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Melissa Mar 2020
Your touch is like honey, so sweet & so tempting.
The lower you go, it feels like a blessing.
Your soft fingers slowly dance up & down my skin, I start to wonder where all my life you have been.
I start to breath short heavy breaths, before I know it my legs start to spread.
Melissa Mar 2020
Before I met you, everything was blue.
Now that you are in it, I can't see life without you.
You came along & fixed all my broken pieces.
I was a broken mess, I'm sorry I didn't mean it.
I was a disaster covered with a smile, Alot of situations I acted like a child.
I love you more than I can ever explain, please don't ever leave me, I couldn't deal with the pain.
Melissa Mar 2020
I fell in love with someone who has a ***** past.
Some people say this type of love will never last.
Someone who's coming and going and doesn't ever stay.
If it's not one thing, it's another, & things simply just won't change.
You fight with them, disagree with them & tell them their wrong, but at the end of the day your all alone in all your thoughts, they start to sing a song.
Melissa Mar 2020
How do you heal something that doesn't want to heal?
How do you fix someone who doesn't want to be fixed?
How do you help someone that doesn't want to be helped?
How do you stop someone that doesn't want to be stopped?
How do you cry & beg & scream for it to end when you wake up in the morning & it happens all over again?
Melissa Mar 2020
You wanted to escape, you did sadly. You traded your soul for something so *****.
"Have fun" they said. "This one time won't hurt"
But they lied, you got addicted & almost died.
Melissa Mar 2020
When I first met you everything was great, but then it seemed like everything was getting fake. The smiles, the laughter was all I needed, then you picked up a bad habit & I told you to beat it. I tried to pick you up in the most craziest ways, I told you you didn't need it, that things arent better this way. But you didn't listen, no, you let it take over your body. You left your soul for months, this was no hobby. I cried, I screamed, I begged you to stop.  All the long sleepless nights didn't make you want to stop.
Melissa Mar 2020
Brick by brick keeps staking on my chest, trying to test to see if I'll crack. The more bricks, the more heaver it gets. Now I'm drowning in a puddle I didn't even know exists.
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