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Jake Welsh Nov 2019
a dissociated sound hums in awkward disharmony
it pleases, presently, not an ear
but nurtures mossy growth across guts of a population
who listen with cult-like enlightenment

when the bass descended with modest fanfare of plucked and buzzing strings
it announced the departure of the invisible figure
that lived where we thought we wanted to be

so long, ruler. it was your time
you had a meaningful life.
now i just want to be alone
from "salve" 2019
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Dakota Aug 2017
my furniture is sentient
and i am not as real
as i might like to be.
mild hallucinations,
like dramamine
without the paranoia.
is this a dissociative?
i did a little research
and i was going to have a sitter
but it came early and i
wanted to try it and - yes
i am just one bad decision
away from prison, one bad
decision away from lying
unconscious in a ditch.  
salvia is legal  and
causing me to calculate
the realities of the life
i am choosing to steer
with reckless ambition.
neth jones Nov 2015

I'm on a balcony on the third floor. I'm on my own. It's my first time trying Salvia. It's a mild form. The experience lasts approx 10 mins. I feel timid and tired afterward. It took strength not to leave my position on the balcony over the railing.
The Shudder Naughts
And Shutter Doors Fury
And The Violent Folds
And God Commands
And Violent Slams
Of The Deathening
Loud Slips
Of This Short Burn In Reality
Rachel Duggan Apr 2015
it was like entering a realm of unfamiliarity
the walls covered in confusion
with objects like islands
each furniture standing totally separate from one another
i look up and there they are
the strangers with the faces
saying those things with certain tones
the comfort in normality
dissappared as i stood up from my held breath
being pushed to the side
a heavy force from my left shoved my stance
i sit heavy unspoken still
quiet and confused as to  who i am
where i am
dream like with my actions
dream like with my speech
standing still inside my head
as it uncovers the unconscious awakening of consciousness
freshly picked off of the plant and dried out for 3 days.
as I inhale the smoke I try to concentrate on the flame.
I hold in its essence and then slowly exhale.
before my eyes there is another dimension.
shapes that collide and move into each other and colors that I never knew existed.
singing, I hear singing.
its a a dream while I am wide awake.
the led lights from my friends gloves bring huge trails and colors that make me dizzy.
trying to walk but I stumble.
laughing at the fact that my heels are stilts and the ******* the couch has a penguin face.
then I get ****** back into my own world.
dazed and buzzed and able to speak and explain.
a trip I would love to experience again
salvia is an herb that was used many years ago as a sage, and was used for spiritual journeys.
when you use this herb you are agreeing to see things completely different. it is a short high but it is an experience that I loved.
Tommy Johnson Jun 2014
We rode white lightning across state lines
To a little town in the mountains over the tainted river
Where the entire strip is full of bars
Buzzing barflys hoping from tavern to tavern

It was mid day in broad daylight
We found the place
A hole in the wall
You would only be able find it if you were actually looking

Solvent Reflections
It was called

We went down the stairs, passed the wooden Native American at the front entrance

A marvelous collection of glass implements
Colorful fabrics and alluring smells

A man came out from behind a beaded curtain
Eyes glazed and a zonked out look on his face

"Right this way"
He showed us the assortment of extracts    

We chose the middle way
Purchased twenty scented sticks

Descended from the mountain
To a sketchy out post

We fought a pool shark
While waiting for the evening to come

Our friends had come out to play with us
To the market for brightly colored cans of caffeine and ethanol

Torches lit and music playing
We sat in a circle

We opened the little brown vile
Releasing the leaves of deeper knowledge

We put in the vessel of self-exploration
Put fire to it and inhaled

Immediately she ran to the highest point to admire the art the moon and stars had fashioned on the black and blue firmament

His head became a cardboard box
And his body began to look like wicker

I was somewhere between an animated reality
And a three dimensional fantasy

My friend went on a cruise upon a swaying pirate ship
And found his face under the word "fabulous" on every single page of his dictionary
Then saw himself in a magical grassland  

But then we stopped and stood in awe
Of the mighty Cricket Lord

Within ten minutes it came to an end
Our voices hoarse from laughter

Lets go again

— The End —