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Therese G Jan 2015
Trapped at the crossroads
We are caught in the heat haze
bound to each other
A haiku inspired by the Japanese Vocaloid song "Kagerou Deizu/Heat Haze Days".
Therese G Dec 2014
On this day
we are pierced
by the screams
of a new way
to undulate
the river
of life.
Therese G Nov 2014
In a cold universe of stars,
I am just one of them, ever bright
However, I am born to lose my light
and crash through the dome of somber skies
darkened by the star's perennial lie:
*they have already gone silent.
Therese G Nov 2014
Step into the train
as cherry blossoms kiss you
a fragrant goodbye.
Therese G Nov 2014
You are caught in this jail of which
I have built for one such as you;
spiked handcuffs made of solid lines,
iron bars wrought with poetry.

You shall never elude me as
you are caught in this jail of which
that binds you to a sheet of white
with only barbwire, words, and prose.
Therese G Nov 2014
A burst of color,
it is the flower of fire
painted in such gold
that scatters across the seas
leaving memories of sparks.
花火 hanabi - Japanese for 'fireworks'

— The End —