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Spear Nov 2023
I remember the first time my soft hands held yours which were like a rose.
How your thrones pricked at my skin causing me to bleed.
And how I feel in love with that feeling because I thought it was love
I stayed with you despite how you told me I was nothing but a pesky ****

It wasn't till you do rudely poured poured poison all over my soil and grew so tall you hid me from the sun
That I finally decided our graden bed was to small for me

Now it's been a couple years, and I no longer shead tears for you.
The scars you left on my hands, now faded out, and covered by flowers I began to sprout
Spear Apr 2022
From sitting in the back together
To not being able to look at each other
It was your insecurity that lead us here
Or maybe it was the pressures from your peers

Those were your promises to keep
But instead, you'd rather make me weep
So no more long car rides
Or trying to save your pride

For you are nothing new
Just something that makes me blue
Goodbye little gas station boy
I no longer wish to be your toy
Spear May 2021
Arms streached out
I take a step back
May my body lay about
All dressed in black

To all that would weep
Death is cold
So remember to count your sheep
And pray you dont get old
Spear Apr 2021
Thank you for trying so hard
Even when your so broken
You keep on trying to love
And your always so open
Even when I've wished you'd stop
You keep beating
Spear Apr 2021
I am a wonderer.
I don’t follow the path set for me
I’m like a bird who is free
I don't follow society's rules
Because the fear of being rejected is so minuscule
And what I say ,to you might seem like a mouthful
But to me it's extremely colorful

I may not be good at art
But i follow my heart
For what to me might seem like a symphony
Can seem to you like Blasphery

But I hope that you can see
That the difference is great to me
O' dear God this rhyme
Makes it seem like I'm wasting my time

Where is this going
It kinda seems to be growing
Spear Apr 2021
Ode to the boy in the gas station
Why are you such a temptation?

You think I'm unaware
But Sometimes I catch your stare
And that kinda makes me scared
Not for the fact that you cared

But what if I fall for you?
Will you fall for me too?
Or have you already fallen?
Is it my heart that will be stolen?
Spear Mar 2021
If words could tell you how I feel
Maybe they'd make your heart squeel
But for now I take all the sticks and stones
Just so they won't break your bones

Maybe if I held your hand
The world would feel like distant Lands
But instead you play away with her hair
And take away all her air

Sometimes I wonder if you whisper in her ear
And the thought of it make my heart tear
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