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Aparna Sep 2013
Handcuffed to a post, body chained to death.
Rusted irons pulling his spirit towards Hell.

Shackled souls who cry in hope.
His name in blood on white-washed walls.
Izzy Oct 2014
Handcuffs line my wrists
The key dangling so sharp

one; just one, I say
but my jailer disagrees

one more, he taunts
you know you want to, he laughs

handcuffs line my wrists; stained red
never to be broken

looking at whats left of my prison
my jailer leaves
and moves on looking for the next criminal
Therese G Nov 2014
You are caught in this jail of which
I have built for one such as you;
spiked handcuffs made of solid lines,
iron bars wrought with poetry.

You shall never elude me as
you are caught in this jail of which
that binds you to a sheet of white
with only barbwire, words, and prose.
i Apr 2014
police are coming,
and we are high and drunk,
again, with **** in our
pockets and handcuffs on
our ****** wrists,
but i still love you.

— The End —