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You walked into my life unnoticed by your actions.
You turned and gave me a smile that made me leap into satisfaction.
You lit up my world like a flame to a fire.
You made me feel whole and i can't express how much would desire.
Your touch, you emotions , to walk right into your arms to safety.
Knowing you have me for who i am thinking you could never hate me.
We talk for a while and i feel free.
But now is a time we apart and your no where near me.
I tried to contact you but always seem to be busy.
I  have almost given up thinking about you because I get dizzy.
Knowing we could have had something special.
Until you stole my heart and refused to return it to the daredevil that decided to love you.
My emotions have not change for you.
I just wished you would love me like i love you.
Weeks have gone by and you still have not talked to me and i am confused.
I thought we had something that could not be taken or misused.
Then i see something that came from you and i start to glow.
knowing after a while you decide to text me and say "hello"
Savannah Muller Jun 2018
I see you across the room with your friends.
And I wonder when this will end.
The smile you use, the kindness you have.
The laugh you have, the love you give.
It makes me smile think how perfect you and I could be.
You are there when I need you and I will be there or you to.
But it kills me that I can't say that I love you.
i will never know the softness of your lips or the warmth of your body. But I know the strength in your arms when you pull me into a friend hug. But that's all it is. Just a friend hug. You will never know that I love you because I might never tell you.
Your eyes are cluttered by someone else that even you have no chance with. Yes you to have dated but she is with another man now.
I don't know how you look at her the way you look at her. I wish you would though. Look at me the way you look at her.
Can’t you see that I am right here waiting for you? And that I need you in my life.
But now it's just a blur because you don't see things the way I do.
I know we have a connection you have felt it to. But you refuse to see it because you are so in love with someone that is not for you.
We laugh, we share and we love.
So I laugh a little thinking how stupid it would be that you ended up with the wrong person other than me.
My heart still remains for you and no other.
You know we share love for each other but you don't see it.
So I will stay the same and love you as much as I can. Hoping that one day you will see that i am the one you need and love. I just hope it won't be too late when you do realize.
So go about your day with your friends. But I will be in your shadows of your love with every step of the day.
sorry i have not done a poem in a while but just been really busy... so let hope we get get some like, loves or anything else, comment if you like it and what you thought... but i have now found that i like a guy that i might have no chance with.
Savannah Muller May 2018
you cannot take away my heart, for i have non to take away.
you cannot take away my freedom, for i have no freedom to be taken.
you cannot take away my happiness, for i have none to share with.
you cannot take away my laugh, for i have not laugh in a long time.
you cannot take away my love, for i have none to give or keep.
all thing we work for can go like this and that is what makes little angels cry
anyone on the same page
Savannah Muller Apr 2018
you scream at anger at me i return it.
what you do to me i will do to you.
your ******* at me, i am at you.
this is sibling love and i hate it...
i can say what i want to say no matter who is here. i have my own voice and i am not afraid to show it.
you do not own me i am a free woman.
so get F*CKED siblings i am not being in the shadows.
i will scream i will shout until you know i am not a toy to be broken or a force to be reckoned with.
i will stand and i will stride.
for i no longer need to takes orders from an as
hle like you who treats people like SHT!
my voice will be the last thing you hear when i am done standing up for me.
your angery. i am angry.
this is sibling love and you know what.... F*CK IT!!!!!!
i am so over siblings and i do apologies for the swearing.. it is just so frustrating when people think they order you around... so i have had enough of what they call sibling love
Savannah Muller Apr 2018
sometimes, i feel, my heart is, breaking.
But i stay and i hold on coz i know.
I will see you again, oh, this is not were it ends.
i will carry you with me.
Said goodbye turned around,
And you were,
this snippet of a song is relatable for me. share a song that is relatable to you
Savannah Muller Mar 2018
i was speaking to him about how i felt about him i noticed something. my heart was slowly breaking.
the words he was saying was  slowly fading. My heart rate was slowing.
the air was bitter and cold  just after it was warm and sweet.
For the words you just said. "i am sorry i cannot date you but we can be friends" came from your lips that fading from your beautiful smile of yours.
who knew that those words could hurt in less than a heartbeat.  My heart has finally broken but in time it will try and re-heal. for love is never ending and i will find the boy who is rightfully mine to love. so i hold a brave face and hide my tears for you are not my lover to love.
when you walk away i shall stay strong and hold on. for the sound of rejection is only the beginning of heartbreak so until my heart has found love.
you are not my friend nor my enemy.
my lover nor hater.
my death nor reborn.
art nor junk.
you are just a person to me and a person you shall stay. As you have done to me i shall do the same.
you may not love me and that's fine.
i shall respect your love for someone else.
just know that when you near and every time i see you.
My heart and soul dies a little inside for you could not be mine.
rejection fell like thorns in your heart that are stuck there plus being friends zoned hurts just as much... but in time they will eventually be plucked out and healed
Savannah Muller Mar 2018
the title above says how i feel. out of order. not making any sense. and miss pronounced. i feel like i don't belong. unloved, unworthy, unsafe,unheard. but one thing is for sure i am me i am not you or anyone. i live in science but when i need to be heard you will hear my scream from afar. for i am unique and strong. although other people might think differently i know that in myself there is a normal me locked away because that is not the true me. i am crazy, i am out of wack, i am unique, i am a limited edition, i am me. myself. my friends see who i am. the true me. but to other i remain a mystery. and a mystery i shall stay. for they do not know me. until the have met me and gotten to know me more. you will know that i am not..... out of order. not making any sense. and miss pronounced. i am... crazy, i am out of wack, i am unique, i am a limited edition, i am me. someone you can trust and have a good time with. when you see me they way i see myself you will then understand what it is like to be
anyone feeling the same. or know someone that feels this tag a friend/s in this post.
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