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Akshi Hargoon Feb 19
To her the night brings forth a constant anxiety
Her mind travels to every crevice on the moon Searching...
Only to be brought back to the warmth moist air that suffocates her
Akshi Hargoon Jun 2019
Love is love
Why don't you see?
It's pure, non judgemental and meant to be free
Just like the magnificent deep blue sea
It does not discriminate against all that live in it
Even at those who just go for a dip
So who are we to judge who people should love?
We should learn to show respect and rise above
Kindness and humanity should matter the most
Not the ones that make fun off others and boast
We are all children of God
Love all, do good and don't make others feel odd
Showing support for pride month
Akshi Hargoon May 2019
Touching you feels like playing with a candle flame
A pleasurable illusion of danger
To my intense gratification
I cannot stay away
Your iridescence beckons me
Your scent torments me
A mutually decided destruction
Akshi Hargoon May 2019
Like the radiance of a full moon
she was silent, bright and powerful
embedded within her was each phase
that reflected her missing self
waiting to become whole again
Akshi Hargoon May 2019
Your eyes tell a story of innocence
Yet your mind is poisoned with deception
You lure me with your inviting looks
Your Laughter a growing infection
You are a gracious orchid laced with thorns
Consumed by dark intentions
To do all the wrongs
Akshi Hargoon May 2019
You threw her away
A seed which wasn't being used
She fell to ground
In despair, in a desperate attempt
To make something of herself
The dirt which she fell in, nurtured her
Provided her with all that she needed
Now she stands tall
A beautiful strong tree
Fulfilling her purpose
Akshi Hargoon May 2019
Her mind is a bunch of tangled wires
Waiting to be taken apart individually
By the one man that dares
To wonder through her madness
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