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Theholycrow Apr 2017
I take into consideration everything you've said.  It becomes gospel, and your word is your truth. Behind the breath that pushes it out is the furnace of a victim.

When it hits, translation transferred. Within it's stir I break. A meaning pure beyond intention, seeps through the cracks of my lips.

I sigh through my broken teeth. I know exactly what this means.

There's unitended consequences in everything, you know? If sometimes we just looked an inch further. If sometimes we just stuck around a bit longer.

But you felt compelled, who was I to stop you? Can't say I didn't try. Now we see that your perfect plan didn't change your affliction, it contributed to mine.

Your lure is ever enticing, slamming me into that wall. The wall you built and I obeyed. Weaker nights I cry out from the pain. And I curse my weakness, I curse the day you went away.

I let others lie to me, and it's getting easier now.

Do you ever wonder about me? Or are you sure of my can't?

I can't say I'm polished perfect, but I'd do anything, and I'd certainly understand.
Theholycrow Mar 2017
Welcomed here by two with three eyes
Interbeings, warm embrace,
Vibrating a foreign frequency,
Open wide, let it in. Up, down,
Losing myself within you
Between the sounds and shadows
We need this steady hold outside the lines

Opened, warm, and
I’m sure we’re ascending now

Twirling out and back again
Take it in, we’re almost there
Half as high as this Holy Crow
It's gaining momentum
Through your roots
I opened my eyes and there we were.
Theholycrow Mar 2017
And if I make it til tomorrow, I'll let you knock me down to size. I'll stop this ugly petty show. I won't ask you to empathize.

And if tomorrow comes for me, I won't be so self absorbed, I'll do more for you and them, I won't leave you so ignored.

And if I make it til tomorrow, I'll tell my Dad it's not his fault. I'll take the blame for my side of things, I'll be more grateful for what he brought.

And if tomorrow comes for me, I'll fight the urge to rediscover what that needle's all about, I'll leave that up to another.

(and I won't have to write that note apologizing to my mother.)

And if I make it til tomorrow, I'll take the time to treat you right. I'll back off when you are tired, I'll back you up in the fight.

But today is no good, there's nothing left, I'm all alone. I burned each bridge back to life, I've blocked the route to hope and love. So, so long, goodbye tomorrow, I wont be there if you come. Tonight, I'm here, freeing you, as I become a setting sun. Just like that stupid song that was sang by Neil Young.
Theholycrow Mar 2017
Red, wrinckled and balmed
Your shaky thigh, my sweaty palms.
Theholycrow Mar 2017
Stark ipseity
Trance tranquilty
Oxidized reality
Fear what's inside of he

Hardened, weathered wear
Reinforced steel layer
An unrecieved prayer
From this dweller of a lost lair

Killing none with his righteous ammunition
A dark dancer omitted his foreign recognition
Of which I received in a dim rumination

He felled so foul, triggered the end
A sterile head rolled off to a shallow ditch
Gone are the days of the Baphomets

An order of the forgotten rebel
Who lost their way to that downed castle
Where it's said the bell tolled one last somber knell

This tale is old and long forgotten,
Scribed on tomes molded and rotten
The story holds nothing now but a ghastly haunting
I don't know what this is.
Theholycrow Mar 2017
              I Try

Lumped in throat
Grabbed my coat
                         And left through the window.
Theholycrow Mar 2017
You can try, try, try.
Third time's a ******* joke, man.
Don't even bother.
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