Cup Noodles Dec 3
never have I thought
that I would want
to see that side of you.
Cup Noodles Nov 28
when everything comes too quickly
gravity becomes overwhelming
it's infuriating

the beginning starts with an ending
creating stars covered by clouds
when dawn breaks with a shroud

contradictions only leads to doubt
what's needed now is a distraction
but so far my only distraction

is you
Cup Noodles Jan 22
but you knew what I meant
when I said I love you
so why tell me parallel lines
will eventually meet
Cup Noodles Sep 2017
She was high in the clouds
I was down on the ground
out of reach

dreamt one night
She's here with me
next days comes

and I was right
she was out of sight
Cup Noodles Sep 2017
am i not*       .                    ..
        .                         ....       .          
    ..                                ..­             ...
       to love    ..              ...
                     ...                 without
    ......             consequence?
Cup Noodles Jul 2017
I pray that
We both find
What we're looking for
Even if
Our treasures
Are not each other
I say while my treasure looks for greater discoveries
Cup Noodles Jun 2017
can we forget about each other
leave our memories behind
and meet again
for the first time
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