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I feel hollow,
I feel shallow,
I feel *****,
I feel empty,
I feel sticky,
I feel itchy,
I feel messy,
I feel heavy                        
I feel new,
I feel old,
I want to let go,
I want to hold,
I feel used,
I feel bruised, and maybe at times abused,
I loathe myself, and sometimes about myself I boast,
I feel hungry,
I feel full,
I feel thirsty,
I feel quenched,
I feel alone,
I feel lonely,
I feel clothed,
I feel naked,
I feel whole,
I feel broken into pieces,
I feel blossomed,
I feel withered,              
I feel responsible for my anomaly,                      
I feel like talking,
I feel like silencing myself,
I feel like running,
I feel like walking by myself,
I feel like climbing,
I feel like rolling,
I feel like shouting when I climb,
I feel like screaming when I crawl,
I feel like crying when I run,
I feel like collapsing when I walk,
I feel like a tool,
I feel like a fool.                        
I feel like a child ordered to act like an adult,                        
I feel like tearing,                        
I feel like shredding                        
I feel all these feelings,
Because that's what I am allowed to,
I never feel love,
Because that's something that I'm not allowed to,  
Because they feel it’s unnatural to fill Missus and Missus on their forms and lines, that's what I feel.
The various feels we are allowed & what we are not.
Jean Garnet Aug 2017
Unconscious desires
Attracted to cold corpses
Unfulfilled pleasures
I made this poem beacause my teacher told us to write a haiku based on a story we read. No offense to my fellow readers. ✌
Gabriel burnS Jun 2017
The curse of eternal life
Would be, watching
Every one you love, die

...and she felt like
Her bones were buried
In her body

She had eaten eons,
Watched the ends
Of millions of clocks’ lifetimes
Snorted the rust of their
Idle hands, dead still
In the blank stare
Of their concentric silence

She wanted to cease
This void existence,
For boredom was
Her ultimate torture
Georgiana S Mar 2017
My steps have led me
To a far unknown place
Where the Beast is hiding,
Where the Dark is shining
Across the other side
Of the moor.

Magpies have sung me
About a far unknown place
Where my Heart is hiding
Into a deep dark well
On the other side
Of the moor.

My memories have left me
Into a black unknown place
Where a patient Solitude awaits,
Unnatural Silence circulates
A deep dark well
On the blackest side
Of the moor.

*The Beast is laughing...
Crimsyy Oct 2016
Cradle me in your bones,
teach me the meaning of home,
I'm lost in this feeling of numbness,
My heart is gone,
replaced by a stack of bricks
and no matter how much
I strive and twist,
I feel absolutely nothing,
The crannies in my mind
have never been so
mind numbing,
I feel nothing at all
*and it feels so un-natural.
This feeling
unlike any other feeling
Feels unnatural,
unsafe and catastrophical
can't get out, can't handle being all alone
Clinging on to the only safety I know
Even if it feels entirely wrong

What's wrong with me?
Why am I so scared of the unknown?
This is the time to test boundaries,
Learn for selfgrowth,
And feel forever young
I'm like a child inside,
scared and lonely,
Afraid to take the risk,
To fly high above
and shine
on my oh so destined throne
Francie Lynch May 2016
It's not natural.
If I can't smell it,
It ain't,
So don't tell me
It's as natural as birth.
You've seen the roadkill,
Deer missing the most natural of parts,
Lying in the strangest contortions;
Heard the bird
Breaking its neck on a window;
Then there's the gaping mouth,
Eyes staring most unnaturally.
To be burned and urned
And feel nothing.
Having a steak and beer
Is natural;
Sitting in sound at a McCartney concert
Is supernatural.
Expensive, but sensient.
But it,
It's most unnatural.
Tip of the cap to Tolstoy for "It" (The Death of Ivan Ilych)
arham Dec 2015
Think hiding
For the thing that is the most natural of them all
y i k e s Apr 2014
you're such an odd character

        a sixth toe
        the one piece of untrimmed hair
        the fan of a fad that has long ended
        the one question you got wrong on a test
        the single cloud in an almost sunny sky  

why won't you go away?
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