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And even though there were nights my tears ran dry...
Each drop of my blood would still sing your praises
For a love as rare as yours - is worth much more
You have burnt your mark onto my soul
I'm now branded for life
That even after death your mark will reside
For my eternal soul lives for you
In his touch was the warmth of the sun
That melted her cold heart
With each d
Her anger released
Replaced with pure passionate love
Be the guiding star in your own life first
Before you can guide others
Remember you need to stick your pieces together
Before helping someone to stick theirs
You are beautiful, capable and amazing
You were born with a purpose - a purpose that you will fulfill when the time is right
Sure things may not always be great. You do have your days where you feel incapable of anything including getting out of bed
You question your need and purpose. You question your worth and capabilities
But remember that is just a phase
It's like a passing storm that will eventually give rise to a beautiful day. Never doubt yourself
Embrace your individuality, your sexuality, your cultural identity
Be proud of yourself
As long as your are a good human being - that's all that matters
We all are of the same language - the language of humanity
Stand proud
What if we wake up one day and realize that all along, we have not been living
What if this life, is not life at all
What if we are just puppets being controlled
To provide entertainment
To act on this "life" movie set
Our roles are already set out for us
Our stories already directed
Some have happy endings, some not
Some uncertainty, some just bleek dullness
It's not within our control
And as well go along acting
Experiencing an array of emotions
The puppeteer sits comfortably on his high chair praising himself for what he has created
For the fears within you grow
When you feed them
Every uncertainty, doubt, lack of self esteem
Helps these fears manifest stronger
Providing them with a power you eventually will be unable to control
Starve these fears
Starve them so much that they fade away
Think positively
Think happily
Believe, have faith in yourself
Love yourself
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