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iamnoone Sep 2018
When I woke this mornin
I was feelin bad
Just thinkin bout the times I once have had

Babe if you don't want me
Why don't you tell me so
Cuz I can get a gal most anywhere I go

Woke up this mornin
Blues was all around my bed
Sometimes I wonder if I'd be better off dead

Mr Judge be as easy as you can
Please now Judge be as easy as you can
It's all I can do if you save me from the pen

Mr Judge now what might be my fine
Please Judge tell me what might be my fine
He said a year in jail and a fifty dollar fine

I cried oh my baby
What's the matter now
Cuz I believe to my soul you don't need me anyhow

And if you don't want me
You should tell me so
All these worried blues give me trouble everywhere I go
iamnoone Oct 2017
I'm not gonna flap my lips
And tell you it's ok,
You think you're doing fine
Then let it stay that way.
I've made concessions
And I've tried to let you in,
All you give is noise and chatter
Your truth doesn't come from within.
It's all about this and all about that
And how you've been wronged along the way,
All the time you spend somewhere else
Just burns another day
Of life
And emotion.
Drained you are by trying to live
That life just passes by,
Without direction, rhyme, nor reason
Until the day you die.
iamnoone Jun 2017
I don't run races I don't believe in.
And I've learned to let go all things useless.
There's no potential, only what is.
No one has a home.
All of us jackels feeding on the carrion of our own
For what we see in others can only be what is,
In fact,
In ourselves.
I can only see LIE because I am LIE.
I can only see CARE because I am CARE.
I can only see UGLY because I am UGLY.
The most terrifying of all that we see
Is the FREEDOM we have to choose it.
iamnoone Mar 2017
"To burn with desire and keep quiet about it
Is the greatest punishment we can bring on ourselves."
                                            Frederico Garcia Lorca

Unquestionably difficult,
Bordering on dispair,
To non-project boundless feelings of fondness
Whence found something so rare
As love....
Immeasurable disallusion, disappointment,
Excruciatingly frustrating experiencing
The blatant non-recognition.
I need a explosive
Immediate relief
Of a deeply personal need to voice an anguish
That is perhaps greater than the anguish itself.
iamnoone May 2016
I'm growing my own bluebells
Outside my cabin door.
They speak to me in colors
I've never seen before.

They're up-side down, their hue intense
Their shade pulls my heart.
I see their beauty deep
As passion, fury, and spark.

They use me for water
When they thirst and fade.
Their colors pull me back
They know I cannot stave.

I want them for my very own
I want them all with me.
They will be back, they'll be here
Cuz it's my true colors they see.
  Apr 2016 iamnoone
Sarah Savannah
It took 20 minutes
to drive and pick you up from work.
It took 15 minutes
for me to beat you in 2k with a smirk.
It took 10 minutes
for me to show off my ukulele skills.
It took 5 minutes
for you to show me your on stage thrills
It took 2 minutes
to goof around and give me a shove.
But it only took 1 kiss,
and I was in love.
  Mar 2016 iamnoone
Sarah Oh
From the first day i met you,
You're a memory
From that day you walked away,
You became history
Till the day we meet again,
Your scent is the only accessory I wore
Till my heart aches again,
I cannot ask for more
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