungrily like he wanted me I wanted him but his look to me was fierce
I woke Suddenly. He was beside me in my bed his arms wrapped around me holding himself to me tightly not letting me go
I feel his love for me with every time he kissed me
I love him he was honest,cute and funny.
The way he kissed my lips almost made me faint
I love him so much he forever is mine
"Forever"He whispered
"Forever"I whispered
And it was
This is forever a poem I love it was created with love and mean't for love
For every person who has that special boy/girl
Dec 2014 · 480
Tiffany Marie Dec 2014
I am now starting to express more of my feelings in more of my poems
give me advice on what in my life i should writ about!!

thank you bye

please tell me what i should write about
Tiffany Marie Dec 2014
this world is different
this world is different
from your world it's confusing
from my world it's annoying
from my view it's horrible
from your view it's perfect
from both of our views
it is complicated
life is complicated
friends are complicated
love is confusing annoying and complicated
my life your life our lives are different
different and i'm done i can't take it
this world is nothing to me now
but i'm still in it should i leave disappear
die?NoI need advice
What should I do Please help I am desperate
I just found a love in my life and got hurt by him
i'm am so sad please give me advice...
I need advice followers it's your turn to shine
Dec 2014 · 1.2k
[50/W]To:Ember Evanescent
Tiffany Marie Dec 2014
Sadly the world is changing
Sadly we all are
Happily Ember and me
are changing together I write
Poems for her she writes poems
for me back this friendship is
so are
Meanwhile we're changing
at the same speed

We are still us
To ember evanescent and to all the followers who have a best friend and are changing in the same ways
Dec 2014 · 1.1k
The Present
Tiffany Marie Dec 2014
Wow gift wrap
Bubble wrap
Another box
Did you know half
of the kids around
the entire world don't
get a thing for any holiday?
Just some ragged clothes
And a toy sometimes no toys
When you receive a present
appreciate it thanks if you do
your great and if you don't
think and imagine that being you
would you like that?NOPE!Be grateful
thanks and love what your given!
Love your gifts don't take advantage
Dec 2014 · 1.2k
Tiffany Marie Dec 2014
Your great
to ember evanescent
Tiffany Marie Dec 2014
LOL*  hey guys wanna chat at all?
for eveeryone
Dec 2014 · 910
Tiffany Marie Dec 2014
This is life!
Isn't it Beautiful?
Tell me do you like this life?
Yeah this is life!
Do you hate it?
This is our life!
This life is the same.
Isn't that desperate?
Well sadly this is life.
This is our life!
Well tell me is it?
No this is a lie?
Is it?
Tell me I need to know!
Dec 2014 · 392
Tiffany Marie Dec 2014
I'm at school I was up till 2:00 in the morning i'm exhausted lol
miss ya followers message me if you wanna....

Love ya followers
Byezz newsflash brought to you
by tiffany gold keep in touch
for some more news flash updates

I love my followers and each day i'm gaining more lol :S
Dec 2014 · 245
ssleeep. newzflasz
Tiffany Marie Dec 2014
Hi guys. I'm tired *** to go bed here soon

                Love my followers byezz
Byez $$soon gtg 2 bedzoo
Dec 2014 · 514
lateeeee news flash
Tiffany Marie Dec 2014
Hi busi chatting. Y mini chat with me advertisments going nuts lool I'm getting annoyed {<×_×>}


Yezz bye
Followers love all thirtytwo of ya
T-goold is Outt here
Tiffany Marie Dec 2014
This is war
This is life
This is a ******* to the sky
A knife to a warriors heart
A million ways to die
A million ways to part
Justice has found us
justice is controlling us
Justice miniture poem
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