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Lisa Jan 2015
There is constant tension around the pool,
Yet the adrenalin is pumping in your veins
We are always ready for something in life - like a dramatic gunshot before a race,
However, a false start will set you back.

We are always eager at the beginning of a project, like diving into the pool, but how long can we keep this up?

The focus is on the finishing line, but there is always a sense of doubt in our minds.
You try not to compare yourself with the swimmer next to you, as your eyes glance in their direction while gasping for air.
Comparisons will be your downfall.

Often, you can see your goal in the distance, but negativity creeps in because there are always massive obstacles to get over.
You are edging forward, but tiring out at the same time in the chlorinated scented water.
Staying positive does not come easy when you are a step behind.
Lisa Dec 2014
It's Friday morning as the fresh smell of coffee is a welcomed sight.
The warmth of the sun already streaming through the kitchen window.
I'm feeling it's going to be another long summer's day.
How can anyone not like these days - the thought of grey skies, the continuous sound of rain beating down on the roof, while you are cooped up next to the heater just seems depressing.

A thought goes through my mind as I take a swig of water with my medication,
I wonder what life would be like if I was normal - is there such a thing? I would like to think that we are all unique. Maybe you are expected to act and behave in a certain way, and if you don't - well, then you must have some sort of mental disorder.
Lisa Dec 2014
I wish I were a bird - such a little thing, but what power
A bird is free, reaching for great heights
There is no fear, worry or anxiety in something that sings so sweetly
Why can't I be more like a bird?
Lisa Dec 2014
Do you know that deep sinking feeling which you get at the pit of your stomach?
It drains all of the life out of you and makes you feel weak.
Muscles and joints don't feel as lively as you drag your feet behind you.
Distracting yourself from the sadness and the pain is almost impossible
The uncomfortable knot will eventually work it's way up to your throat.
Lisa Dec 2014
Feel the power and the force of nature.
Hear the waves crash and vibrate, churning up seaweed and debris
Taste the salty foam as you take a tumble from your surfboard.
Isn't it magical to soak up all of these senses, breathing in the crisp, comforting scent of the ocean air.
Lisa Dec 2014
It's 4am and I'm curled outside a train station, waiting for the sun to rise.
The city of Dublin can liven up your live, but the bitter cold is not something to smile about.
Is home life really this bad that I would want to starve myself, walk on cobbled streets all day until my feet are in agony with a feeling of terror.
Sitting on a park bench, I realized God was all I had.
Experiences like this make you realize what it is to have absolutely nothing and when one is tempted by a lifestyle of greed and materialism.
Lisa Dec 2014
It's 3am and I'm awake for the second time.
Is it fair how some people just cruise through life?
What is this dispirited feeling -am I being punished?
I go to bed tired and I wake up tired, overwhelmed with lethargy.
Life happens in slow motion with a sense of hopelessness -
with Red Bull, ***** and caffeine being my only source of comfort.
How long is this going to last?
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