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  May 2016 Thoughts of mine
Cup Noodles
I hope you finally find what you were looking for
Because I'm lost
And no one's looking for me
  May 2016 Thoughts of mine
Love is a concept
known to be red in hue;
an idea which fully maturated
when I bled for you.
  May 2016 Thoughts of mine
I miss you with every particle of my being
I am burning
I am dying
I still love you and I am trying to move on
All I want is to go back in time
To one day when things were good
A day when you and I were happy
Because we made each other happy
I just want one last day
One last kiss
One last time with you in my arms
One last day where you still love me
Just one day to spend with you
By my side and in my lap
Watching movies and cuddling
And loving each other as we once did
I want to wake up from this nightmare
And call you
Tell you a story
And know you still love me
If only you still did
I miss you so much
I really really do
I'm putting my poems back
Sorry I erased them
I miss you with 157% of my being
  Apr 2016 Thoughts of mine
Leslie Jade
it's been years since I met
A guy I thought worth admiring for
Didn't realize the possible outcome
If I pursue these uncontrollable feelings

Everytime I lay & think
I would say, "Finally, I've moved on."
But it would always turned out as a lie
And let me continue anticipating things

I cannot tell that I've fully forgotten
The happiness & pain that lingered
When I was falling in love with you
What if I tell you I still am?

To you, whom I fell in love with
Always know that this mere tingling feel
Will always adore  you
Even though you'll never look at me

*the way you look and feel for her
  Apr 2016 Thoughts of mine
Kay P
Have you ever loved someone so much
You could no longer look at them?
Afraid that if you did,
They'd catch the emotion in your eyes?

This isn't a poem like that, not really
There was no brush of fingertips and long sideways glances
He is not the sun, and I am not the earth
But we could be meant to be

He is not an angel, He does not fly on wings made of music and
He does not leave ****** footprints across golden landscapes
He is not the best thing to happen since sliced bread,
Hell, he's not even the best thing to happen to me

And yet,
Here I am writing yet another poem
About the way I don't let myself look at his eyes
And who needs more words about how arms feel like home
When it could just be that you haven't been held in a while

Who needs metaphors about butterflies
When in reality it's just an excuse for hesitation
A fallacy-filled reasoning to not take a chance
And some sick culmination of a lack of self worth

I can give you reasons that I love him,
I can give you clues that he loves me,
I can give you explanations, similes,
Excuses for why I've done nothing,

But why even bother with that?
What is the point of waxing poetic about a boy
Who I will never make a move on
And who will never make a move?

Spoiler Alert,
There isn't one.
April 11th, 2016
  Apr 2016 Thoughts of mine
Some people are bound to meet each other,
but never destined to be together..

We both thought that we will have a happy ending,
But it was just an "ending"
This ain't a fairy tale
I agree, that life isn't always fair

We may not be together now,
But memories of you, in my heart I still allow
As they always say,
Some people in our lives, are not meant to stay

Still, I am thankful
For I met a person like you
and experienced a once in a lifetime love
Witnessed by the sky and stars above
Our love story will forever linger in the winds
Our laughters will still echo in our minds
Our tears will still pour through the rains
And I will try to keep us, whatever remains
Even just in my memories
Cruel is the game of fate
I miss the laughing
I miss the talking
I miss the feelings
Which you woke in me...

I miss making memories
I miss the funny episodes
I miss hearing you talk
About all the things you love...

I keep trying to fool myself
That the one I miss
It isn't you
But no matter what my head says
Then my heart refuses to listen...

I miss your smile
I miss all the stupid things we used to do
I miss the time when I didn't cry
I miss just being with you....

I miss you being my weakness
I miss smiling like I used to
I miss when my worst sides
Comes out because of you...

My head tells me to move on
It tells me you aren't wroth it
But my heart disagrees
And it still won't listen...

I miss wondering about
How you even feel
I miss wanting to touch
I miss feeling surreal...

I miss the mess I became
When you used to be near
I miss the days out hate
When everything was unclear...

I miss not having to fool myself
Each and every day
Telling myself that my feelings
Was never even real...

I miss not having to force myself
To believe
That it's the other guy
Who I love
I hate the fact that I trick myself
To believe
That the one I miss
It isn't you...

I miss all the small things
I miss when your words sounded true
There's only this one thing I miss
And that is
Just having one of those days where I'm being honest for once....
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