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Carl D'Souza Aug 2019
I need
to continuously practice
responding to situations
according to my best principles of wisdom
because continuous practice
improves my skill
at striving for joy and happiness
in a wise way.
Brandon Amberger Aug 2018
A daunting challenge.
After years Practicing.
For that one moment.
Theholycrow Mar 2017
Welcomed here by two with three eyes
Interbeings, warm embrace,
Vibrating a foreign frequency,
Open wide, let it in. Up, down,
Losing myself within you
Between the sounds and shadows
We need this steady hold outside the lines

Opened, warm, and
I’m sure we’re ascending now

Twirling out and back again
Take it in, we’re almost there
Half as high as this Holy Crow
It's gaining momentum
Through your roots
I opened my eyes and there we were.
A Lorraine Sep 2015
His eyes were the sky;
they were blue and wide.
When it rained they turned
gray and stained his irises
for days on end, then once
again his eyes would send
me into a breezy euphoric
cleanse. Once the sky returned
blue, the white flowers bloomed.
We were free from gloom.


— The End —