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Maybe I'm not an artist
Maybe I'm not a poet
Maybe I can't paint a picture
Maybe I'll never know it
Maybe I haven't seen enough
Maybe I'm not looking
Maybe life's been rough
Maybe I'll keep booking
Between a rock and a hard place
Choose which to carve adventures face
Beautiful and strong
A mute-it-all song
My sweet reverence
'O heat feverence
Fury o’ thy severance
Cheap cheap cadence
                     False false brilliance                      
                                ­                                       •ǝɔuɐp
              here   am                                                  Though                                the                               
             I        doing                   old  


-Luca Ivaldi
This poem was about me then her...again...
Anthony Mayfield Jul 2018
Draw the curtain
I’ve learned my lesson
To keep little dreams
In plain sight
Spin the clay wheel
And find your real deal
Keep little thoughts
In your mind
Of Little Heaven
Family, star-side
Keep it in perspective
Jo Barber Jul 2018
Eyes open, awake in exhaustion.
Bones ache, can't catch a wink.
Pretty love songs
sing my worries away.
Still my teeth grind,
grind, grind.

It's late.
The cars have stopped honking,
but the wheels of my mind turn on and
on and on.
Sam Jun 2018
I ******* despise them.

They’re actually the **** of all carnival rides.

And they make my life hell.

But you rode with me.

And told me a story that weirdly actually calmed me.

And you played Gary Come Home for me.

So it wasn’t that terrible.

You’re a great friend.

I probably would have cried if you weren’t there. Thanks May.
Mikko Jun 2018
Everything is the same
They say tomorrow is another day
But tomorrow is just an ordinary day

They say life is a wheel
There's always up and downs
It makes me sad because a wheel is a repeating pattern
A pattern you cant remove

Except when it explodes
And cant function anymore

A wheel of life is all i see
Everything around me is a wheel
That still rolling

And it seems that i am one of them
And i hate to see me
Being one with society
karma is a thing of irony
its wheel can
in the other directions
hour of


the run of the mill team
sought a popularity
and on gaining it were
able to cockily

they'd disposed of
the crowd pleasing
Wolf and Rabbi
this did bring them
a greater share
of the pie

karma will
alter its lot
in the due passage of time
tick tock
              tick tock
                            tick tock
a date marked
with its
paradoxical chime
Matt Walls Dec 2017
It's amazing don't you think
That you don't have to drive or drink
To test your mettle skill and soul
You just need one big round pothole
We want to tear in -
To taste all the juices
Knowing that now,
All too soon, we could lose this.
We want to drink
All the things in this world
And never
Stop to breathe.
For the wheel
Takes and it gives
Some things will die
While others still live
When the day
Gives way to new day
We're afraid what we love
Might all fall away.
Still, the world demands
That we must let go
And let the deep rivers
In motion all flow
Dropping our leaves
Going back to our roots
What we know to be true.
Stop to breathe.
Before the next bite,
Stop to breathe.
10/23 Inktober prompt: Juicy
No edits allowed.
Katelyn Billat Oct 2017
I went to the bottom
Of your Instagram
Two years ago.

I looked at the
Black and White picture
You took of me
On the Ferris Wheel.

All I could think was,
Poor girl, Foolish girl,
Stop that smiling like you love him,
He's going to shatter you.
The Dybbuk Aug 2017
Ashes to ashes,
dust to dust.
When answers are hidden,
what can you trust.
Wind to wind,
dusk to dawn.
There for a moment,
But suddenly gone.
Fire to fire,
Beginning and end.
Go through the cycle,
and never ascend.
Life to life,
it's always the same.
This world is unchanging,
Except for the name.
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